Savage: Painful Reversal

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Operator Record
Painful Reversal
Savage icon.png

A responsibility, an opportunity.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Savage to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Savage.
Male Old Kuranta B icon.png
RI Medic icon.png
Rhodes Island Medic Operator
Rim Billiton Security Chief
Rim Billiton Worker
Underground Rubble
RI Surgery Room
After a collaborative mission with Babel, Savage returns to the mines of Rim Billiton, safeguarding the Originium operations, and waiting for some day when her own fate will change.
<Background 1>
2:03 P.M. \ Clear
Steel Robot City Exterior Mining Site, Mineshaft #26
Rim Billiton Worker Tough shift, Johnny. Done down there?
Johnny Phew.
I'm buggered. Pull me up.
Rim Billiton Worker Er, I'm in all clean clothes...
Johnny What's your problem, eh? You're going under next, aren'tcha?
What did you need me for?
Rim Billiton Worker Security inspector's here. Come to ask the state of things down below.
Johnny What state of things? When's any shift I've led all these years had a slip-up?
Send ol' Inspeccy to talk with the next shift leader.
I'm having myself a nice bath. If the Security cohort want to wait for me, they can wait patient.
<Background fades out and in>
[Savage shows up.]
Johnny ...Oh, there's a surprise.
If it isn't our girl. Back from that long trip of yours?
Savage Been an age, you boneheaded oldie.
And what do you mean, long trip...? I'm doing proper work, you know.
Johnny Lighten up, now. I know, you're posted over at Babel, doing big things just all the livelong day.
Seen plenty of the world these two years, haven'tcha?
Savage Nothing all that scary... tagging along around different places, that's all.
And I mean, my work didn't even touch on any core details.
Johnny Hmph. Get a load of you. Finally knowing to come back.
Don't know if it was something upstairs or at Babel, but they were getting along just fine, and then suddenly, there they are, over 'cause they say it's over.
Savage Frankly, I haven't got the first clue either.
Johnny Forget it. Been back home yet?
Savage Already told them I'm sound.
Johnny When'd you get back?
Savage Three days ago...
Johnny Hmph. You know, all your pals in Sec from before got promoted, and here you are now dancing back under their fingers.
Why so eager for the job here? Everything with Babel all sorted, then?
Savage I...
Johnny I'd guess the world's on your shoulders, looking like that.
Not here to play 20 Questions on ya, just say what I wanted and be done.
But it's a hard thing to do, getting back home to see your old mates. Still not happy?
Savage I don't... know, myself.
Of course I missed you all, and I mean, I know my hometown mines like nothing else.
I just feel–things wrapped up too fast.
Johnny (Whistle) Look at you. Who says you didn't land a good assignment?
Or was it some sweetheart you found that you just can't bear to leave?
Savage Wh–What sweetheart–just a friend, okay!
Ugh... besides, I didn't do anything praiseworthy either.
Johnny No, I heard you picked up a big job. Digging those "goods" out one after another's cost two years of our time.
All the workers reckon it has to be something happened outside.
Savage Lots of engineering going on. But I'm only on the bog-standard stuff.
Cooperation this time was to make sure the "goods" going from Rim Billiton to Babel had a safe journey and made it without hassle. They needed a security crew to see it through.
And just like that, the hull and core our mining firm dug up gets sent straight to Babel.
I had some security work to do with them. That's it.
Johnny So you're saying you really don't know a damn thing?
Savage (Bitter chuckle) John, you know me, don't you...
Johnny Old girl... *sigh* Still same as ever, then, making a complete mess of it when the moment comes.
Not complaining, though. Let the Sarkaz sort out their own biz! Maybe it's a good thing they muddled it up when it mattered.
But if Babel wasn't there to rope you in, would you have any other reason?
Savage I used to be so sure, you know, I'd live my whole life in the mines.
Didn't need to mind what happens outside. Could say I knew nothing about it.
Johnny That was your chance to take a gander out there, wasn't it? When you left Rim Billiton.
I still remember, when you were just off, you were howling how you didn't wanna go. That's the thing, youngsters, y'know...
