Magallan: Cycle of Life

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Operator Record
Cycle of Life
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The old before her sang while planting the seeds, and Magallan sees to it those seeds grow into great flowers.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Magallan to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Magallan.
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Office Operator
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Active Child
Limping Old Man
Running Child
Singing Child
Rhine Lab HQ
Snowy Mountain Pass
Snowy Mountain Pass Blizzard
Hotel Room
Wildlands Morning
Magallan became fascinated with the icefields after hearing a song when she was little. Many years later, her explorations of the icefields have brought scientific advancement and valuable friendship.
<Background black>
When Magallan was little, there was a small flower shop on the corner near her home. She liked to visit.
Children would often buy flowers there, and ask the aging owner all sorts of questions.
Magallan enjoyed a song that the old man sang.
Limping Old Man In an endless snowfield–ah! There's the bloom of a nameless flower♪
And my friend a-lies there, oh, and a-watches the snow come down♪
Little Girl What does it mean? Is there really a place outside Columbia where hot water turns to ice as soon as you pour it out?
Have you been to any other special places?
Limping Old Man Oh, you're interested, are you?
That would be another story altogether.
<Background 1>
[Magallan walks through the tundra.]
Magallan The icefields start here. I've walked this path many times, but it always feels different. I've never been so excited before!
Let's see how much the engine can take. Good, it hasn't frozen up yet, good work, Engineering. Maybe we can use it on the way up the mountain too?
And we better look over our supplies... alright. We're ready!
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 2>
Researcher Magallan, you know that since the expedition decades ago, no one has tried to go any further beyond.
This is a valuable opportunity. Go as far as you can and bring back as much data as possible!
Magallan Of course. This is my dream!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background 1>
Magallan Going off the grid now. Magallan, over and out!
[Magallan noticed footsteps in the snow nearby...]
Magallan Are those footsteps?
[...and follows them...]
Magallan Is someone there?
[ see a Savra woman in the tundra.]
Magallan Whoa! Another ghost?
??? ......
Magallan W-Who's there?
Asbestos Huh?
Magallan Asbestos?!
Office Operator Who are you?
Magallan Hi, I'm...
Asbestos This kid followed me because he was worried about me going by myself, and he damned near froze to death. I'm taking him back.
Office Operator I'm Bard, trainee operator in the Rhodes Island office. Operator Asbestos was picking up some medicine from me.
According to regulations, I have to make sure that she leaves the office safely, but I got worried when she said she wanted to explore the icefields.
Magallan Well, we're almost to the fields. And they're no place for the inexperienced. Don't put your life at risk.
Asbestos You know the way back. You can take it from here, I'm going with her.
Office Operator But...
Magallan My name is Magallan, and I'm an operator from Rhine Lab stationed at Rhodes Island. Here's my badge.
I'm on a mission for Rhine, with plenty of supplies for two, including medicine for treating Infected symptoms. Operator Asbestos will be safe with me!
Office Operator Oh, you're an operator from HQ? Alright then, you definitely have plenty of experience.
But please return to the landship for a checkup after the trip, Operator Asbestos. I'll upload your data to the server.
Asbestos Gah, fine.
Office Operator Please be careful, Operator Magallan, and take care of Operator Asbestos.
Magallan I will. I'll take you part of the way. It's a pretty rough path.
<Background fades out and in>
Magallan So you went to the office for medication because you ran out in the field?
Hehe, it's nice to have a familiar face on the trip.
But were you really coming to the icefields? Do you have enough supplies? If you only wanted to spook that guy, I'll send you right back.
Asbestos ...Just send me back.
Magallan Huh?
Asbestos Ugh... forget it.
I was in Columbia before this. I was headed back to the landship, but I didn't have enough medicine, so I got some by knocking out an office mission.
I heard an old man talking about the icefields on the way, and it piqued my interest.
Magallan An old man talking about the icefields? Have you heard a song that goes, "In an endless snowfield–ah! There's the bloom of a nameless flower♪"?
Asbestos From the old man?
Magallan You must've been close to my home! How's the old man doing? He sells really pretty flowers!
<Background 3>
[Asbestos leads the way as she and Magallan walked through the snowy pass.]
Asbestos ......
Magallan Hey, where are you going? We should be heading north.
Asbestos Up the glacier.
