Lancet-2: A Piece of Graffiti

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Operator Record
A Piece of Graffiti
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A prank between friends, you might say.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Lancet-2 to Level 30.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Lancet-2.
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Engineering Operator
RI Corridor
RI Training Compound
After Lancet-2 discovers a malfunction with their language module, an Engineering Operator attempts to resolve the problem...
05:30 A.M. \ Overcast
<Background 1>
Lancet-2 Good evening, Doctor.
Of course, by the strictest definition, it's not evening anymore.
You appear exhausted. My sensors indicate that you have not entered a state of deep sleep for at least twenty hours— and occasionally dozing off certainly cannot be counted.
Doctor No way about it. Too many files. / ...Tired. / Who made me the Doctor of Rhodes Island, huh?
Lancet-2 Your work is exceptionally important, Doctor, but as they say. Proper rest guarantees sustainable work.
All members of the Medical Department see the same way on this. That is why they frequently send me to accompany you, Doctor.
Um... although, aside from daily monitoring of your physiological state, there's not much more I can do.
Doctor I'm in pretty good health. / ...... / ...Sorry for the hassle.
Lancet-2 Doctor, I noticed... the mug by your right hand.
Your attempts to hide it behind the files are meaningless. Ms. Closure did not add an olfactory module to me, but my image analysis very rarely makes mistakes.
It's still piping hot... Doctor, you poured yourself that mug in secret just now.
Fifteen minutes ago, you were already on your fourth mug, weren't you?
Occasional intake of stimulants to the central nervous system can be beneficial, but considering that it is almost morning, I suggest you... drink coffee.
Doctor Hm?
Lancet-2 My sensors indicated just now that your heartrate is rather higher than average, as are your adrenaline levels.
Therefore... drink more coffee.
Um? What happened to me just now... Is this a slip of the tongue everyone normally makes? So robots can have tongue slips...
In short, Doctor, please pay more mind to your rest, or else a Medical Department operator will lecture you again. As for your coffee... drink it.
Lancet-2 ......
[Lancet-2 shakes.]
Lancet-2 ...! Aaah! ......!! ...drink coffee!
This is terrible. How could this happen to me? Doctor, can I ask that you... drink coffee?
Doctor Alright. I was planning to do just that. / ...... / Sounds like your logic's gone kinda wrong?
Lancet-2 Just where is this issue occurring...? My intent was to dissuade you, Doctor...
Is it my logic module? Or language...
Ohh... I've gone pathological... I can't even get something minor as this right...
[An engineering operator enters the corridor.]
Engineering Operator Hey. Doctor, huh? You're up real early.
And here I was moping about my third morning shift this week... seeing you so active, I feel a little more awake.
Anything I can help with?
Doctor Lancet-2 seems to be having issues.
Engineering Operator Hm?
Lancet-2 Ohh... my language module's broken.
Engineering Operator Jeez, is that right? Well, you don't see that every day.
Don't you get system checkups every week with Engineering? Last one was yesterday, wasn't it? Or was it the day before?
You were all fine then. Closure made sure of it herself. She's the boss.
What would cause a random malfunction?
Lancet-2 I do not know either... I have heard the model of a robot I am typically has a ten year service lifespan.
Currently, I'm only two years, three months, and five days.
Engineering Operator Uh... no need to be so nervous?
To tell the truth, even when we're all retired early from overwork, you should still be as youthful as ever.
Lancet-2 Thank you for the consolation, even if I know it's only out of kindness.
Doctor An inspection ASAP, then?
[The engineering operator inspects Lancet-2.]
Engineering Operator I'm nowhere near my boss's level, for sure...
But this one's a little simple, isn't it?! It's just an ad-hoc silencer module. And someone did a real sloppy job on sticking it on your back. The angle's crooked, even.
Lancet-2 A silencer module? I have never heard of such a module.
Engineering Operator Oh, only the old operators at Engineering would know about this. Way back when Closure was overhauling your operation platforms, your, uh, language libraries had some issues.
Doctor What issue?
Engineering Operator Ahem. Somebody carelessly input a collection of top swears from all over Terra into Castle-3.
Doctor It's kind of hard to picture that. / ...... / You sure that was carelessness?
Engineering Operator They were a little too comprehensive. We reassembled the expletive content in the processing module, and a complete deletion required some time.
So in the interim, we came up with these little modules. Using 'em's a cinch. Just turn it on like this, get up close, get the current flowing—
And any words you don't want people hearing get jammed into inaudible frequencies.
That way, effectiveness of expression might've suffered for the time being, but at least we could avoid Castle-3 generating unnecessary complaints from certain other departments
Put it this way: ever since then, Rhodes Island has had a lot of little kiddos aboard, haha.
Lancet-2 Ah... Though, well... why did this module end up on me?
I am able to guarantee that there are no words which should not exist within my language library. I ran a self-test on myself just thirty seconds ago.
Engineering Operator Because your silencer isn't targeting any kind of swears.
Hm... seems someone entered the phrase "do not" to the list. That checks out with you just describes, Doctor, right?
