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Operator Record
Departure Plans
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How can a Sarkaz who knows Kazdel well enough ever want to look a Sankta in the eye?

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Enforcer to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Enforcer.
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Medic Operator
RI Cafeteria
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RI Infirmary
In preparation for his subsequent trip to Kazdel, Enforcer goes looking for several of Rhodes Island's Sarkaz operators.
<Background 1>
[Enforcer is writing down Vigna's explanation on his notebook.]
Enforcer Alright... I've made note of all of that.
I can't thank you enough, Vigna.
Vigna Don't sweat it! Not much I could help with anyway.
I couldn't answer any of your questions about Kazdel... Real sorry about that.
Enforcer No, that's not the case at all.
The fact that you were willing to teach me about Sarkaz customs is already a huge help. Thanks to you, I've already learned a lot.
Vigna Don't mention it... But, I'll tell you this again. It's whatever since you're on Rhodes Island, but don't assume that all Sarkaz are this easy to talk to!
If you were in Kazdel, the situation would be different. Completely different!
Enforcer Yeah, I get it.
Vigna You clearly don't get it at all! Take Adnachiel for example. Even with how good his temper is, the two of us didn't talk 'til we'd known each other for a long time!
But in your case, how many days has it been since you joined? When you just casually sauntered up to me for the first time, I thought you had some kind of problem with me!
Enforcer Ah, I see. So that was the reason why you were on guard...
Vigna This is already pretty good, by my standards!
Ugh... Anyway, just be careful out there.
The way you are right now, I'm real worried that you'll end up dead in a ditch somewhere long before you ever reach Kazdel.
Enforcer Ahaha... I'll do my best to keep that from happening.
Putting all that aside, thank you for your concern, Vigna.
<Background 2>
[As Ezell walks by the bridge...]
Enforcer ......
[...he adds a few things to his notebook.]
Enforcer (Information on Kazdel is still extremely scant.)
(Most of the Sarkaz here with rather moderate attitudes grew up in other countries, and have little understanding of the place as a result.)
(However, one thing everyone can agree on is the fact that it's dangerous there. Ugh, it's not sufficiently safe for me to go with Cecelia alone. We can't set off without preparation...)
(But, it might be difficult getting any more information, given the status quo.)
[Enforcer closes his notebook...]
Enforcer (Let's see who I can talk to next...)
[...as someone walks by.]
??? Coming through.
Enforcer Oh, certainly. Excuse me...
(Wait, no! This guy...!)
Excuse me!
Flamebringer Huh?
Enforcer You're the Sarkaz blademaster, Flamebringer...
...I've seen your face on a wanted poster at the Notarial Hall.
Flamebringer A Sankta, huh? Out for revenge?
If it's a fight you want, you've got one. We'll take it outside.
But step aside first. Wait until I water my flowers.
Enforcer Plenty of executors and others at the Notarial Hall say it's a pretty bad idea to fight alone when encountering certain targets on the wanted list.
Also, this is Rhodes Island... so I will abide by the rules here.
Flamebringer Yeah? Suit yourself then.
Enforcer (This man... He's...)
(He doesn't seem wary of his surroundings in the slightest, and his body is relaxed... He is supremely confident in his combat capabilities.)
(He's so focused on the decorative plants that he didn't notice me pulling my gun...)
(What an incredibly dangerous individual. However...)
Uh, Flamebringer, sir... Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?
Flamebringer About what?
What are you hoping to get out of me?
Enforcer (He's still going about his business, watering his flowers without even pausing for me... It's as if my words mean nothing to him. Of course, not even a hint of anger either...)
(Phew... This might be the best chance I'll get.)
There are a few things I'd like to ask you about Kazdel.
I want to know what the reality of the situation is there, like the size of the nearby towns and what kind of people are entering and leaving... I would really appreciate it if gave me some guidance.
Flamebringer You're going to Kazdel?
Enforcer Yes.
Flamebringer If you've got a death wish, then go for it.
Enforcer It's not a death wish.
I have my own reasons for needing to go to Kazdel.
But I'm fully aware that given the current circumstances, setting out right now without making any preparations is tantamount to suicide.
And I'm not about to do that, which is one of the reasons I've come to Rhodes Island.
Flamebringer Uh huh.
Don't block the light.
Enforcer ......
Acting recklessly, putting the lives of others and yourself at risk, is not bravery. It's just irresponsible.
If I can learn as much as possible about the actual situation on the ground before I go, I'll be able to plan ahead and prepare accordingly.
Even though some degree of risk is inevitable, I'd at least like to avoid as much of it as possible.
