Shamare: A Curse Without Words

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Operator Record
A Curse Without Words
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She knows fear very well, as well as how to dispel it, and so she turns the page of her book.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Shamare to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Shamare.
Siracusan Mafioso B icon.png
"Judge's" Subordinate
Male Siracusan A icon.png
Mauro, Infected Citizen
Reserve Operator - Logistics icon.png
Rhodes Island Operator
Female Siracusan A icon.png
Town "Judge"
Siracusa Park
Siracusa Manor Guestroom
Siracusa Alley
Siracusa Restaurant
House Room
Siracusa Streets
Shamare arrives at a small town in Siracusa with a Rhodes Island Field Operation Squad. In the course of her mission, she quietly teaches the wicked local "judge" a lesson, in her own way.
<Background 1>
Rhodes Island Operator Shamare, the others are going to diagnose and treat the Infected patients in the ward. Will you be okay here by yourself?
Err, I mean... Morte will keep you company, so the two of you will be fine, right?
Shamare ...Mm. You go and take care of them. I can handle things here.
Rhodes Island Operator "Handle"? I wasn't giving you an assignment...
(Well, whatever. Shamare is pretty mature compared to some of the other children at Rhodes Island, so I'll just trust her.)
Alright, I'll get started with work then.
[The Rhodes Island operator leaves.]
Shamare ......
Morte, you heard that sound too, didn't you?
Morte ......
Shamare Mhm. I know, you'd recognize the sound of crying anywhere.
Let's go.
<Background fades out and in>
Town Judge Signor[note 1] Mauro, please don't do this. It'll only make things harder for me.
As an Infected, if your insurance payment falls below half of the designated amount, you can no longer continue to work.
Mauro, Infected Citizen B-But I already made a full payment... Yesterday, last night, your subordinates came by to collect it!
Town Judge My subordinates? I didn't arrange for that, nor have I seen any of this supposed payment.
Look, it's written clearly in the code here that insurance money is to be collected by the judge.
It's your responsibility to make sure the money gets to me. Otherwise, how would I know to update the records?
And I'm sorry, but according to the records, you're currently delinquent in your payments.
Mauro, Infected Citizen But they... Last time they came around, they said, "there's no way a judge would go around personally collecting debts"...
[The supposed town judge pulls out a codex.]
Town Judge Take another good look at this codex, and think back carefully. Are you sure you're remembering right?
Mauro, Infected Citizen Oh, uhh... I'm so sorry, I seem to have misremembered. Pardon my foolishness, Your Honor.
But that doesn't change the fact that I don't have a single centesimo to pay...
Town Judge Is that so? What a pity. You're in no shape to accept the work we offer either.
Therefore, according to the law, my only option is to confiscate a piece of your property as collateral.
Mauro, Infected Citizen I-I don't even have anything left worth that much...
Town Judge Oh? Are you implying that you're a better appraiser of value than I am?
Mauro, Infected Citizen But my family can't survive without food! P-Please, I beg of you... Just give me a little more time!
I swear, I'll find some way to get the money.
Town Judge I only ask you to respect the rule of law. Understood?
Mauro, Infected Citizen ...Yes, of course.
Town Judge And by sheer coincidence, there happens to be something of value right in front of me, which the law allows you to offer up as collateral.
Mauro, Infected Citizen D-Do you mean this pocket watch here?
...Oh, you're absolutely right! I can't believe I forgot!
Town Judge As long as you remember now.
Now then, let's agree to meet again when the hour hand of this watch makes two full circuits.
Mauro, Infected Citizen Oh, thank you for your magnanimity...
Then, according to the law, can get it back after I pay? Th-That's a keepsake from my great-grandfather's time in the famiglia's civil war... and it allows me some semblance of respect.
Town Judge Of course.
[Shamare and Morte walks by.]
Shamare Morte, should we go talk to that lady? ...Hm, it's better if we stay quiet?
There are already a bunch of curses following her. Something bad's gonna happen unless we do something.
Town Judge Hmm? What an unkempt child, running about all by herself...
Are you looking for your family?
Perhaps you should search a trash can in a back alley, the bottom of the river, the cemetery, or the garden... I'm sure they'd be somewhere like that.
Shamare ......
Does it hurt, Morte? ...It's raining, but it's not hurting from the rain.
She'll also be in unbearable pain.
Town Judge (What the hell did that girl just say?)
...Damnit, this rain's giving me a headache. Let's not worry about it.
<Background 2>
Judge's Subordinate The Messenger just arrived, and these are all for you.