Doctor Lancet-2 definitely wanted to tell me "do not drink coffee."
Engineering Operator Yeah, hold up, I just noticed something on the back of the module... a piece of chewing gum?
Someone sneaked a module out of our place, set up new target vocab, then used gum to stick it to Lancet-2?
Real smart. Real easy mod, and one that'd sure as hell kick in. Question is, who'd do this?
<Background fades out and in>
[The engineer operator leaves.]
Lancet-2 Doctor, there's something I've been declining to mention.
In the Engineering Department earlier, I sensed the presence of a third person.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor Aren't we three people?
Lancet-2 Doctor, I'm very happy that you count me along with you, but unfortunately I mean a third human.
Aciddrop ......
[Aciddrop shows herself.]
Aciddrop Haha, yeah, I'm busted.
Lancet-2 Greetings, Operator Aciddrop.
Though what I detected earlier didn't seem to be... oh, never mind. It doesn't matter.
Oh, right, your checkup today is still pending. Please wait a moment. Once I have reconfirmed the Doctor's data, I will preform your scan on you.
Additionally, please do not utilize your skateboard within living areas. It's still early, and you will be liable to disturb other operators.
On the off-chance that a collision happens, you may bring about further unnecessary bodily harm.
Aciddrop ...Guess you're running regular again.
Lancet-2 Hm?
Doctor, I'm not sure whether my understanding is faulty, but Operator Aciddrop seems to be implying that..
Doctor She's probably the one.
Lancet-2 Operator Aciddrop, was it you that adhered a silencer module to me?
Aciddrop ......
Yeah, I guess it was.
I did the deed.
Lancet-2 Judging from your configuration of the silencer's targeting, do you not wish for me to direct the words "do not" at you?
Aciddrop How do I lay it out...?
I'm used to living free, see, nobody on my back. So types like you... uh, kinda jam me up a little.
Lancet-2 Oh, am I being bothersome? I'm sorry, it's never my intent to rouse such negative emotions.
Operator Aciddrop, ever since your arrival at Rhodes Island, your condition has been gradually stabilizing.
I'll report to Dr. Kal'tsit that we can reduce your checkup frequency.
Aciddrop ...Not really what I meant.
Lancet-2 Alright, I understand.
Operator Aciddrop, it's not checkups that you feel are bothersome, but rather myself, correct?
This isn't a difficult problem to address.
Lancet-2 Medical Department staff may all be very busy, but they care very much about the health and vitality of out operators, especially those of younger age who have just recently arrived. I can simply request them to assign someone else to your checkups.
Doctor You sound a little hurt, Lancet-2.
Lancet-2 Not at all doctor. Please do not mislead our new operators. I'm only a robot, after all, and would never feel any sort of grievance.
Ohh, now that I look at it, I really do tend to tell people not to do things...
Aciddrop Don't say that.
Lancet-2 Oh?
Aciddrop I don't wanna get someone different.
You're good. What's wrong with robots? Robots are rad as hell, right?
Lancet-2 ...Thank you.
Aciddrop Uh, it's like, how do I put it...?
It's not like I'm saying you're kinda annoying, even though having someone constantly up in your grill is, uh, kinda annoying, but that's 'cause you, like, care about me, right? I do get that, yeah.
Lancet-2 In that case, Operator Aciddrop, what bother do you mean...?
Aciddrop If I have to put it some way, man, I feel like a total mess... like I kinda, uh, miss home? It's not like I MISS that whole place, but... ugh, it's a mess, yeah? It's just a freaking mess!
I admit it! It's not even cool, is it? I know it's not cool! Say whatever you want, I don't care!
Lancet-2 ......
Aciddrop C'mon, why aren't you saying anything?
Every time you're like "do not" this, "do not" that, you make me think of someone... dunno how the hell that old geezer's doing now.
Lancet-2 Doctor, do I sound very old?
I only have two years of factual age, and per certain young operators' feedback, Closure selected a voice for me that should sound proximal to their ages. Does it not?
Aciddrop Haha, I'm not saying you're old.
It's just how you say things sometimes.
The old man used to really like harping on at me. Man, don't go skating there, it's dangerous. Don't be running around the block too late. Don't get too close to this or that.
...Made me feel like my ears were gonna start shedding.
Lancet-2 Ah, I more-or-less see the picture now.
Operator Aciddrop, you feel that I'm constantly nagging.
Ohh... It really isn't a charming mannerism at all... but whenever I see you utilizing your skateboard in the corridors, I just can't help but analyze the possibility of injury.
And within a period where your condition has not been better stabilized, excessive exercise can lead to the elevation of certain risk indicators...
Aciddrop I dig, I dig. You're looking out for us, yeah.
Honestly it's kind of a weird feeling. Thinking about it now, like, back then it'd tick me off, and now I don't even get to hear it.
Lancet-2 Operator Aciddrop, are you reminiscing about the past?
Aciddrop Reminiscing, huh... Kinda tough to say I am, I guess. It ends up kinda lame, y'know, always thinking about the past and whatever.
Hey. Rhode's Island's a pretty solid place. It's got radical robots like you, too. Haha.
