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Operator Record
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Passing down Yato's blade won't be easy.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Yato to Level 30.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Yato.
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Intern Operator A
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Intern Operator B
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Intern Operator C
RI Training Compound
RI Corridor
Yato wants to find a new place for her old blade, and finds it on Rhodes Island.
<Background 1>
Intern Operator A Um... Hello, Yato, ma'am.
Yato ...Hello.
Hold on, you... you know me?
Intern Operator A Y-Yes. I've studied Team A4's combat reports...
Yato Oh. And you are?
Intern Operator A I'm Mandy, ma'am.
Yato I haven't seen you around before... a new recruit?
Intern Operator A Yes! I arrived in March, passed the field operator assessments, and am currently enrolled in the Guard Operator course!
Yato A Guard Operator... Do you know how to wield a blade?
Take this.
Intern Operator A This blade... It's the one you always carry.
Yato Wield it, and let's have a match to see how strong you are.
Intern Operator A Whoa?! I—How could I? I'm definitely nowhere near the level to spar with you.
Yato No need to belittle yourself. Use all your strength, and I'll make my own judgement.
Rangers Yato, wait!
Yato Old man Rangers. Since you're here, help me observe—
Rangers Enough teasing the kid. They have classes soon.
Yato ...
Fine... I'm sorry.
Intern Operator A It's alright. Then, I'll be...
Rangers Yes, yes. Go do your own thing.
[The intern leaves.]
Rangers I have to say, Yato, I keep seeing you on the hunt for rookies recently. You should really give these youngsters a break. They wouldn't even last two moves against you.
Yato That so? I don't remember being that weak when I first came to Rhodes Island... Or at least, I could spar with the veterans for more than two moves.
Rangers That was a long time ago. We didn't have as many people as we do now, and we all started working as soon as we arrived.
Times have changed. Now it's popular to train the newcomers, consolidate their fundamentals, and then, how do you put it... Oh, yes. Help them integrate into their work environment.
They even have a three-legged skating competition these days. It's enough to make an old man jealous.
Yato I see. Apparently I haven't kept myself informed on our training policies.
Rangers It's not really something you need to be informed about. Care for a can of soda?

days. It's enough to make an old man jealous.}}

Yato (Catches can)
Rangers Then again, passing the operator assessment exam is no walk in the park, even now. All they lack is combat experience, so they'll catch up in no time.
Yato So, anyone among them with notable combat skills?
Rangers Hmm... Can't say I've kept up with that myself. Though I can help you ask around. But why?
Yato ...You know that my blade is broken.
Rangers Oh, yes. I remember now, you were chopping metal crabs left and right. You even asked Noir Corne for a spare.
Perhaps you can pay Logistics another visit for a replacement, or look for Vulcan to make you a new custom weapon. I'm sure she'd be happy to help.
Or could it be that... you're looking for a disciple to pass your old blade on to, as a token?
Hahaha, don't mind this old man and his jests—
Yato ...
Rangers Ha... ha... that can't be it, right...?
Yato I did have something like that in mind.
Rangers But, Yato... that makes no sense.
Yato I know... I'm not an instructor, and I wouldn't know how to teach anyone anyway. Besides, would they ever have need of it?
Forget it, it's nothing. I'll need to think about this more.
[Yato leaves.]
Rangers Yato... Now this is a rare sight.
<Background 2>
Vulcan So this blade of yours... considering its age and the number of past repairs, it's impossible to restore it to a usable state.
After applying for equipment scrapping, you have two choices: apply for a standard new blade from Logistics, or contact me for a custom make if you have any special requirements. You just have to fill out the right form.
But it seems to me this blade means something special to you.
Yato It's the first blade I received after arriving on Rhodes Island. It was smelted with fragments of my blade from my Higashi days.
Vulcan So it's been reforged before... I see, so that's why it's somewhat weak.
Yato It was already broken when it was passed down to me from my swordplay teacher, before it became this.