Town Judge Did a postcard from Volsinii come in?
Judge's Subordinate I wouldn't dare read your mail without permission.
But you've done so much good work, I'm sure you'll receive the praise of the head... Dare I say, the postcard should already be on its way.
Town Judge Mm. Let's look through the other ones first.
[The judge reads the letters.]
Town Judge A gift from the boss of the paper mill, and compensation from twenty households on East Street. Not bad.
An invitation from the town council? Why would I need this?
And a plea from their son in prison... Rubbish.
...Wait, hold on.
There's something written on the back?
[The judge turns the letter around.]
Town Judge ......
Come here. I have a job for you.
Judge's Subordinate Got it.
[The judge hands over the letter to her subordinate.]
Judge's Subordinate ...You're letting that criminal out? But his famiglia hasn't coughed up the dough yet.
Town Judge Take a look at the back side.
Judge's Subordinate It's just a blank piece of paper...
*cough* Oh, of course. It's gotta mean the sender is going to be disposed of cleanly, without leaving any traces.
Town Judge Hmph.
While the very idea of using curses to vent your grievances is laughable, I don't want to see anyone trampling over my code of law.
Judge's Subordinate Curses? What?
Town Judge Alright, onto the next letter.
[The judge reads another letter, but she suddenly slams the table in anger.]
Town Judge –What's going on here?!
You, come back. Hand me that letter.
Judge's Subordinate If you say so.
Town Judge ...The exact same contents and handwriting.
[The judge reads the other letters, and to her frustration, every single one of them has the exact same content.]
Town Judge Every letter! It's on every single letter!
"Your malice has brought about a curse, and calamity shall follow in your wake. The black fowlbeast circles, and you will lose the only glittering thing on you."
...How juvenile.
Find out whose childish prank this is.
Judge's Subordinate But, it's just a blank sheet of paper.
[The judge stares menacingly at the subordinate.]
Judge's Subordinate I mean... On it, boss! We'll find this prankster.
<Background 3>
Town Judge Still no leads on those "cursed" letters from yesterday? How many people could there possibly be in this tiny little town?
Tch, maybe I need to find myself some more capable subordinates?
...The pocket watch I took from that Infected is running five minutes slow.
I must say, I am tolerant to a fault.
I can only hope he doesn't betray that compassion.
<Background fades out and in>
Rhodes Island Operator Sir, do you remember when you first developed symptoms of Oripathy?
Mauro, Infected Citizen I... I'm not sure. Maybe a few days ago?
Rhodes Island Operator To the best of your knowledge, do you have any clue how you might have contracted it?
To be frank, based on our preliminary screening, you, like many others here, recently came down with an acute infection.
We need to locate the source of the epidemic to try to contain the spread of Oripathy in town.
Mauro, Infected Citizen Umm, I'm not quite following.
I-I used to work in the back kitchen of that restaurant over there, that's all I know. Seriously, I don't know a thing.
Rhodes Island Operator Alright. Sorry for bothering you then.
Shamare, did you notice anything unusual over there? Like, have you felt the effects of active Originium, or lost control of your Arts like before?
Shamare? What are you looking at?
Shamare ...Black fowlbeast.
[An eerie sound is heard as the judge runs into Shamare and co..]
Town Judge Who are you people? What are you here for?
Rhodes Island Operator Oh, hello there. We're a medical organization, and we're working with the town hospital to provide some technical support.
Town Judge So, you're from Columbia?
Rhodes Island Operator Not quite...
Town Judge In any case, I need to talk to this gentleman here. Now, if you'll excuse me–
[As the judge walks toward Mauro, suddenly a black fowlbeast flies onto her head...]
Town Judge –Gah! A fowlbeast?!
[...and pecks her continuously...]
Town Judge Shoo! Go away! Stop pecking me!
[...causing her pocket watch to fell off amidst the chaos.]
Rhodes Island Operator Oh, she dropped her pocket watch...
[Shamare tugged the R.I. operator's sleeve.]
Rhodes Island Operator ...What are you tugging on my sleeve for?
Shamare Wait here. Don't move.
Town Judge *cough*, *cough, cough*... Tch, the damn thing finally flew off.
Town Judge But a black fowlbeast...
Hah, how could someone put a curse on me?
Mauro, Infected Citizen Your Honor, I... Um, is there anything I can do for? Do you need me to tidy up your clothes?
Town Judge No, I simply want to see the law upheld.
Mauro, Infected Citizen Oh, of course, you're here for the insurance money... Here you go.
