Eyjafjalla: Heart of a Scholar

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Operator Record
Heart of a Scholar
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The darkness pursues her, and she pursues the light.

Unlock conditions

  • Raise Eyjafjalla to Elite 2 Level 1.
  • Have at least 50% Trust with Eyjafjalla.
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Field Operator (Operator Barty)
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Medic Operator
Desert Mountain
RI Infirmary
Disregarding a Medic Operator's attempts to dissuade her, Eyjafjalla insists on taking an expedition to a volcanic belt near the route of the Rhodes Island.
<Background 1>
Eyjafjalla Can I start now? I thought I saw the record button flash for a moment, but it might've just been my imagination. Oh... feels like it's starting to warm up... so I guess it's working?
Ahem, well then... Today is the third day of the field expedition, and we've almost made it to the survey site.
The time now is ten thirty... is that a one? Sorry, I can't see very clearly, but it's morning.
Oh, it-it's a two now! The time is 10:32, and our ETA to the rendezvous point with Rhodes Island is... Umm, twelve hours and twenty-eight minutes.
Everything has been going smoothly so far, and the detection rune is ready. As for the sampling equipment, the others are currently helping me with it.
Umm, what was that? I thought I heard someone calling me...
Ack, I almost dropped the recorder. Phew... Okay, don't panic...
Are they waving at me? I think that signal means they finished the installation? Begin data collection... Begin synchronous analysis... G-Got it!
[An R.I. field operator calls for Eyjafjalla.]
Field Operator Eyjafjalla!
Eyjafjalla Oh... Um, Barty? Hearing aids... Okay, my hearing aids are working fine.
Barty Woah, hold on, there's no rush! Please mind your step.
Eyjafjalla I-It's fine... Barty, I can walk on my own. The visibility here is very good, so you don't need to worry about me running into things.
Barty You sure? The wind's pretty strong out here though, and there are rocks jutting out all over the place. Wouldn't it be better for you to stay on the aircraft?
Besides, when I left, I told Dr. Kal'tsit I would keep you safe. Bet my whole next month's salary on it.
Eyjafjalla Ughh......
Salad? With... Dr. Kal'tsit?
Operator Barty Huh? No, I said salary, my salary!
(whispers) Like hell I'd ask Dr. Kal'tsit to share a salad...
Eyjafjalla Oh, umm, I see...
Ugh... My hearing aid... I'm sure there must be some interference, maybe because the wind is too strong.
I'm very sorry. You were just talking about your work, right?
I know how reliable you are, Barty. You've been a great help to me on this trip. If I was alone here, even setting up this equipment would've taken all afternoon.
Operator Barty Huh, by yourself? You really think you could've handled all this heavy equipment? Even given a whole afternoon...
Eyjafjalla I've done it before. Back when I was in school, there were some research projects I had to carry out by myself.
Operator Barty Huh, what about your classmates?
Eyjafjalla Ah, well... Everyone took it differently... Those courses, they did require a bit more experience.
Operator Barty Right, I almost forgot through all that small talk, you're a real accomplished scholar. I guess the other students couldn't keep up with you?
But even so, they were working you way too hard back in school.
Eyjafjalla It actually wasn't that bad... S-Seriously, don't worry about it. I can handle myself, I just take my time.
But you know, after coming to Rhodes Island, it is much more convenient to get things done, whether on the landship or out in the field.
My new hearing aids are a lot better than the ones I was using before. Dr. Kal'tsit and the Professor are both supportive of my research, and Closure even helped me renovate my room...
The other operators always take very good care of me, just like you are now. I'm so glad I have all of you.
Operator Barty You thanked me the whole way here. C'mon, you're gonna make me blush.
[An Elafian guide approaches Eyjafjalla and Barty, having returned from scouting the path ahead.]
Guide Hey! I just came back from there. The road's real narrow, so while y'all can still pass, that heavy thing's gotta stay behind.
Eyjafjalla Ugh... Does that mean there's no way for us to get to the last sampling point?
Guide I said, y'all can pass. You— can— pass—.
Operator Barty Look, there's no need to raise your voice, okay?
Guide She's just standin' there all confused. Her ears bad or something?
Eyjafjalla Sorry... I heard you this time.
Um, Barty, let's go take a look first?
Guide Wait, hold up, you're going too? I did say it's clear, but don't you think it'd be better for someone like you to take it easy?
Eyjafjalla Huh?
Guide The road up ahead is pretty nasty. A lot of earthquakes hit this area, and there are pits and sinkholes everywhere. One wrong move and you're stuck in one of those. Wouldn't even come out here if not for the money.
Lookin' at you, you're havin' a tough time just walkin' on flat ground, and now you wanna join in on this craziness? Isn't that just looking for trouble?
Operator Barty You... How dare you talk like that to Eyjafjalla! She may be young, but she's the greatest volcanologist in the world! She's in charge of this whole expedition!
Guide Volcanology gonna pick her up and carry her? The only thing gettin' you across this road is a sturdy pair o' legs.
Operator Barty I guess you have a point... Um, Eyjafjalla... He's kinda right. If the road ahead is really that rough, you should...
Eyjafjalla Oh...