Magallan A glacier has to be formed under the right conditions to be fit for climbing. You need heavy snowfall in the winter and a mild summer. Otherwise, you get dangerous cracks.
[Asbestos continues walking...]
Magallan You call the shots in the Black Flow, but this is the icefields.
[...ignoring Magallan's words...]
Magallan I've been down this path hundreds of times as a Rhine field researcher. They send me out here because no one knows it better than me.
[ she picks up the pace...]
Magallan If you try to strike out on your own, I'll–
[...and covered her ears...]
Magallan Hey, don't cover your ears! I'm serious!
[...before start running.]
Magallan Asbestos! Hey, Asbestos!
Asbestos I heard you!!
<Background fades out and in>
[A blizzard brews up.]
Magallan Look, I studied that ice pillar a few years ago.
They're formed by intersecting cracks in the glaciers. They look solid from a distance, but you never know if they might suddenly collapse.
So we go around it. And we tie ourselves together with this safety cable. And you never, ever untie it under any circumstances.
Asbestos Won't we drag the other one down if one of us slips?
Magallan If something happens to one of us, we can easily find the other and help out.
There's no such thing as the individual on the icefields. An explorer joins her fate to the other, it's the only way to move forward.
<Background fades out and in>
Day by day, Magallan and Asbestos go deeper and deeper into the icefields.
Their interactions grow briefer as they save their strength to face the constant snowstorms.
"Why do I challenge my limits? What will I find, what will I get, and what will remain?"
Everyone knows it gets more dangerous the deeper you go. No one wants to lose her life until she sees what she truly wanted to see.
Magallan Tie the icepick tight! Hook onto the cracks in the rocks if you slip–don't untie the rope!
Asbestos You'll fall too!
Magallan I still have the drone. Shut up and listen for its signal, grab it, and relax your legs. One, two, three!
[Asbestos throw the roped icepick to a crack in the glacier...]
Asbestos Rrrah!
Magallan Go up and find a place with good footing, then tie the rope on the screw so I can come up.
[...and climbs up to a clearing...]
Asbestos Done!
Magallan Good. Now, I–
[...but suddenly the ice Magallan hangs on to starts to break...]
Magallan –Whoa!
Asbestos Gotcha!
[...and Asbestos grabs her in time, although Magallan's drone is lost in the process.]
Magallan Coming up! The drone–
Asbestos It fell.
Magallan Whew, at least we're alive. Why did you try to untie the rope?
Asbestos ......
Magallan We have rescue drones. Never untie the rope! Let me make a mark here in case someone else comes by...
<Background 4>
A month passes.
Magallan has seen countless records. The dreams people have about the icefields come in many different forms: wealth, knowledge, power... but all she cares about is her childhood dream, the story of the song.
Beneath their feet, the icefield is no longer infinite and boundless, but a conquest made one step at a time.
Still, the end is nowhere in sight. It is hidden away in the snow, and anyone on the snow is at the mercy of the avalanches.
Footprints are gradually covered by the falling snow, but humans continue to tread on stubbornly.
Asbestos Are you ok? How are the drones?
Magallan Down to the last one. Doesn't look like it'll last long though.
Sensors detect a big rock ahead. Great place for a rest. With the data and samples we collected, we might want to set up an outpost here!
Asbestos Looks like our explorer has a beautiful dream.
...Is this the rock you were talking about?
Magallan Yup! Even bigger than I thought. You don't see ice crystals this big very often. It's a miracle to have it preserved like that.
Asbestos There are carvings on it. Are those somebody's initials?
Magallan Carvings? How rude! Don't they know we leave only footprints?
But I don't know of any explorers who came here after the last icefield landing... hold on.
Magallan goes around the rock and observes the carvings from downwind.
Magallan I remember these initials from the records...
Could it be...?
...Asbestos, I think those who came before us are buried here.
Magallan starts digging at the snow and ice, first with her gloved hands, then with a shovel, then with her hands again.
Slowly, a frozen body emerges from beneath the snow, then another, and another. Asbestos joins in to help, and they excavate four bodies, laying them side-by-side on the snow.
Magallan I heard a team got in the icefields decades ago. I just didn't expect to find them here.
We can't bring the bodies back, but I guess we can dig a proper grave. And we'll send their personal effects to their families.