It's a little strange, but I've been away from my homeland for so long, and yet even now I still recall its history when I look at this... That's what made me want to keep it.
Vulcan That's unfortunate. So that's why you're at such a loss as to what to do with it.
Alright, I respect your traditions, but I have to say that realizing your wish will be difficult, at least in the short term. Accepting a disciple to pass down your blade won't be a simple affair.
Besides, it isn't really usable anymore, so I doubt anyone on Rhodes Island would want it.
Yato To be honest, I never thought this day would come. I thought it would outlive me, or at worst break in battle.
But you're right... I should just give up on this.
Vulcan Hmm... If you still want to use it, I do have a method we can try, although it's an old technique.
You could have the blade reforged anew, but it'll become even weaker and more brittle. I wouldn't recommend it for high intensity combat.
It's up to you.
Yato Understood... I'll need to think it over.
<Background 1>
Yato Got distracted again...
You... Why is this one blade making you so uneasy, Yato?
[A young girl approaches Yato.]
??? Sorry to disturb you, Yato, ma'am.
Yato ...You were looking for me?
??? Yes.
Yato And you are?
??? I'm Celine, Celine Freeman. I'm currently interning at Field Operations, and aiming to become a Vanguard Operator.
Yato And what business do you have with me?
Celine I...
(Breathes deeply)
Sorry, I overheard your conversation with Rangers earlier. That you're looking for someone to spar with. So... I'd like to have a match with you.
Yato You want to spar with me?
Celine Um, yes... I want to win the right to learn from you.
Yato ...
Intern Operator B Celine... She actually went to find Yato!
Intern Operator C Surely she hasn't forgotten what happened when she went looking for Flamebringer? She's been acting so strange ever since she failed the exam in swordsmanship class.
Intern Operator B She might as well have "I must prove myself" written on her face, seeing how stubborn she is. I hear Yato's pretty blunt though, so she probably wouldn't agree to—
Yato Sure.
Intern Operator B Huh?!
Celine I'll make sure not to go overboard...
Yato No need.
Celine Alright then... here I come!
[Celine attacks Yato.]
Celine (She, she dodged?)
Yato Behind.
Celine (She's so fast, but I can keep up...)
[Celine and Yato cross blades but Yato overpowers her.]
Celine ...
Intern Operator B Did you catch that?
Intern Operator C Uh... No.
Intern Operator B When did Yato's blade... end up at Celine's throat?
Yato You lose.
Celine Ma'am, I... I want another try!
Yato ...Come.
Celine (That move didn't work earlier, so maybe this one will...)
Celine Heh!
[Celine tries to hit Yato but she gets parried and overpowered again.]
Yato Hmm... You lose. Again.
Celine (How can this be? I definitely dodged her attack, so she should have missed me!)
(But this blade... is right here again...)
Yato Let's call it a day.
Celine No, wait... Yato, please let me try again! One last time!
Yato You're no match for me.
Celine I... I won't lose this time!
Yato Then come at me.
Celine ...Thank you.
(I know how she fights, so if I move like Flamebringer did back then, I'll definitely...)
[After a short fight, Celine gets her sword knocked out of her hand.]
Yato Hmm?
Celine I... lost again.
Intern Operator C The disparity... is huge.
Intern Operator B Even her sword was knocked away. Yato really is ruthless.
Yato You dropped your blade.
You... should practice more diligently with your instructors.
<Background 3>
Rangers Hmm...
Durin Hmf... *snore*...
Yato I lose.
Rangers Judging from the situation on the table, it seems our winner is...
Noir Corne ...Me.
Yato Three times in a row? Your luck's pretty good today.
Rangers Did you switch to a new mask today, Noir Corne?
Noir Corne Yeah, I broke the previous one in battle, remember? So I sent it in for repairs—
Wait, no! It's not like I switched out my mask to change my luck! I wouldn't do anything like that!