Savage Ha, haha...
Johnny, I... got to know a kid like me.
You know how hard it is, with the Sarkaz life all around you, trying to grow up healthy.
But she chose to take it on. She learned to endure, to persevere, and kept hope in her heart all along.
So much more she still needs to know and learn. She was always wrapped around me, asking me all sorts of questions.
She likes the food I make, and she's especially interested in Rim Billiton's fables.
Johnny A little rabbit. Where'd she come from?
Savage Rim Billiton. But... she isn't gonna come back. So...
Honestly, I don't know either, why it is I'm worrying so much.
Johnny Hmph, now isn't that easy–
You want to protect her.
Savage Yes.
I do. I do wanna protect her.
But now's not the time. I've got no reason to stay there, and none of the skill to guide her forward.
I knew. I should come back to Rim Billiton, is what I should do.
Johnny Seems like you've already found your calling, then, haven'tcha?
Savage It's not all that big a thing. After all, if I insisted on staying at Babel, other people wouldn't wanna hire me, and then I'd be out of a job, poor me! Haha...
Johnny You utter case, you...
Forget it, just do what you've gotta do now!
Keeping us safe in the mines is all up to you Security lot.
Especially you. Seeing you'll give your mates plenty peace of mind.
At least for now, we need you.
Savage Right. I understand.
Odd of you, Johnny. Got a lot to say today, ain'tcha?
Johnny Hmph, you're a special case. You've seen the world out there, now. Can't go around putting on airs anymore.
Savage Haha, don't joke like that–
Johnny So?
Can't have forgotten our traditional Cautus virtues, coming all the way back from out yonder?
Savage Huh? What virtues?
Johnny You little girlie... prezzies, of course it's prezzies, to mark the occasion!
I've got no basis to leave Rim Billiton, no way to go out and see the sights. You youngsters, forgetting all about me the moment the chance for it lands in your lap...
Savage Haha, I'm having you on. How could I forget?
I didn't know if I'd have another chance to leave after I came back, so I made sure to buy whole trunks of stuff, and brought it back myself.
Here. A top-of-the-line hearing aid I picked up in Victoria, just for you.
Johnny Now that's more like it. All those shifts I had with you paid off.
I'll be able to pick out what the kids are saying so much easier with this. Urgh, ruddy condition. Ruddy job.
Savage Alright, alright. I'll head down to inspect, then.
[Savage rushes down to the mines.]
<Background 2>
Savage Hah, there's a familiar feeling.
Protective clothing so stuffy you choke, stiff and heavy worker's cap, can't wipe off your sweat even if you wanted to.
Mining away in tough conditions like these, risking your life with Originium for company.
My people's lives, all spent upon these mines going dirtier and deeper.
–This used to be my whole life, my everything. Just like the rest of us.
Is this how I'm gonna spend my future, same as the past?
Stoppit, stoppit, there's no point thinking so hard. I have to work properly, at the least... The safety, the lives of workers like Johnny are on my back, now.
But... I just can't help wondering...
<Background black>
Amiya, are you doing alright?
Will you get used to life without one of your kind by your side?
I'm... really worried about you.
Can you grow big without someone making you good food from home?
Once I'm back in Rim Billiton, I'll have no chance to reach you anymore.
The Doctor, Kal'tsit, they'll take good care of you, won't they?
With them, you'll get stronger, have a mission you can call your own.
I... have responsibilities, right now, that still need me.
But when there's a day you need me too, I'll come to your aid, no doubt about it.
If we really do face the same way in our steps, we'll meet again.
I believe in that.
<Background 1>
Two years later
1:34 P.M. \ Blistering heat
Steel Robot City Exterior Mining Site, Mineshafts #27, #28, #29
Rim Billiton Worker Out–Get out!
The dust's about to explode–
[An Originium dust explosion is heard.]
Rim Billiton Worker Ugh–gaah–!
Save m–*cough*, *cough*–
Johnny Calm down! All of you, oxygen tanks on!
Rim Billiton Worker Help–save me, for–
[An alarm blares all over the mining complex.]
Rim Billiton Security Chief What's the alarm sounding for?