The explorers' faces are young, frozen in time beneath the snow.
Their discoveries have inspired countless who came after them to continue to explore the icefields, including those who found their remains so they could see light of day one last time.
Asbestos I think that's gonna be me, dying as an explorer.
Magallan Sometimes I ask myself if I'm willing to lose my life on an expedition, if it means that science takes another step forward?
I've never found the answer, but I know that these pioneers before us were willing to go, no matter what.
I can't imagine the courage it would take. I would miss my parents and my friends; I don't want to lose my life, or lose my friends.
It's a noble thing to sacrifice for one's ideals, but I don't want to see any friends die, as long as I can do anything about it.
Asbestos Hm...
The wind's died down. I'll put up a tent.
<Background fades out and in>
Magallan "The skipper lost his toes to frostbite, then the entire right leg. Our sled broke down five days ago. Still he ploughs ahead. 'Twenty-three years!' he cries."
"We started with twenty-four. Now we're down to five, and it doesn't look like we're going to make it back."
"I can't feel my lower body anymore. That's how the skipper lost his leg. It just broke off with no blood at all. I can still move my hands, though."
"The skipper would have yelled at me, breathing white fog through his beard, the water vapor turning to ice on his beard strands. But he'll forgive me in the end."
"I'll write our names on this rock."
"Peary, Abigail, Merlot, Abel, Colt. We write our names here on this great rock of the icefields, so that our deeds may live on forever."
"May nature forgive this final deed of the dying."
"It's time for me to sleep. Merlot closed her eyes a few minutes ago. It's a shame that we never made it to our wedding, but the snow makes for a fine dress."
"Goodnight, my love."
Merlot was Columbian. Abigail was from Kjerag. The team came from many different countries...
It was always my dream to be part of a team like that.
[Magallan continues reading the journal.]
Magallan There's something else on the page...
"In an endless snowfield–ah! There's the bloom of a nameless flower."
"And my friend a-lies there, oh, and a-watches the snow come down."
So they knew the song too.
In an endless snowfield–ah! There's the bloom of a nameless flower♪
And my friend a-lies there, oh, and a-watches the snow come down♪
Magallan Be at peace.
Communicator Hiss–Hiss–
Asbestos Your communicator has been hissing non-stop. Can't you do something about it?
Magallan My communicator? I haven't had a signal for days. Why would it make any noise at all?
Wait, is it picking up something?
Communicator Got the photo&%Maggy#@Thanks. Auroraa#&very beautif#¥stunning sorry can't*%better words@%%also saw#@
Magallan I sent some photos to Aurora while I was exploring the icefields. Is she answering?
How did we get that message here? We're so far from Rhodes Island!
It's a miracle!
Asbestos Aurora... the Ursus girl?
Magallan Yup! She's amazing! The transmission is fragmented, but it's definitely a transmission alright!
[Magallan walks toward the fallen explorers' bodies.]
Magallan Guys! I got a transmission here, that should be impossible! But it's from my friend, Aurora!
She's a really cute white-haired Ursus girl from Kjerag. We made a promise to explore the icefields together when she gets better.
Hehe, thank you. It must be your doing that I got this message!
[Magallan turns back, and...]
Magallan Asbestos! Aurora sent over some cheese fondue packs. It's a delicacy from her country. All we need to do is heat them up.
Wanna try? Aurora says it's perfect for cold weather. Let's eat up before the next snowstorm!
[Asbestos responds,]
Asbestos Cheese fondue? I won't stop you.
<Background fades out and in>
Magallan ......
Asbestos ......
Magallan I think I have indigestion.
Asbestos I could never get used to it.
Magallan It's so rich... is this what they eat in Kjerag? In Columbia, we just put a little cheese on our hamburgers.
Asbestos I'm eating my own food.
Magallan I can't finish all of this...
Asbestos It's not for Rim Billitonians. I'll see how far north we can go.
Magallan Ugh...
<Background fades out and in>
[Magallan writes her journal.]
Magallan Day 29. Taught Asbestos the song. She sang it well. I'll teach Aurora next time!
Attempted to continue northward. Arrived at the waypoint today.
Finished going through the previous team's belongings. They contain information on many potential points of interest. I'll finish my forebears' unfinished work.
And realize my own dream.