Yato Yes, yes. Same rules as always: whoever loses treats the others. And I lost. So what does everyone want?
Rangers Dry martini as usual.
Yato Durin... never mind. I'll get her a glass of fresh pressed juice.
Noir Corne Then, I also want a glass of—
Yato One dry martini, one fresh pressed juice, and two Waters of Life mixed with vanilla soda, thank you.
Noir Corne ...
Rangers Noir Corne? Didn't you yell "I won't drink another drop of cactus juice, I need a Water of Life with vanilla soda before I die!" while being chased by metal crabs, so why—
Yato What are you guys talking about? Water of Life with vanilla soda, right? I already ordered one for you.
Noir Corne Hah. Okay.
[The team get their drinks.]
Durin Phew... Strange, Yato's drinking too.
Rangers Yato. Are you still worrying about your blade?
Yato It's fine.
Noir Corne I heard you sparred with a kid in the Training Room today. How was she?
Yato So-so. Good fundamentals, but too hasty with offense. And lacking experience to boot.
Rangers *Sigh* I look away for just a moment and Yato gets into another fight.
I asked around after I got back. The youngster's called... uh... Celine, I believe. She's actually considered one of the best among her peers.
So if she didn't impress, the rest won't either. I suppose passing down your blade won't be easy.
Noir Corne Oh, Celine. I know her. I've brought her along to simulation training once or twice.
Yato What did you think of her?
Noir Corne About the same as you, she's too hasty. She trains real hard and has a good head on her, but her performance in actual combat is all wack.
She's introverted, hates admitting defeat, bad at asking for advice, and always stubbornly insists on running out on her own.
Yato There's something special about her. During our sparring matches, one of her moves resembled one that Flamebringer guy uses. I heard later that she's also sparred with him.
Noir Corne Yeah, she's a kid whose strengths and weaknesses are both obvious, and every instructor she's had has told her the same.
*sigh* She knows it herself, but her self-esteem takes a hit every time she meets a setback, which just makes her even more anxious and prevents her from moving forward.
Yato What a shame...
Noir Corne Don't you think she resembles you from back then, Yato?
Yato No, not at all.
Rangers Sorry to interrupt, but there's something I've been wondering. Besides the tradition of passing down your blade to a disciple, is there any other reason you want to do this?
Yato Other reason? Why do you ask?
Rangers Haha, forgive an old man's ramblings, but we're all employees here, and the youngsters are our colleagues receiving professional training. So there's no particular need to do this sort of thing.
Yato Vulcan said something similar. I thought it over, and there really isn't a reason to. I'd even prefer it if this blade weren't needed at all...
I did something else this morning. I went to HR to request more manpower, and was told that the rookies aren't up to standards yet, and can't join our Reserve Op Team.
So what we discussed before, about getting more people, won't be happening. Most likely we'll have to handle all the work ourselves for the time being.
Rangers That's how we've always done things, so I have no complaints. I'm sure the others feel the same.
Yato I know, but...
Corne, how many stitches did you get from this last mission?
Noir Corne Five... no, six...
Yato And the old injury on your shoulder flared up three times, old timer. Think I didn't know?
Rangers It's true.
Yato Durin has lost several sleeping bags too. Even though our missions have only gotten more arduous, I'm sure we can manage. But for how long?
That's why I've been thinking about this blade. If we can find a suitable sprout to help with our work, then it won't be a complete waste of time.
Or to put it another way, even if we're no longer here someday, this blade at least can remain...
Rangers Yato...
Noir Corne Hey, we completed the mission and actually managed to gather everyone for drinks for once, so why all the long faces?
There's booze, so drink up! All of us, together!
Rangers Hear, hear! Let us drink.
Yato Cheers.
[Mandy and the other interns approach the team.]
Intern Operator A Uh... Sorry to spoil your fun, but I'm looking for Yato...
Yato You're... the intern Operator from this morning.