Flamebringer You don't have to talk so much.
Your story's got nothing to do with me, and I'm not interested in your philosophizing.
Ugh, out of water...
Also should get around to pruning these branches and leaves...
[Enforcer checks the flowers...]
Enforcer ...It looks like it's only lush on one side, probably due to uneven light exposure.
Rather than trimming off the unbalanced parts yourself, it might be better to rotate and let the other side get some sunlight.
[...followed by Flamebringer.]
Flamebringer Cut off the excess branches and leaves, and the flowers will bloom better.
The more options you have, the more likely you are to miss the point. That's how it is with plants.
Enforcer But... who gets to decide what the "point" of growth is for another living being?
Flamebringer Who?
The strong get to decide.
Enforcer ...I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree on that one, Flamebringer.
While it's true that this plant, after being pruned, might be more beautiful in appearance and grow more of its eagerly-awaited flowers...
I believe that a living being with a consciousness should be free to decide how it wishes to grow.
Flamebringer Huh?
The Sarkaz blademaster utters a single, absent-minded syllable.
His work does not stop once, during the course of Ezell's lengthy questioning.
When the watering can is empty, he sets it aside for the time being and starts pruning the overgrown branches and leaves.
Now, he conveniently keeps the shears next to the pruned potted plants.
In a heartbeat, the glint from the knife's blade slices through the inch of sunlight shining on the flowers. Ezell slams his back against the wall, hard, the sharp blade grazing his cheek before lodging into the wall behind him.
Enforcer Urgh–!
Flamebringer A silver tongue's not gonna save you.
What about now?
Do you still have a reason to go?
<Background 3>
Hibiscus Vigna, why are you so late today?
Vigna Sorry, I stopped to chat with someone on the way here, and it ended up taking a while.
Hibiscus Oh... It was Mister Ezell, right?
Vigna That's right. How'd you know, Hibiscus?
Hibiscus Because I was the one who sent him your way.
That Sankta guy came to ask me and Lava some questions, but unfortunately we weren't able to help much.
Lava What? Is that weird Lateran fella still going around asking everyone what they know about Kazdel?
He's not being discreet about it at all, huh... How many people has he asked by now?
He's not seriously planning to take a little kid to Kazdel, is he? Does he have any clue how dangerous it is going around searching for someone with those two shiny targets above their heads?
Vigna Yeah, I also think it's way too dangerous!
I really hope he manages to find some better way though...
Mudrock What are you discussing?
Hibiscus Oh, Mudrock!
We were just talking about a Sankta guy who joined recently...
<Background 2>
Enforcer Urk...!
Please... let go...!
Flamebringer Why don't you shoot me in the gut? Is this all the resistance you can muster?
You want to go to Kazdel with that toy gun of yours? Who do you think is gonna be convinced by your high-minded ideas?
Enforcer Ungh!
(This overwhelming power... He's seriously going to kill me!)
Flamebringer If you want info, you can talk to the Vampire doctor, or maybe that Kal'tsit woman.
If you have time to play Twenty Questions here, why not directly ask your superiors? How many of Laterano's missions do you think revolve around Kazdel anyway?
How many Sankta souls do you think this blade has gorged on?
Enforcer I... *cough* *cough*...
I appreciate the warning...
But I still hope... to hear the truth about Kazdel in your words.
Flamebringer You should understand by now.
I had my blade speak for me.
[Enforcer falls down.]
Enforcer –!
*cough*... Wait! Hold on a second...
Flamebringer You don't get to ask me to wait, boy.
Enforcer Why... didn't you kill me?
Flamebringer Life won't flourish without the right nutrients. The same's true for plants and people alike.
Now scram, boy.
You don't water flowers with blood.
[Flamebringer leaves.]
Enforcer ......
(That pure malice... He was absolutely ready to kill me just now...)
(Nothing I said... did any good at all. He didn't bat an eye at my words...)
(He even took the watering can with him when he left...)
So, that's a real Sarkaz.
<Background 4>
Enforcer Oww...
Medic Operator Are you sure you don't need me to bandage you up, Enforcer?
You're still bleeding...
Enforcer It's no big deal, just a scratch.
Flamebringer didn't actually do anything to me... Well, at least he didn't kill me outright.
Alright, the wound should be properly dressed now.
I still have some arrangements to make, so I'll head out for now.
Medic Operator Huh? Wait, Enforcer!
Enforcer Did you need something else from me?
Medic Operator Even though personal conflicts are theoretically forbidden on Rhodes Island, not everyone is so disciplined...