Savage It's a serious danger alert... something's happened in the mines!
Rim Billiton Security Chief Report!
Rim Billiton Worker I-It's gone to hell, Mineshafts #27, #28, #29 have all had active Originium dust explosions!
Savage What?
Rim Billiton Security Chief Tch...! I SAID we couldn't start work in this bloody weather!
Bloody anything for that bit of output–
Savage Shaft #29... that's...!
Any casualties among personnel? What's the state of the site?
Rim Billiton Security Chief There–There are workers buried in the collapse! Confirmed, there are wounded!
Strewth! Savage!
Savage Understood!
Rim Billiton Security Chief Right.
Get rescuing. I'll lock down the accident site.
Savage –Get your protective gear on, and follow me!
[Savage rushes off to the accident site along with some Rim Billiton personnel.]
<Background fades out and in>
[Savage and the rescue team digs through the collapsed mining tunnels.]
Savage Haah, haah...
Dig, dig... gotcha!
Are you still alive, oldie, are you still there?!
Hold on! Grab my hand!
Johnny *cough*...!
Hurts... like hell...
Savage Hang in there, Johnny, we can get you!
Pull him out, quick!
Stay with me, Johnny! No sleeping now!
Rim Billiton Worker Savage, we're 300m from the medic tent!
Savage Rush him!
Rim Billiton Worker Got it!
[The rescue team rushes with the casualties to the medic tent.]
<Background 3>
[Rhodes Island personnel are present at the medic tent as the rescue team arrives.]
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Hello, we're the joint emergency medical group assigned to this mining incident.
Savage Rim Billiton PLC Security Group, haah, haah... wounded...!
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Understood. We'll find a bed for them immediately.
Could you register some information with us for now? We need to contact next of kin immediately...
Savage The company will sort that out straight away! Just start treating him first!
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Huh?
Savage Thomas, you stay behind to register and get set up with the branch.
Rim Billiton Worker Got it!
Savage Everyone else, with me! There's still wounded we haven't rescued.
Rim Billiton Worker Got it!
Savage Right, you're...
Rhodes Island Medic Operator My coworkers and I form a volunteer emergency aid group for this incident. We're from Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Savage (Rhodes Island? I haven't heard of that company...)
Alright, Rhodes Island. I'll... leave the oldie to you, then.
Please, you have to save him.
Rhodes Island Medic Operator We'll do what we can.
Savage Ngh... quick, let's get the next one out!
[Savage returns to the mines to evacuate the remaining casualties.]
<Background 1>
Rim Billiton Security Chief Good work, Savage.
Savage All accounted for?
Rim Billiton Security Chief Hardly believe it. We even found all the bodies. Twelve wounded, three critically, and the dead...
Savage That's enough.
Rim Billiton Security Chief Even if I didn't tell, nobody'd know it better than you.
Judging by the concentration of Originium dust at the scene, the injured are all in big trouble...
Savage ......
[Savage walks away.]
Rim Billiton Security Chief Where are you going?
Savage Aid post. I'm going to see the old man.
Right. There were a few medics out of the aid volunteers who came from "Rhodes Island." You heard of that organization before, chief?
Rim Billiton Security Chief Rhodes Island...? Doesn't ring a bell. Bet it's a fresh new company.
Rim Billiton Security Chief
<Background 3>
[Savage arrives at the medic tents where the casualties of the mining accident are being treated.]
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Hello, can I ask who you...
Ah, you're the one from the Security team! You carried the first of the wounded over, too.
Savage Just call me Savage. I'm here to see how they're doing.
One of the casualties just now... should be registered as "John."
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Mister John, is it? Please be assured, our Medic Operators have already administered emergency treatment to him.
Savage Is... How are his injuries?
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Right. Originium crystals penetrated to his arm and the flank of his abdomen. This ruptured his protective gear, and the amount of Originium particulate he inhaled afterwards also...
Savage So, he's already been infected for sure, hasn't he?
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Y... Yes.
Savage Damn it. Too slow.
Rhodes Island Medic Operator However, we've made use of Rhodes Island injective medication in the treatment already given to Mister John, and that's prevented any further progression of infection.