Barty, Mr. Guide, I am very sorry... for causing you trouble.
But, I need to go.
Operator Barty If you're concerned about the equipment, I can set it up for you—
Eyjafjalla Yes, I know. What you said is true. But, the source of the anomalous Originium readings is right up ahead. We need more precise detection method, and that requires my Arts.
Operator Barty Why not use the data from the sampling sites? There's a lot to pick from, right?
Eyjafjalla No good. We can't overlook even the smallest detail if we want accurate results. If I get lazy here, our entire mission may fall short.
Operator Barty I know that serious look, you've made up your mind... then we've got no choice. Let's go.
But let me get this out of the way, Eyjafjalla, if you ever feel uncomfortable, we're going to stop to take a break. You've got a duty to your research, but I've got a duty to protect you.
Eyjafjalla Okay... I'll be fine, Barty. Don't worry about me.
Operator Barty *Sigh*... I can tell you're pushing yourself!
Guide Tsk... If you don't like hearing the truth...
Let me just make this clear. If somethin' happens, I'm only gonna be lookin' after myself.
Operator Barty Damn it, people like you...
Eyjafjalla It's fine, don't worry about it. Thank you for showing us the way, Mr. Guide.
<Background 2>
[Eyjafjalla starts recording as she and co. approaches a mountain in the distance.]
Eyjafjalla Continuing recording... The current time is 12:25 PM, and we're moving towards the last sampling site.
We've analyzed the data from the previous sampling site and... Well, it's pretty much what I predicted.
Despite being igneous rock deposited by an ancient volcano, there's still strong Originium activity deep within it. It continues to grow stronger, and the trend is... undeniable.
The key lies in the core of the anomalous band... With that data, we'll be able to analyze the trajectory of change... I hope it won't interfere with Rhodes Island's subsequent— Eek!
[Eyjafjalla tripped after bumping to something.]
Eyjafjalla I, I just bumped my shoulder on something... Sorry, Barty... I wasn't watching where I was going.
Operator Barty Is everything okay? We've been walking for an hour already.
Eyjafjalla Ah... Um... Yeah, I'm fine.
Operator Barty The wind is really strong here, stronger than before. It's making its way into the cracks of the rocks, just like us.
Eyjafjalla Yeah... It's really cold... My legs are all sore, and my eyes...
But, I can do this. Please keep going.
Operator Barty You're really not going to let anything stop you, huh?
Tell you what. You stand behind me, I'm big enough to block the wind for you. If there are any rocks, I'll get us out of the way.
Eyjafjalla Okay... Sounds good. Thank you, Barty.
Guide Hey... Don't say I didn't warn you. This road's hard to get through.
So, what kind of treasure are you lookin' for? Must be great to get you pushin' through all this.
Operator Barty I think we told you back when we hired you? We're from Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company, and we're here to investigate and research—
Guide Yeah, yeah, I heard all that before.
But like what investigation, what research? Isn't it all about money in the end?
Heh, especially pharmaceutical companies like yours. I bet you've squeezed a whole lot of old rich folk desperately trying to survive, right?
Operator Barty You... you wouldn't get it.
There's nothing wrong with trying to make money, but some things you can't put a price on.
Guide Hm? Not here for money then? I was gonna say... how'd you plan to make money digging for rocks?
Right, now that I think about it, there are some people, underlings working for those old aristocrats, always trying to play around with Arts. Always experimenting with things, researching things...
Terrible... just terrible...
Operator Barty Hey you... Why are you trembling? I told you already, we're nothing like that...
Eyjafjalla Look out!
[Out of nowhere, a boulder falls upon the Elafian guide, but Eyjafjalla used her Arts to destroy it before the boulder could crush him.]
Guide *gasp*... Wooahhh! What the hell is that massive boulder?!
My head... My head... Oh, it's still there?
Wasn't that huge boulder flying towards my head just a moment ago? I thought I was a goner for sure...
Ow, what's this red stuff? And what's with the debris all over the ground? This bubbly stuff... magma? From a volcano?
Did the volcano erupt?! H-Help! I don't wanna die!
Operator Barty Shut up already!
Damn, I've been wanting to say that for the longest time...
Eyjafjalla... Eyjafjalla?! Are you all right?
Eyjafjalla Are you looking for me, Barty? I'm perfectly fine, right over here. Nobody got hurt by that falling boulder just now, right?
Operator Barty I think we're all okay. When I saw that thing coming at us, I thought it was too late— Wait, did you destroy that boulder with your Arts?
Eyjafjalla Yes. As long as everyone's safe.
Operator Barty Incredible... Even I didn't have a chance to react... And despite your eyes and ears...
Eyjafjalla You're right, Barty. I didn't hear anything. And I only vaguely saw a shadow.
But what I could feel... was the change in heat.
As Mr. Guide here also mentioned, the stone here is unstable. When affected by the strong winds, the rock formation fractures, and the friction between the fault and the rock mass generates a significant amount of heat.
Operator Barty Wow! Eyjafjalla, you're awesome, really!
Guide Amazing... and kinda scary...
In just a flash, a single moment! That huge boulder, reduced to molten fragments!