Intern Operator A Mandy!
Yato Ah, yes. You. I remember.
Intern Operator A Umm...
Intern Operator B What are you so afraid of? Just say it!
Intern Operator A So the thing is! I saw you and Celine sparring this morning! I... even though my current combat skills are far from adequate, I really want to learn from you.
Yato Learn? From me?
Intern Operator A Yes! I'm really interested in the way you fight...
Yato Sorry, but to be frank, I'm not even sure I know how to teach others. I don't have any experience in this area.
Noir Corne Hey, I've got a great idea!
Yato, want to join me at my simulation training session tomorrow? We can go a round as a demonstration for the kids! I'm used to it.
Yato Simulation training. So you mean... we just fight in front of them?
Noir Corne Yeah, I do this all the time.
Yato So whenever I couldn't find you, it was because you were busy with simulation training?
Noir Corne Ah, hehe...
Intern Operator A Ah... That would be wonderful!
Rangers I agree. It would also let you experience what it's like to teach.
Noir Corne What do you think? Come on, Yato, consider it!
Yato ...Fine, let's give it a try.
<Background 1>
[Mandy runs to the rest of the group who are already in the training room.]
Intern Operator B Shh. No talking, everyone. Noir Corne is speaking.
Intern Operator C Mandy! Over here!
Intern Operator A Coming, coming.
Noir Corne *ahem* Someone wasn't listening, so I'll repeat.
Our special guest for today's simulation training is Yato, my team leader.
Yato Mhm.
Noir Corne Next up, I'll spar with her and demonstrate Op Team A4's combat style.
Alright, Yato. Let's go.
Yato Right.
Intern Operator C Noir Corne and Yato... I thought they were just going to act it out for us, but they're really fighting for real!
Can you handle it, Noir Corne?
Noir Corne Ha, ha, here I come!
[Noir Corne charges at Yato.]
Celine (Noir Corne went all out with that. If it were me, I would try and dodge the strike, but Yato...)
[Both block each others attacks.]
Yato (Whispering) Do you want to slow it down, so they can see it clearer?
Noir Corne (Whispering) Stay focused. And don't underestimate me, yeah?
Celine (He blocked it head-on... Could it be that he intended to stop the opponent's attack trajectory?)
(They've distanced themselves again.)
Noir Corne Hah. I'm going to be serious now.
Take this!
Celine (Yato has a methodical fighting style, so I should be able to predict...)
<Background fades out and in>
Noir Corne Whoops, I lose.
Celine (In that last move, Yato dodged Noir Corne's attack, and flanked him with just footwork.)
(She probably used the same method when she appeared behind me in our match...)
Noir Corne That was a simple encounter and confrontation, everyone. You guys catch that? You can watch the replay in the terminal if you didn't.
Alright, I'll be your opponent for the rest of this simulation training session— Huh, Yato?
Yato I'll do it.
Noir Corne Wha?!
Intern Operator B Huh?!
Yato I'll be everyone's opponent for the rest of today's session.
Noir Corne Wait, Yato—
Yato Is there a problem?
Noir Corne No, but simulation training comes with some rules.
Yato Such as?
Noir Corne A reward. We always have some kind of reward here. So what kind of prize are you going to offer?
Yato ...Just one hit.
If anyone can land a single hit on me, I'll teach them everything I know about combat, full stop.
Intern Operator B Wow...
Intern Operator A Me! Yato, I'll do it!
<Background fades out and in>
Several hours later...
Intern Operator B *sigh* I couldn't even last two moves.
Intern Operator C Why are you sighing? Look at the others, two moves against her is plenty.
Intern Operator A I already challenged her three times. I've watched so many records, but I still don't understand her fighting style...
Yato Anyone else?
Intern Operator C Where's Celine? Has she actually not had a go yet?
Celine ...
Yato If there's no one else, then let's call it here for today.
Celine I...
I want to try.