Savage What...? But, with injuries that bad, and wounds directly from active Originium crystals...
Rhodes Island Medic Operator I do understand your concern, Miss.
Savage Just... call me Savage. You said your drug injection stopped the spread? Is that true?
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Yes, Miss Savage. All the personnel carried in so far have been administered emergency medication in accordance with their level of injury and severity of infection.
Some patients are not out of danger yet due to their overly severe blood loss, but their Originium infection symptoms have been fundamentally suppressed.
Savage All suppressed?
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Yes, every one... Do you have any issues?
Savage No. Thing is, even if the drug works some wonders, it's not something you can give to workers straight away.
Rim Billiton's extant medical orgs all use cheap Originium infection meds, and they only do so little for workers who're already infected.
But then Rhodes Island...
You're a volunteer aid group, aren'tcha? These emergency meds aren't cheap, and the doses are pretty staggering. You all...
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Er, I–I'm not responsible for any of that at all...
But, I can promise you, Mister John's already out of mortal danger. He'll be able to receive visitors before long.
Savage It's not the same... Once they're Infected, workers' fates are already sealed.
They're forced into even cheaper labor, sent to the exhausted mineshafts for all the most brutal, dangerous work, collecting remainders.
Rhodes Island Medic Operator I'm sorry. When they arrived, most of the patients had already...
Savage No, I should be the one apologizing here. I'm sorry, you've already done so much and then some... thank you, a million times.
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Miss Savage, I... I understand your feelings.
Director Kal'tsit once instructed us that no matter how many wounds we heal, how much Oripathy we suppress...
Once you've become Infected, no matter how unreasonable it is, most of society has already turned against you.
Savage That's right. Kal'tsit told you some...
Who did you–just say your director was?
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Kal'tsit. She's an example to all our Medic Operators at Rhodes Island.
Savage Director... Kal'tsit...
Don't tell me...!
Who–Who's your leader? At Rhodes Island–What's the name of your leader at this Rhodes Island place?
Rhodes Island Medic Operator She's, um...
Savage Tell me. Please, I need to know.
Rhodes Island Medic Operator She's called...
Our leader's, Rhodes Island's current leader's name is–
Savage ...A... miya...
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Excuse me, is there a problem?
Savage How is it Amiya...? If it really is her, she shouldn't be much older right now than–
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Mm-hm, yes, our leader is considerably young.
But... you'll know once you talk to her, even once. She has wisdom beyond her years and a strong will. She's a truly outstanding leader.
Miss Savage, might you know some... Are you an old acquaintance of Amiya's, possibly?
Savage Ah... um, we... were good friends since long ago.
Can you... Can you get in contact with Amiya? Just say my name, and she'll know.
Rhodes Island Medic Operator I see. Amiya did mention she had a very close friend who might be here in Rim Billiton now...
Savage It... It really is Amiya... Can I go see her? How?
Rhodes Island Medic Operator I'll get in touch with Rhodes Island's Messengers now. Also, Miss Savage, if you have anything you'd like us to relay to her...
<Background black>
The voice gradually fades.
In this two-year span of time, Savage has been completely on her own, not once departing her post at that Rim Billiton mine.
She's bewildered. She's lost in thought.
She once thought, maybe, she should spend the rest of her life sound in Rim Billiton.
But rousing Savage's fighting spirit, her resolve, was as easy as this.
It took just an instant–the one instant she heard, from someone else's mouth, the name of who she'd once cared for, been with day and night.
Savage already understands just what sort of decision she's going to make.
<Background 4>
Fifteen days later
Steel Robot City Outskirts, Aid Station, in the Infected Ward
Johnny The moment I realized I was Infected, I even thought, maybe my family would've been much better off if I'd just carked it and they got the compensation money.
Savage Don't say that.
Johnny Just a thought I had... *sigh*.
The very first thing that came to mind, d'ya know, was I asked myself, how the hell should I face my family now?
My better half and the kids don't like it when I'm angry, and they hate it even more when they see me cry.
But when it's time to meet them, am I really gonna be able to smile?
