Gummy: Growing Up

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Operator Record
Growing Up
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Gummy will do anything to protect the friends by her side.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Gummy to Elite 2 Level 60.
  • Have 200% Trust with Gummy.
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(Quiet) Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter B icon.png
Sullen Bounty Hunter
Female Student
Male Student
Peterheim High
Village Outskirts
RI Room
While on a mission, the Ursus students run into a group of bounty hunters. Gummy tries to overcome her "bad habit" to protect her friends.
<Background black>
Gummy has many memories.
Good ones, bad ones.
Happy ones, sad ones.
And ones she can't forget, no matter what.
<Flashback starts here>
<Background 1>
Male Student They're in here!
Hurry up, don't let them get away... They have food!
Anna Lada, be careful!
Sonya Grrr, what a bunch of pests! Anna, Lada, stay behind me!
Heh, you lot've got some nerve. C'mere, and we'll see who has the guts!
Rosalind Dammit, it still hurts... Why are they here again? My arm hasn't fully healed yet.
Hey, Sonya, why don't we have a little contest to see who can take down more gopniks?
Sonya Cut the bullshit... Watch out!
[Sonya protects Rosalind.]
Natalya Come now, this is not the time to lose focus.
Our two generals have a job to do.
Anna Phew... That was a close one.
Sonya, Rosalind, watch your back.
Sonya Thanks.
Rosalind If you have the stones to sneak up on me, I guess you're ready to meet your maker!
Female Student D-Don't panic, don't let them intimidate you. We have the numbers...
Male Student That's right, there's only a few of 'em! Don't give them the chance to call for help. If we all charge together, we'll be fine!
Sonya Hmph.
Natalya (Do you have a plan? It's true, they have us outnumbered.)
Anna (All we can do is think up a way to break out.)
Female Student I'm sorry, but... we don't have a choice. We need that food...
I don't want to starve... I don't want to starve to death in a place like this!
Male Student Don't give 'em a chance to escape! Block the door!
Get 'em!
It's dangerous.
It's dangerous up ahead. Sonya, Rosalind...
Anna, you don't need to stand in front of me.
Natalya, don't get hurt trying to protect me.
It's dangerous... It's dangerous... It's dangerous...!
I don't want to see my friends get hurt again.
I don't want to have to hide behind my friends anymore.
I... I want to be the one who protects everyone else.
If once isn't good enough, then I'll try twice. If twice isn't good enough, then I'll try three times.
I can do anything to protect my friends.
I will use all of my strength––
Sonya *cough* *cough*... These bastards, there's no end to 'em!
Rosalind Don't tell me you're throwing in the towel already?
Bah. Ugh, I think I lost a tooth.
Sonya You—
Natalya Wait, something isn't right about their numbers!
Anna Sonya, watch out!!
Sonya What?!
Male Student Hand the food over!!
[Lada runs into the male student and bashes him.]
Male Student *cough*... Guh...
(*Falls to the ground, twitching*)
Anna ...Lada?
Lada ......
Don't hurt Sonya.
I won't let you...
[The enraged Lada snapped the male student's neck.]
Female Student Eek!
She's crazy!
Male Student She broke Andrey's neck! Be careful, everyone!
Lada I... I will protect everyone!
Don't hurt my friends!!
<Flashback ends here>
<Background black>
Gummy has many memories.
Good ones, bad ones.
Happy ones, sad ones.
And ones she doesn't ever want to remember, no matter what.
Gummy has hurt other people.
Was it to protect her friends, or to not get hurt herself?
Gummy does not know.
But Gummy... Gummy doesn't want to hurt other people anymore.
How did you fall asleep over here?
<Background 2>
Istina Wake up, Gummy.
Gummy Ugh... Huh...?
Istina Wake up, Gummy.
[Gummy wakes up.]
Istina You're paler than a ghost. Are your wounds still bothering you?
Gummy I think I had a nightmare.
It doesn't hurt anymore, so don't worry. I'll be fine.
Istina That's good.
Gummy Huh? Istina?
Why'd you stop talking? Are you about to leave? I can leave too. What about Zima and Leto?
Istina No, it's not time to leave yet. You rest some more.
The others went ahead to scout out the way. They should be back soon.
Gummy Then, I'm gonna go help too!
Istina Not so fast.
Gummy Eh?
Istina One moment, Gummy. Don't start running around just yet.