I'm sorry.
Lancet-2 Um, are you apologizing to me, Operator Aciddrop?
Aciddrop I'll try to stop skating in some places. That's what you want, right?
I was just kinda talking crap yesterday, and E... uh, said there was something real fun I could try playing with.
At first, I didn't think it'd work, and then when I heard you telling me in your normal voice to go to bed too late, it felt... a little awkward, deep down. Super awkward.
It was pretty wack. I mean, freedom is freedom... but I didn't feel any more relaxed. Actually just felt even more messed up.
Basically, I was wrong to do this.
And now you've busted me. What's my sentence? Do I get detention?
Lancet-2 Oh, Rhodes Island has no custom of arbitrary detention. Besides, this isn't that big of a problem, is it?
Operator Aciddrop, in your hometown, convenient modification of otherwise inconvenient machines was quite a common sight, wasn't it?
I've seen it in your files. Both your hand crossbow and skateboard have been through a certain degree of modification.
Aciddrop No, that's twisted.
You're not that kinda machine.
Lancet-2 Hm?
Doctor As in, you're more than an ordinary machine. / I'm guessing she sees Lancet-2 as a friend?
Lancet-2 Then I guess that's all the less to worry about. As I view it, it's only a tiny harmless prank.
Aciddrop Does it count as a prank?
Lancet-2 A practical joke between friends conducted with mutual understanding. In my judgement, this meets the definition of a prank. Of course, robots cannot actually understand any sort of comedy.
Doctor, what do you think?
Doctor Haha.
Lancet-2 As you see, even the Doctor laughed. This proves that it is truly a prank, correct?
As it is a prank, I believe Dr. Kal'tsit and Amiya won't need to know about this. As of now, I have already resumed normal operation, and the Engineering Department will not save any files or data on an issue as minor as this.
Aciddrop Huh. Thanks.
You really are a— super-rad— friend.
'Kay. See ya 'round.
[Aciddrop rides away on her skateboard.]
Lancet-2 Er, please don't utilize your skateboard in the corridors—
<Background fades out and in>
Lancet-2 Doctor, I have a question.
Do you also believe me to be a nag?
Doctor Not at all. You're right to say what you do. / Just the tiniest little bit.
Lancet-2 Whenever you particularly want to drink coffee, I always advise against your continued consumption of it. Hearing it constantly does tend to be a bother, doesn't it?
Compared to one that always says "do not", I'm not sure you'd much prefer a robot at your side that automatically serves you coffee when you want it— that would be far more obedient of a machine.
In that case, I ought to seek out Closure to decrease the frequency at which I say "do not", shouldn't I?
But that would be mutually incompatible with my intended purpose.
I am a medical robot. My purpose lies in ensuring the robust health of everyone at Rhodes Island.
And what I speak, you don't always have to listen to. It goes for Closure, too. She's just like you, Doctor. Constant overtime work, and an unhealthy diet.
If my nagging was undesirable, I wouldn't have been designed with this function, would I?
Ohh... I don't understand... There's a contradiction in logic here.
Doctor It's not a contradiction. / ...... / It's because that's who you are, Lancet-2.
Lancet-2 It's not contradictory? This is just me? My nagging self?
If any of you don't like it, you can always change these behavioral habits of mine.
Doctor I don't want you to change. / Closure doesn't want you to change. / Not even Aciddrop wants you to change.
Lancet-2 Alright. Maybe I don't understand your meaning at all, Doctor. But it's likely you're comforting me, so thank you.
<Background 2>
Lancet-2 Hi Doctor, nice to see you again.
Doctor Good morning, Lancet-2.
Lancet-2 Good morning.
I see you rested at the appropriate time last night, and that is truly wonderful.
Doctor, are you here to observe Operator Aciddrop's training too? This is the first time she's taken part in morning drills. Oh, and operators Ethan and Vigna are also training alongside her.
Not that I know why, but I feel today's instructors are especially strict. The rate at which I consume disinfectant fluid has risen dramatically.
Ethan Huff... pff...
You all monsters or something?! How the hell do you see me here?!
Aciddrop Rhodes Island training is this tough, huh...
Vigna Even I'm...
[Vigna yells towards Ethan and Aciddrop.]
Vigna I'm serious, did either of you do something to get caught?!
Lancet-2 So full of energy.
It seems as if their excess activity actually works to their benefit... Perhaps I really am able to lower my frequency of "do not" now.
Melantha Lancet-2, something's on your back.
Lancet-2 Um... um?!
[Melantha inspects Lancet-2's back closely.]
Melantha It's bright green, a very pretty color. Um, I think it's graffiti.
Lancet-2 Graffiti, is it...? How fortunate it's not anything else. I do worry about having issues crop up again.
Come to mention it, I wonder what this means... let's scan it and see.
Hm? It's Columbian slang? My language library has no phrases that match it.
Doctor You might call them words of praise. / ...... / A prank between friends, you might say.
Lancet-2 Are they really kind words? I'm not too certain.
But in any case, they're quite pretty, aren't they? And Miss Melantha said so too.
So, for the time being, I'll accept them.