[Mauro gave the money to the judge, but...]
Town Judge This isn't enough.
Mauro, Infected Citizen But... You haven't even counted it yet.
Town Judge The envelope should be at least three times as thick. Did you not remember to include the late fees?
Look, it's written right here in the codex. That's the law. My hands are tied.
Mauro, Infected Citizen ...I see, I must have remembered wrong. I'll try looking for somewhere else to borrow money, so please, give me a little more time.
Town Judge Of course. I am nothing if not tolerant.
(Where'd that beat-up gold pocket watch go? Did I drop it somewhere?)
(The curse... No, this was just a coincidence. How could anyone believe in curses?)
...In any case, I'll see you again in two days.
[The judge leaves.]
Mauro, Infected Citizen Damn my luck! Fine, if that's what it takes, then so be it!
You accursed eyeless fowlbeast! It's all your fault! If she weren't in such a bad mood just now, this whole thing would already be settled!
Shamare ......
Morte, could you pick up the pocket watch?
Morte ......
[Morte picks up the pocket watch on the ground...]
Shamare Mm. It didn't break when it fell.
[...and Shamare returns it to Mauro.]
Shamare Here, this is yours.
Rhodes Island Operator (I knew it, Shamare used her Originium Arts. We could all see it fall to the ground, but somehow the judge didn't notice.)
(Has she already matured to the point where she's this considerate of others?)
(Does she even realize how incredibly brave that was just now?)
(...But even with all the Arts training she's had at Rhodes Island, casting something like that must be stressful on her body.)
(Anyway, she might be doing the right thing, but I'll need to keep a closer eye on her condition... and help her out if necessary.)
Mauro, Infected Citizen ...Huh?
Shamare It represents "famiglia" to you. "A very big family." It's important, right?
Do you not want it back?
Mauro, Infected Citizen ...What are you talking about? Th-That isn't mine.
I've never seen it in my life. Do whatever you want with it, since I've certainly never seen it before! And I definitely didn't see it today!
Shamare ...Really?
You're pretty energetic today, Morte.
What'd you eat? Sadness? Fear? Or resentment?
Morte ......
Shamare Why are you afraid? I wanna know too.
Mauro, Infected Citizen J-Just turn around and leave with that pocket watch! I'm shutting the door!
Shamare But I still wanna know.
Obviously there's not a single word written in that lady's book.
So why didn't you tell her?
Mauro, Infected Citizen ...Anyone can see it's a legal codex; how could there be no words written in it? I bet you don't know how to read anyway.
Hey, you, the doctor over there! Aren't you an adult? Take this crazy kid away from me! Get away from me and my house!
Rhodes Island Operator Ugh...
Let's go, Shamare.
<Background 2>
Judge's Subordinate Everything's been smooth sailing today. No cases in need of a hearing.
Only minor stuff on the streets too. Someone ran into a mugger while eating at a restaurant, but they turned out to be one of the recently Infected who hasn't paid their dues.
Town Judge Which ensures we're getting our money on time.
Judge's Subordinate Yup. Also...
It seems a lot of folks have been talking about you behind your back.
Town Judge Talking? About what?
Judge's Subordinate Some crazy "prophecies" scribbled on posters in the alleys.
I sent some people to find who did it, but no luck. All the posters should be taken down by now though.
Town Judge What, are there still people out there who haven't learned to respect the will of the law?
So, who are these people who've been gossiping about this instead of reporting it to me?
Judge's Subordinate ......
About that... I haven't heard of anyone actually talking about it.
Town Judge You're contradicting yourself. If nobody's talking about it, then how are they talking about it?
Judge's Subordinate ...Same way as always.
They keep quiet, but you can see it in their eyes.
One look at their shifty gazes, and you know the score.
<Background 4>
Mauro, Infected Citizen Ugh...
Rhodes Island Operator What are you thinking? Shamare and I were just enjoying a meal when you walked over. You were patting your two children on the head just now...
Frankly, I thought you were coming in to order two kids' meals for them.
Turns out, you're trying to rob us?!
Mauro, Infected Citizen This is just how we do things, outsider!
Rhodes Island Operator Stop struggling. Shamare and I won't let you cause any trouble. This is how we do things.
Mauro, Infected Citizen Hah... Weren't you guys there yesterday? Didn't you see how much insurance money I owed?
If you actually care whether we Infected live or die, then put your money where your mouth is and don't stop me!
Rhodes Island Operator ......
I might not fully understand your circumstances, but I do know that what comes around goes around.