My god... if that thing had smashed into my head—
Operator Barty ......
Guide Got it, shutting up. Shutting up.
<Background fades out and in>
[Eyjafjalla and co. arrives at the base of the mountain.]
Eyjafjalla Ah, we've finally arrived.
Right now it's... Oh, we're fifteen minutes behind schedule. Let's pick up the pace.
Booting up the equipment... still need to improve accuracy by fifteen percent... Frequency control, oscillating flow rate... Okay... Nine percent... Three percent...
Great, noise readings are into the ideal range. Barty, you can let go now.
Guide This... this is also Arts?
Eyjafjalla Yes, this indeed is my Originium technique. You can think of it as Arts, but I prefer to call it a scientific research method.
Guide Incredible...
Eyjafjalla Mr. Guide, you must be tired as well? We can head up and rest for a bit. Sample collection will take a while to finish, so we'll have about five hours before we have to check back on the equipment.
Guide So this is a scientist... A real scientist. Even though she's so young, she's got some real weighty words.
Also, you just saved my life. And I'm the kind of person who knows a good one.
Tell you what, I'll take the prepaid part of the guide fee. You don't have to pay the rest.
Eyjafjalla Huh?
Operator Barty Look, how many times do we have to tell you... Rhodes Island isn't that stingy—
Eyjafjalla Mm... Um, Barty... If Mr. Guide insists, I think we should accept his gratitude.
Operator Barty Huh? Oh, I see... Well, if you say so, Eyjafjalla, I guess we could do that.
(low voice) I must say, I'm a little surprised...
Eyjafjalla What did you say, Barty? Sorry, but I couldn't hear you clearly.
Operator Barty Haha, it's nothing. I'm just saying, I didn't expect you to be so perceptive about this kind of stuff.
Eyjafjalla Huh? Actually... it's kind of awkward when you put it that way...
I guess I don't really understand what Mr. Guide is talking about.
Operator Barty Huh?
Eyjafjalla In any case... Um, my hearing aids still don't work very well... But Mr. Guide looked really sincere and seemed to be thanking us...
Did I misunderstand something?
Operator Barty I guess not... Ahaha... You really are a true scholar, aren't you?
You can look past the superficial noise and cut straight to the truth at just a glance.
Eyjafjalla Errmmm... O-Okay...
<Background fades out and in>
[Eyjafjalla starts recording again.]
Eyjafjalla The time is now 3:14 PM. Data collection and analysis are progressing steadily.
A small incident occurred just now on the way to the last sampling site. Of course, it hasn't affected our work.
I also had some interesting conversations with Mr. Guide and Operator Barty along the way...
Even though I'm not sure I understood everything they meant, I think Barty said I'm a true scholar...
I blushed a little when I heard that... and it also made me think of something that happened before I left.
<Background 3>
Medic Operator I won't allow it! Eyjafjalla, given your physical condition, you are forbidden to work outdoors again!
Eyjafjalla B-But... the anomalous Originium signal is likely related to volcanic activity, and it happens to be situated on Rhodes Island's next route.
Both as a volcanologist and as an Operator of Rhodes Island, I must complete this field survey.
Medic Operator But your health...
Eyjafjalla Please have faith in me. I know how to take care of myself.
[Ceylon enters the infirmary.]
Ceylon ......
Let her go.
Medic Operator Huh? Ceylon? You're a medic. How can you support the patient's irresponsible actions?
Ceylon Sure, even if it's irresponsible...
I also consider myself an academic of sorts, so I can kind of understand how she feels.
In other words, if I was given an opportunity to learn more about Originium, I'd definitely do everything within my power to make that happen.
Medic Operator I know, but... I'm just worried that another mission would worsen her condition further.
Ceylon That would make me want to go even more.
Medic Operator What?!
Ceylon Time is short, but the truth is still far away— and that's why we're even more eager to seize every opportunity, every day.
Eyjafjalla While I still can... while my legs can still support me... While my eyes... can still see that light... the brightness of the volcanoes.
Ceylon Yes, those lights... A an armchair scientist like me might not be able to see them, but I know Eyjafjalla can.
Scholars like her have always been on the bleeding edge, pushing this world's knowledge forward. Every time she can move forward is another step that we'll be able to follow.
Moving forward may not always be a good thing. It might be scary, and it might trip you up. But I'm not going to stop Eyjafjalla's progress just because I'm worried she'll get hurt.
Medic Operator I see...
Whatever... I'll never understand you academic types.
Alright, if you insist, Eyjafjalla, I won't try to stop you. You'll have to take it up with Dr. Kal'tsit!
Eyjafjalla Right... Thank you. Thank you so much, and you as well, Miss Ceylon.
<Background 2>
[Eyjafjalla continues recording her speech.]
Eyjafjalla That was the same topic back there.
What does it mean to be a scholar, a scientist? I don't think I've ever given this much thought.
Ceylon was right. I wanted to delve deeper into these volcanoes, to explore the mystery of the deepest parts of this land while I still have the time.
When I was young, if I had to think of what was a true scholar, I would have thought of my mom and dad...
But now, there's one more person.
So, can you tell me the answer to this question when I get back—— Professor?