If you encounter a situation like that again, do your best to contact the Doctor, Amiya, or Dr. Kal'tsit directly.
Enforcer Alright... Uhh, well, I'll see what I can do.
Medic Operator Most importantly...
There are a number of Sarkaz operators in Rhodes Island who've had... certain experiences in the past. In your case, it might be extremely dangerous for you to try to approach them.
Please be careful.
Enforcer Thank you for the advice. I know my conduct carries great risk.
But, Rhodes Island... is likely the best and most suitable place I'm ever going to find to have these kinds of conversations. Isn't that right?
Had I met Flamebringer under any other circumstance, I'm afraid I wouldn't be here to tell the tale.
Medic Operator Th-That's true, but...!
Enforcer If I back down now, then the plan to go to Kazdel will fall apart.
And I can't allow that. It hasn't gotten to the point yet where I have no choice but to give up.
There's still one more person I should see...
<Background 3>
[Enforcer walks toward Mudrock.]
Enforcer Excuse me.
Umm, are you... Mudrock?
Mudrock ...I am.
You know me... You came looking for me.
Enforcer Yes, it may be presumptuous to say this on our first meeting. Nevertheless...
Mudrock You're wounded.
Enforcer Huh?
Mudrock A fresh injury, caused by a sharp object. Just inflicted.
Did you run into someone on your way here?
Enforcer That would be Flamebringer.
Mudrock Yes... Makes sense.
Even at Rhodes Island, the Sankta are warned not to approach certain people. Some of us are dangerous, including Flamebringer, including myself.
Didn't the Doctor and Amiya tell you that?
Enforcer Yeah... The Doctor did try to talk me out of it.
Mudrock But you didn't listen.
I've heard you're gathering information about Kazdel. You're planning to take that girl to find someone.
Enforcer That's right. I came to you hoping to get some help...
Mudrock I don't understand... Why are you so insistent on going there yourself?
You want to go to one of the most dangerous places for your kind, just the two of you Sankta... You should know how bad your idea is.
Enforcer I promised Cecelia that I'd take her to Kazdel to find her father. And I can't go back on my word.
But I'm guessing that explanation won't satisfy you.
Mudrock Hmm.
Enforcer I suppose it's like... going with the flow, in a way.
I'm just an ordinary Sankta. If none of that stuff happened, the very idea of ever leaving Laterano probably would've never entered my head.
I might've just been like everyone else, working and living a stable life, wanting for nothing, never having too many worries on my mind.
And when I got older, I'd apply for retirement and live the rest of my days in peace and comfort, though it'd probably still get noisy every now and then.
Mudrock Sounds like a good life.
Enforcer It is.
But, when I started to see beyond the walls of Laterano, when I started coming into contact with viewpoints that are at odds with what I know, yet could not be denied...
Then I, like any ordinary man, could no longer take that life for granted.
Mudrock ......
Enforcer Cecelia gave me a chance. Honestly, I'm the one who needs to thank her.
Going to Kazdel isn't just a promise I made to her. It's also what I want to do.
Mudrock What you want to do?
Enforcer Yes.
I'd love to see Kazdel for myself, and witness the lives of the people there.
That's the reason why I've come to you, Mudrock, ma'am.
I... want to understand the Sarkaz, the people we've been locked in conflict with forever. I want to know... are we actually the same?
If we were born the same, what is it that divides us now?
Mudrock ......
What is your plan?
Enforcer Ahaha... As much as I'd love to say that I've already devised a plan to do all that...
The truth is, I'm having a hard time even gathering info...
Mudrock *sigh*...
Enforcer That said, it's not like I haven't given it any thought at all. I just wouldn't call it a fully-fledged plan.
In the case of Cecelia and myself, Kazdel is indeed difficult to enter, and us being Sankta only puts us on the back foot even more...
But, if we're talking about a mercenary who made it out of Kazdel...
Mudrock What do you mean...?
Enforcer For example, a mercenary who was born in Kazdel, someone like you.
Say she went abroad to earn some money before going back home, and captured two Sankta prisoners along the way. That sounds pretty reasonable, doesn't it?
Haha... Just an idea that popped into my head, Mudrock. Don't worry too much about it.
It was only after meeting Flamebringer that I realized I haven't been taking this whole thing seriously enough.
Mudrock It sounds reasonable.
Enforcer Huh?
Mudrock If you make up your mind and decide to take the risk...
Your idea is reasonable and might be worth a shot.
Do you have the courage to try?
Enforcer ...Of course.
If I was afraid of taking risks, I never would've left Laterano.
Mudrock... Ma'am, can I ask you to help with this?