Look, your two kids are still playing with the other kids out on the street. If you make a customer here bleed, what do you think is going to happen to them next?
Mauro, Infected Citizen ...Then tell me, what should I do?
If they end up kicking me and my family out of the house, what else is there for me to think about?
Shamare ...That won't happen.
Morte will help.
Mortw[sic] will help me find more.
The soil here is already full of resentment and fear. I just need a few other things.
Mauro, Infected Citizen ...What?
Rhodes Island Operator Uh, don't worry about it. I'll help her help you.
Mauro, Infected Citizen Help me? What can you people possibly do?
Rhodes Island Operator Sometimes, when a person is tormented by malice so thick that it completely engulfs them, their mind can jump to the craziest things–even hallucinations. Isn't that right?
Mauro, Infected Citizen ......
Just don't cause any trouble for me like last time.
Rhodes Island Operator ...Oh right, Signor Mauro, we'd like to schedule an appointment with you.
If that woman claiming to be a judge doesn't come by tomorrow to collect your debt, we'd like to ask you a bit more about the large number of Infected here. Can you do that?
<Background 3>


Town Judge "Your malice has brought a curse upon you"... The same as last time.
Hah, utter nonsense.
Judge's Subordinate For sure. How could anyone take a prank like this seriously?
We're still looking for whoever's behind this garbage, but... Well, the hard part is, none of us have ever seen this "cursed text" ourselves.
We've managed to piece together the contents, but nobody seems to know who left it behind... Or at least, nobody's telling us anything.
Town Judge ......
She realizes that the pedestrians along the street are avoiding her gaze, but nevertheless seem curious and inquisitive as they walk past her.
Silence is a form of order, but at the moment, she finds their silence terrifying.
Town Judge ...Tch.
I don't feel like wasting any time on that Infected today. If he doesn't come up with the money, just confiscate his house.
This is the last time I'll–
[Suddenly the judge felt an intense pain – as if she had been hexed – and collapses.]
<Background fades out>
"Your malice has brought a curse upon you. The soil here is unwilling to bear your weight any longer, and the evil spirits that linger shall make you fall so hard that you will be unable to walk again."
The moment she falls to the ground, the curse she'd heard echoes through the judge's mind.
A sharp pain shoots through her calf, and she hears whispers from the side of the road.
"It's just as the prophecy said."
<Background fades in>
Judge's Subordinate A-Are you alright? I'll help you up. There are too many people staring; it'll ruin your image...
[The judge pushes her subordinate off and runs.]
Town Judge Get away from me!
Judge's Subordinate If you say so.
[The judge's pain does not fade.]
Town Judge Damn it all... Are you blind?! I'm hurt! Take me to the hospital!
Judge's Subordinate Uhh, okay...
[The subordinate grabs the judge onto his shoulders.]
Judge's Subordinate Want me to have someone else deal with that Infected? It's not exactly a big deal.
Town Judge ......
If this keeps up, will this curse never leave me?
Judge's Subordinate Err... Since when are curses real?
Town Judge Do you not see it?! It's as real as anything! It's chasing after me! The evil spirits are after me!
Judge's Subordinate Just calm down, ma'am... Everyone's looking at us.
Town Judge ......
Anyway, don't worry about that Infected for now. I need to calm myself first.
<Background 5>
[Mauro enters.]
Mauro, Infected Citizen Well, as promised, I'll tell you what I know.
To be blunt, you're wasting your time here. There's no underground Originium mine like you might've guessed, or a big scary factory either.
All that happened was some gang war that lasted about a month, and a lot of us were unlucky enough to get caught in the crossfire. That's all there is to it.
Rhodes Island Operator By the way, I've heard that there's been quite a bit of Originium smuggling going on...
If the gangsters used it to make explosives, and didn't follow safety standards during production, it'd be easy for active Originium dust to leak out.
It's also very common for those who get infected to not notice their physical symptoms at first. Or worse, hide them. This can create the false impression that new patients are still appearing.
Mauro, Infected Citizen Nobody's stupid enough to tell a doctor that they got infected in a gang war.
They'll just pretend they didn't see anything.
Rhodes Island Operator But if there was such large-scale, open conflict going on, why didn't the judges put a stop to it?
Mauro, Infected Citizen Judges? Haha, I don't know how they do things in the big city, but there are no judges out in the boonies.
The gangsters were backed by different famiglie, and they fought until one side drove the other completely out of town and took control.