Your wound's not as light as you think it is. Hold still so I can apply another dose of medicine.
Gummy It really isn't that serious though.
Honest! I swear!
It just... kind of stings a little bit, that's all...
Istina Be a good girl, don't move.
Gummy Fine, if you say so!
[Istina checks on Gummy's wounds.]
Istina ......
You've taken a lot of hits.
The scar from the previous injury seems to have gotten a bit lighter. I'm not sure if the wound this time is going to leave a mark.
Gummy I hope it doesn't.
The nice ladies from the Medical Department give me a super easy-to-use ointment. I rub it on every day, and the scars go right away!
Istina Sure enough. All the scars you've gotten this last year have been treated pretty well.
Gummy But?
Istina Gummy, when those bounty hunters attacked us earlier, you could've avoided getting injured, right?
Why didn't you keep chasing after them?
When you were about to knock them out, you hesitated and held back... That's dangerous, Gummy.
Gummy But, I...
I didn't have a choice.
Istina Gummy...
Instructor Dur-nar asked me about your habit before.
Gummy The Instructor...
Istina You're afraid, aren't you?
Gummy ...Mhm.
I'm very afraid.
The third time, I couldn't control myself...
I keep thinking back to that time at the school. I get nightmares about it. Even my night light doesn't help.
Istina I... I know. You toss and turn and have trouble sleeping.
Both Zima and I know, but this is something you have to overcome by yourself, so we try not to say too much.
Gummy Mhm...
Istina But, Gummy, we're all worried about you.
Gummy ......
I'm trying my hardest.
Istina Yes, I know. You are trying.
You're the strongest one out of all of us.
You don't need a night light to fall asleep anymore, right?
Though you still sometimes come running to me and Zima.
Gummy Mhm...
I'll work hard to grow up and get over my bad habits.
I also asked Amiya and Dr. Kal'tsit. Dr. Kal'tsit said that Papa and Mama have very dangerous jobs, and it'll be really hard to see them.
Istina Do you want to go look for them?
Gummy I do. But I can't yet.
I don't want Papa and Mama to see me like this. I don't want them to think that I'm a bad girl.
So I can't yet.
Istina You're not a bad girl, Gummy. You're keeping us safe.
Gummy But, but––
I'm not good enough yet...
I can't control myself, and I hurt other people.
Istina, what should I do?
Istina You'll find a way.
You might not be able to change things right away, but that's okay too. We'll here with you.
We'll always be with you, so don't be afraid.
Gummy Istina...
Yeah! As long as you're with me, I have nothing to be afraid of!
Istina Alright, brave little bear, don't let yourself get hurt anymore!
Gummy Owwie, stop poking! Stop poking me, it hurts!
Istina So now you know it hurts?
Alright, all done applying the medicine. Zima and the others should be back soon.
Let's go check on them.
Gummy Okay!
<Background 3>
Zima Have a nice rest?
Gummy I'm all better now, Zima!
Istina I treated her wounds, so they won't get in the way.
How are things on your end?
Zima Getting some bad vibes from that village up ahead. It's too quiet.
Might be another bounty hunter trap for all we know, so keep your guard up.
Rosa Our mission was originally to search for the missing children. My, what an unexpected turn of events.
How did we get all these bounty hunters after us?
Leto Huh? They were the ones who started it!
Those bastards had two kids tied up! Weren't we looking for missing children?
Zima Well, whatever. We already got ourselves involved, so we can't just turn a blind eye now.
They might've gotten away last time, but they won't get that lucky again.
Istina Just don't get too carried away. They aren't exactly easy to deal with.
Plus, those children are their hostages. We can't get them too worked up.
Gummy If the bad guys show up again, I'll protect everyone!
Don't worry, I'm gonna send them packing!
Rosa But, what if they don't show up?
Gummy Um... Then, I'll flush them out?
Zima Pain in my ass.
Istina ......
I have an idea.
<Background 4>
Gummy Hello—
Excuse me, is anyone home?
Guess not...
Zima Well, looks like we won't learn anything new here.
Guess we should get going then.
Rosa So we're to return empty-handed? They will have to send some other operators out to try again.
Oh... But that means they'll be sending more experienced operators, right?
Leto Yeah, that's right!
I heard that, err, whatsherface... Well, whatever, there's a super strong bounty hunter who can tear down entire buildings with her bare hands!