Savage This is nothing like you, you oldie.
Everyone knows you as the most hopeful guy for miles around.
When even you're seeing family with your ears drooped down, how're the rest of your mates meant to meet anyone?
Rim Billiton Worker Yeah, you're right!
You're gonna spoil all our moods like that acting miserable, Johnny!
Johnny Hmph. You don't have a bunch of tykes to feed. You don't know the pain of it. Life's a bastard one.
Rim Billiton Worker We're all gonna have some bloody awful days too–
Johnny Hey, Savage. Don't listen to another word from them.
I've already decided. Pay'll be nowhere near enough to feed my family if I keep working at Rim Billiton.
Once the sickness lifts a little, we'll be off to Columbia, simple as that. All of us are heading to be part of the "Great Expansion."
Savage John... you're really about to leave?
Johnny When I was a miner for Rim Billiton, I was the most diligent, hardworking worker, bar none.
Now, I'm an Infected, and no matter how long I've still got left, I have to keep everyone at home living safely. Living happily.
Savage Has it ever come to mind, so long as Rim Billiton's not done digging by the end of the day, this back-and-forth life's just gonna...
Johnny Savage.
Every person, every age, has callings and responsibilities to answer.
I've never once been ashamed of being a mineworker. Nobody in Rim Billiton'd ever think that.
But, you see, Savage, you left Rim Billiton, been back two years, and your thinking changed.
Savage Yeah...
Johnny I knew you'd be no ordinary rabbit, ever since you were a nipper. Every last person has their own calling, and their own responsibilities.
Your hammer's saved our lives. In the days to come, you'll be saving countless more.
If there's someone you need to protect, then leave, eh. It's the same for me.
Savage ......
Johnny ......
Heh, peek at the face you're making. Looks like you made your mind up long ago, didn'tcha?
Savage Hey, I'm not some emotionless robot, you oldie.
It's just, this is something I've gotta go do.
I have a friend I need to protect.
Finally... I've found her again. I can see her again.
Even if it's just the slightest thing, for her, I'll give every last bit of strength I have.
Johnny Hmph. There's nothing out there worth giving 'every last bit.' That's just you youngsters being too naive.
Savage Haha... I mean, going into the mines for your family, and coming back out now for them, you said that, didn'tcha? You're using all your strength, giving it all you have too, right?
Johnny Who says I'm like you? I'm trying to feed a family here!
Savage Alright, alright.
Johnny Hmph...
When're you looking to head out?
Savage Today. Came to see you for the last time, and then I'll be setting off.
Johnny It's been by your help we didn't have one accident these past two years.
And this one, well, it was you again who pulled us out alive... can't thank you enough.
Savage Well, you've got me put on a pedestal.
John, you need to cherish the life I saved, and make sure you live the coming days well, alright?
Johnny You rotten little girl.
See you.
Savage See you too. Johnny.
(It'll be goodbye for now, Rim Billiton.)
<Background 4>
[Savage meets up with the R.I. medical operator from earlier.]
Savage Sorry, I've been keeping you.
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Miss Savage, are you already done with all your goodbyes?
Savage Seriously, John... told me right at the end, I should head back home again and give them a proper farewell.
Yesterday when I said goodbye to my mum and dad, my mum was going on about "next time you come back, you'll have a special someone."
This is for my career here!
Rhodes Island Medic Operator Hah, haha.
All of you are such a happy group.
I've linked up with the landship, and the expedited onboard application's all gone through. These papers are a recruitment contract from HR.
Detailed work matters should be handed over once we reach the landship, Miss Savage. Rhodes Island very much welcomes your arrival.
Well then... Miss Savage, have a good journey.
<Background fades out>
Savage Finally, finally.
I've found it.
Amiya, what are you like now?
You've already grown into a leader. That's incredible.
Wait for me, Amiya. No matter what happens, no matter what calling you're shouldering.
I've got a lot I want to tell you, a lot of stories I want to share. Will you want to hear them?
All the good and the bad that you've been through, all the good and the bad I've been through, in all these two years–
Once we meet, let's tell each other all we want.