The "judge" you met earlier was just an ordinary mafiosa used by the winning famiglia to control us here.
Rhodes Island Operator Ugh... Sorry, I really only intended to ask about the Oripathy.
Thank you for helping us complete our mission.
Mauro, Infected Citizen Haha, I should be thanking you, if only for pushing my bad luck back one day...
That said, your little girl here doesn't seem to want my thanks.
Rhodes Island Operator Don't worry about her. She tends to space out, but I'm sure she heard what you said.
One more thing, after you head back, remember to take this medicine to control your condition. Take care.
[Mauro leaves.]
Rhodes Island Operator Shamare.
Shamare I told you, Morte would help him. Why didn't you believe me?
Rhodes Island Operator No, that's not what I meant. Actually, you've already done too much, for too many people.
The next time you use your Originium Arts, make sure you discuss it with us first.
If you'd lost control doing what you did, you could've hurt other people very badly... maybe even yourself.
Shamare They always tell me that back at Rhodes Island.
As long as Morte doesn't get hurt, it doesn't matter.
Rhodes Island Operator And you always say that. As long as Morte is in good spirits, as long as Morte doesn't get hurt, it doesn't matter.
But the truth is, I can tell you're already extremely worn out. I can't let that build up to the point where it affects your health.
Shamare ...I know.
I won't use any more Arts here.
Also... Give me another apple. Not the Arts Unit.
I want something to eat.
Rhodes Island Operator Haha, sure.
We've confirmed the source of the infection here, and now that we've finished our emergency treatment for the remaining Infected, it's time we headed back to the landship.
<Background 6>
Rhodes Island Operator Packed up all your tools? If there's nothing else, be ready to pull out.
[The so-called judge, who were crippled from being hexed before, walks by and trips.]
Rhodes Island Operator Oh.
Town "Judge" ......
Rhodes Island Operator My apologies. Everyone, pull your carts over and let the disabled woman through.
Town "Judge" ...Is your investigation over? I heard that your company was looking into the cause of all these infections. Did you get your results?
Rhodes Island Operator Ah, about that...
The time we have on these business trips is extremely limited, and unfortunately we were unable to determine a single cause of the outbreak. Our sincerest apologies.
Shamare ......
Go get her book for me.
<Background 7>
Rhodes Island Operator (For some, being thrust into an environment that reminds them of the past would only stir up the pain buried deep in their hearts... But maybe, for Shamare, that was never a problem to begin with.)
(Though it's hardly normal, she is indeed growing in her own way.)
Um, Shamare, I have to praise you for having the composure to do what you did.
Shamare Huh? What do you mean?
Rhodes Island Operator The reason you used your Arts is probably because you–Or rather, because Morte felt a pain from this town similar to the pain it knew from before.
People treat each other with malice, and vent those emotions at one another.
And even though so many people knew that you weren't the source of the curse, and that you were completely innocent... nobody was willing to those words out loud.
So in this small town, you used your Arts to help everyone speak out, including the Infected.
"There are no words in that codex."
You've grown so much I'm almost astounded.
Shamare You're... weird.
Morte doesn't need to think about complicated stuff like that, so I don't either.
Morte just wanted to eat that judge's emotions, so I fed it. Isn't that all there is to it?
Rhodes Island Operator I see. So you didn't put that much thought into it, huh?
And I spent so long mulling it over before finally authorizing you to use your Originium Arts...
But I guess in the end, I only felt like she was being a bully and had to be punished... I suppose simple reasons like that can be fine too.
–Hey, hold on, the thought that maybe I don't need to lecture you for this just suddenly popped into my head... Don't tell me that was another one of your "spiritual suggestions"?
[Shamare smiles.]
Rhodes Island Operator And why are you smiling?
<Background 2>
"Judge's" Subordinate I brought your crutches.
Town "Judge" Alright. I'm going to rest for now. I'll let you know if I need anything later.
"Judge's" Subordinate Gotcha.
[The subordinate leaves.]
Town "Judge" Phew... I haven't heard of any more curses these last few days, so maybe this nightmare is finally ending.
What a pleasant Sunday morning. Now that the rain has passed, the air feels fresher than usual.
The legal codex she had offhandedly placed on the table is blown to a new page by a gust of wind.
Fwoosh, fwoosh.
She sees a line of writing on it. A line with the same handwriting as the curse from before.
"You will see these words on a Sunday morning, and shall incur a curse."
"You shall tremble in fear before the consequences of your malice, and decide to change your evil ways."


  1. "Mister/Mr." in Italian