Istina *Sigh*...
(Rosalind, you're a terrible actor...)
Leto (Hey, I was never good at this stuff!!)
Gummy Let's get going!
I'm sure the senior operators will be able to catch the bad guys!
[Gummy goes on ahead, but...]
Zima Huh?!
(I hear something! Someone's coming!)
Istina Gummy, be careful!
[Gummy narrowly blocked an incoming attack...]
Gummy Huff...
Hold it right there!
[ two bounty hunters ambushed Gummy and co..]
Quiet Bounty Hunter ......
Sullen Bounty Hunter Don't poke your noses where they don't belong, little bears.
Or you'll regret it.
Leto Naw, we don't regret shit! Come try me on for size!
Zima Save it.
Hey, lemme ask you a question. These all the guys you have with you?
What'd you do with the villagers? And those two kids you abducted?
Quiet Bounty Hunter ......
Zima ......
Gummy (They're not talking.)
Istina I suppose we'll have to beat it out of them.
Leto Yo, that's what I like to hear!
Rosa It's certainly easy enough to talk big, but you do know this is different from a training simulation, right?
Gummy We've got this!
I'll protect everyone!
<Background fades out and in>
[A fight breaks out between the bounty hunters and the Ursus Student Self-Governing Group.]
Gummy Ow!
Heavy! But I can still hold...!
[Gummy deflected an attack from the quiet bounty hunter...]
Gummy (*Slows down*)
Quiet Bounty Hunter ––!
[...who struck her in retaliation.]
Gummy Ugh!
Istina Gummy!
Zima Gah, out of my way!
[Zima struck the quiet bounty hunter...]
Quiet Bounty Hunter Urgh...
[...knocking him down.]
Leto Dammit, we were so close...
We almost had that bastard!
Rosa Stay focused!
[Rosa shoots one of the bounty hunters...]
Bounty Hunter Ngh!
[...incapacitating him.]
Gummy Istina! Stand behind me!
You won't get through me!
[Gummy blocked an attack from the bounty hunters.]
Istina Careful, Gummy!
I'll slow them down...
[Istina used her Arts to restrain the bounty hunter...]
Istina Now's your chance, Zima!
Zima On it!
[ the opportunity for Zima to struck him down.]
Zima Piece o' cake.
Rosa My, such tough words from such a winded girl.
Gummy Zima!!
You're hurt! W-Was that because you took a hit for me just now?!
It's all my fault...
Zima Stop your blubbering already, it's annoying.
Leto Yeah, she obviously got way too careless! It had nothing to do with you, Gummy!
Istina ......
Gummy But still!
Zima We've got more pressing issues on our hands right now.
Hey, you! What's the play? You're the only one left.
Sullen Bounty Hunter ......
Zima Spit it out. What happened to the village? And what'd you do with the kids?
If you're not gonna talk...
Gummy If you're not gonna talk, then, we're gonna pull out all your hair and teeth!
Zima (Probably don't have to go that far.)
Sullen Bounty Hunter Heh. You're just a bunch of runts.
Leto Watch your damn mouth!
Sullen Bounty Hunter So you can deliver a beating or two. So what?
You wanna find those kids?
Gummy Sure do!
Out with it already!
Sullen Bounty Hunter Haha... dumb runt.
Too bad for you, I'm the only one who knows where those kids are.
Something happens to me and you'll never find them.
Istina You'll talk, if you know what's good for you.
Rosa In a situation like this, I would expect you to try negotiating with us.
Sullen Bounty Hunter ......
Let us go.
Then we'll take those kids back to the village. As for the other stuff, you mind your own business.
Zima That's all you got?
Sucks for you, but–– no deal.
Leto Why would we negotiate with a loser like you?
Gummy Yeah, yeah!
Sullen Bounty Hunter ......
Gummy (He went quiet.)
(Is he gonna do that thing where you bite your tongue until you die?)
Istina (This is tricky, but we don't necessarily have to force it out of him...)
Zima Just smack him around a couple more times and we'll be good!
Gummy Ah, you're not supposed to raise your voice like that, Zima!
Sullen Bounty Hunter ......
How dare you treat me like this...
––You damned runts!
[The sullen bounty hunter charges at Zima...]
Rosa Watch out!
Gummy Zima!!
[...and stabs her in the chest.]
Zima What?! Woah!