Yato (Tosses blade)
Celine Phew...
(She's still making the same moves flawlessly, and I can't tell which angle she'll attack from.)
(Better get ready... and wait for her to strike.)
Yato So I take it you're letting me go first?
[Yato blocks Celine's attack.]
Celine (I-I barely made it.)
(Focus everything into the blade, and confront it head-on... this method does seem to work.)
Yato Very good.
Celine (I-Is she talking to me?)
Yato I'll keep going.
[Yato and Celine cross swords.]
Celine *cough*
(Dodged it... but there's a chance!)
[Yato and Celine cross swords again.]
Celine (She got out of the way, she's way too fast...)
Intern Operator C Celine and Yato have already exchanged three moves? You're not kidding?
Intern Operator B She even retaliated once...
Intern Operator A Shh, quiet! Look carefully. The way Celine's dodging is pretty similar to how Yato moved earlier.
She's not only adapting to her fighting rhythm, but actually learning it too...
Yato Slow down.
Celine (Is she... giving me advice?)
[Both block each others attacks repeatedly.]
Celine (Alright, I managed to block the last few attacks.)
(I think I've got her attack rhythm down, so I'm sure I can... manage a counterattack.)
(It's time to try moving like she does.)
[Celine dodges and charges at Yato.]
Celine (Move out of the way, and then immediately strike with the blade just like she did—)
Yato Heh.
[Celine grazes Yato with a strike.]
Intern Operator A Celine, she... landed a hit on Yato?!
Intern Operator B No way?! Celine! You did it!
Celine I! I did it? I did hit something, but...
Yato You lose.
Celine What is... this floating down...?
A piece of cloth?
Yato You have to switch between focusing on your blade or your opponent depending on the situation. You're still too hasty.
Celine ...Thank you.
Yato But you did learn. I'm glad.
Celine I... No, I didn't...
Intern Operator A Awesome! Celine! Great job out there!
Intern Operator C Celine, you're amazing!
Celine (It's rare to learn this much in such a short span of time... Celine... perhaps she makes the cut...)
Intern Operator B That was crazy. Now I gotta work hard to reach Celine's level.
Intern Operator C Yeah, I hope we can keep sparring with Yato...
Yato almost offers the blade once more, but her hand rests on the hilt as she looks at the Operators around her.
She sees several pairs of young eyes, all laser-focused on her.
She suddenly realizes it is she herself reflected in them.
Celine I...
Yato Is there something else?
Celine I... Even though I lost, can... can I still fight you again next time? I really learned a lot from sparring with you.
Intern Operator A Me too!
Intern Operator B We want to continue practicing with you, Yato.
Yato ...
Listen up. I'll be here tomorrow and do some simulation training with everyone. Corne, there shouldn't be any problems with that, right?
Noir Corne Shouldn't be more than filling in an application form. I'll take care of it.
Yato I'll also bring a blade and leave it in the Training Room.
Noir Corne Huh?
Yato Since no one could beat me today, I've decided...
From today onwards, as long as I'm here, anyone can pick up that blade to spar with me. I'll always be happy to oblige.
I look forward to seeing you next time, Rhodes Island newcomers.
<Background 2>
Vulcan So, you had a few rounds with those youths, then decided to smelt this blade away?
Yato You could put it that way.
Vulcan You're planning to give your blade to one of the kids you've got your sights on? Wait, no... you wouldn't need to smelt it down for that.
Yato Mhm. This blade will still face combat.
Vulcan Then I'll get the furnace burning, but remember what I told you...
Yato Of course. "Don't use it in high intensity combat."
From now on it'll be left here at base, and only used for one battle, wielded by different hands.
Until a distant future, when... perhaps a day when we are no longer here.
She watches the blade sink slowly into the forge, its structure as brilliant as the blazing sun, and gradually melt.
Finally, its shape is gone completely, leaving only a ball of red liquid.
Like fresh blood.