<Background fades out and in>
[Magallan writes her journal.]
Magallan Day 92. The new equipment is operating smoothly. Drone repairs are complete.
Attempted to progress north, but couldn't reach our waypoint due to inclement weather. We marked the furthest point we could reach; glacier crevasses beyond that point prevent us from progressing further.
We have surveyed most of the objectives identified by the previous team. We discovered several ruins and have finished collecting samples. We have marked the remaining locations that are out of reach.
The newest discovery is...
<Background fades out and in>
[Magallan writes her journal.]
Magallan Day 132, our last day in the icefields.
We did not reach the northmost waypoint, but with only one drone remaining and our gear severely damaged, we need to get replacements and prepare for the trip back.
I asked Asbestos and Aurora what they think when they see the icefields: conquering nature, or seeking one's own self, or joy at achieving a goal?
I came here to get closer to the story of the song I heard in my childhood.
It's a choice that many have a hard time understanding. Asbestos mentioned getting into a big fight with her parents, and Aurora argued with her family too.
I'm lucky to have parents who supported me, which allowed me to keep going despite my setbacks along the way.
The icefields are my dream. I want to make my dream come true, like those who came before me, who have no regrets about making the icefields their final resting place.
[Magallan closes her journal.]
Magallan I have no regrets either.
...It's time to go.
<Background 2>
Magallan So only the captain of the team made it back...
Researcher Yes. His name was Peary, and the data he brought back were instrumental to further exploration. Many hail him as the first pioneer of the icefields.
It means a lot that you brought back their things, even if the data may not be so important these days.
Rhine Lab will contact the authorities. We can leave the search for the next-of-kin to them. If there's no next-of-kin, their effects can be donated to museums, and we can get the media to hype things up as well.
Honoring them can only be a positive thing for the government and Rhine. Even though we didn't reach the northmost point, people will still know that Rhine has broken its own record again.
The positive press will make better projects easier in the future. Great job, Magallan.
Magallan ......
All I wanted is to realize my dream, Polly...
Researcher Of course; it's my dream too. But it's also a job, and you should take some time off after you take care of what you have on hand.
<Background 5>
Magallan Mom, how's the old man with a limp who runs the flower shop around the corner? The one that I used to go to when I was little.
That crepe shop I used to eat at hasn't changed at all.
Mother Ah... the owner passed away a few months ago. His kids are thinking about selling the shop.
Father I knew you were going to ask. He planted a lot of flowers on that field that you used to play on.
They're in full bloom now, the entire field is covered.
Mother No need to hold things back if you're feeling sad. Want to have a look after dinner?
Magallan ......
<Background 6>
Magallan Here we are... the flowers look so nice.
Is this the old man's headstone?
"In an endless snowfield–ah! There's the bloom of a nameless flower."
"And my friend a-lies there, oh, and a-watches the snow come down."
"Here ends my story. –Peary"
Mr. Peary... I met your team on the icefields.
I went 800m past where I found them. Next time, I'm sure I can go even deeper.
There was a friend with me. It was just the two of us, but I've made a lot of new friends. One of them, by the name of Aurora, is really interested in the icefields.
It all started when... I became interested in the icefields after hearing your song. Now I've reached a place that you and your team never did.
Thank you. I...
Magallan wanted to leave something behind, but all she found was the notebook she carries with her.
There are no difficult formulas, no deep insights, only a true record of her feelings out on the icefields, and simple sketches of the sights she saw.
She takes it out and places it on the flower field. The grass and flowers embrace it, and the breeze flips its pages open.
Magallan In an endless snowfield–ah! There's the bloom of a nameless flower♪
And my friend a-lies there, oh, and a-watches the snow come down♪
It's getting late. I should go; it's a long way back to my house.
I'll never stop exploring the icefields. I've sent your team's personal effects back to their families. Goodbye.
[Magallan leaves.]
<Background fades out and in>
Active Child Hey! Look what I told you! There's a really pretty flower field here that not many people know about!
Running Child Wow! It's so beautiful!
Active Child There are even more flowers up ahead! Have you ever climbed that rock? I was the first one to climb it!
Running Child Race you there!
Singing Child Hey, did someone drop a notebook?
[The children reads the notebook left by Magallan before.]
Singing Child Wow... so that's what the northern icefields are like!
Sounds incredible...