You son of a bitch!
Sullen Bounty Hunter A bitch, huh?
Of course I'm gonna play every card in my hand!
Now die!
Istina Sonya!
Gummy –—
It's dangerous.
It's dangerous... It's dangerous... It's dangerous...!
Gummy will protect everyone, no matter what.
Gummy will... No matter what...
It's dangerous... It's dangerous... It's dangerous...!
Lada will... No matter what...
[Gummy stood in the sullen bounty hunter's way and protected Zima with her shield.]
Sullen Bounty Hunter Damn you, little—!
Gummy ......
[The sullen bounty hunter retaliates, but Gummy deflected it...]
Sullen Bounty Hunter *cough*... Guh...
Gummy I won't let you...
I won't let you hurt Sonya!
[...and bashes him hard.]
Gummy One more hit...!
Zima Wait, Gummy! I'm fine! Calm down!
We still need to find out where the kids are!
Gummy ––!
I, I––
[Gummy strikes the bounty hunter...]
Sullen Bounty Hunter ......
[...incapacitating him.]
Gummy ......
Zima Gummy... Are you okay?
Gummy ......
Leto Holy shit... Is he dead?
Rosa No, he's still alive.
My dear Rosalind, would you mind helping me carry this gentleman over there? I'm going to stop the bleeding, then help him "wake up."
Leto Sure thing... But why are you calling me that? It's freakin' me out.
Rosa Fine, fine. Come now.
[Gummy looks at Zima.]
Gummy Zima, your wound... There's blood! I, I'll help you bandage it!
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry, Zima, Istina. I... messed up again...
Zima Cut the crap.
What'd you mess up? You saved me. I didn't even have a chance to thank you.
Gummy But...
Istina No buts.
Gummy, you were scared, but you still protected us.
Zima Exactly.
Besides... I know exactly how strong you are. If you really bashed his head in with all your strength, his brains would be splattered all over the ground.
Gummy But he––
[Rosa and Leto checked on the sullen bounty hunter.]
Rosa He's fine. Don't worry.
Leto Actually, can't you smack him again to wake him up?
Gummy It's okay...
I, I kept things under control...
Zima You did.
During that last swing, you managed to hold back your power. I saw it, clear as day.
Gummy ......
Istina Gummy.
Come here.
You too, Zima.
[Leto and Rosa joins in.]
Rosa You don't need us?
Leto What are you playing at?
Zima Settle down! Stop crowding around me!
Amidst the chaos, the children of the Ursus Student Self-Governing Group form an intimate gathering.
Istina takes Gummy's left hand, while Zima takes her right hand. The little bears hold hands, their foreheads touching. Nobody backs away even when their cheeks get itchy brushing against their friends' hair.
Gummy presses her head against her friends', their foreheads gently touching just as they always do when they play together.
And her friends press back against her intimately.
Istina Gummy, do you remember what I said before?
You're doing great.
Don't be afraid. We'll always be with you.
Leto That's right, you heard her! You did a great job, Gummy! That last block was great!
Rosa Hehe, you're almost stronger than a certain someone who can't control her temper.
Zima Huuuuh? You talkin' about me?!
Gummy Pfft...
Zima, don't start jumping around! Your wounds!
Have I...
Have I really done it? Did I really manage to control my strength?
Zima You did. You held back.
Istina I do think we'll be able to wake that fellow up pretty soon. Then we can ask where the children are.
Trust me. I have ways of making him talk.
Gummy, you not only protected us, but also those children.
Gummy I... kept things under control...
I did it!
<Background 5>
Gummy I'll have to bring this along, and that... Oh, and some bread too!
Phew... I've finally finished packing my bag.
Papa, Mama, Lada is going to go find you two soon!
Even though Dr. Kal'tsit said it'll be hard, I still want to give it a try!
By the way, I don't have to hesitate when hitting people anymore... Because I know I'll be able to control my strength at the end!
I won't be a burden on my friends... and I won't be a burden on Papa and Mama.
Thanks to them, even though I still have nightmares, I'm not so scared anymore.
Papa, Mama, I'm having a great time here.
Oh, I have to go meet up with my friends now. This will be my first time going out on my own, but I'll definitely come back. I know they'll be waiting for me.
Alright, I'll end the recording right there.
––Let's gooo!
[Gummy ends recording the message for her parents.]

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