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Medic is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Instead of attacking enemies, Medics restore the HP of friendly units, making their use indispensable to keeping friendlies on the field and gives them more time to hold the line. Medics restore HP equal to their ATK.

Because all Medics but a select few are incapable of attacking enemies and have low HP and DEF, Medics should be kept safe from ranged enemies, who can and will attack them (not helping that Terra does not have an equivalent to the Geneva Conventions in Earth).


Branch Trait
Medic Medic
Restores the HP of allies
Single-target healer; typically very high healing output, long range
Multi-target Medic
Restores the HP of 3 allies simultaneously
Trades individual healing output for the ability to heal three allies on every heal, range closer to themselves
Therapist Medic
Has a large healing range, but the healing amount on farther targets is reduced to 80%
Wide-ranged single-target healer whose healing efficiency is lowered to 0.8× on further targets and specialize in bestowing Status Resistance on allies and dealing with Negative Statuses
Wandering Medic
Restores the HP of allied units and recovers Elemental Damage by 50% of ATK (can recover Elemental Damage of unhurt allied units)
Wide-ranged single-target healer which removes Elemental Damage equal to half their ATK and can do so on targets with full HP
Incantation Medic
Attacks deal Arts damage and heal the HP of an ally within Attack Range for 50% of the damage dealt
The only offensive healer with a ranged Arts attack that simultaneously heals a friendly unit within range for half the ATK, and typically can inflict Arts Fragility on enemies; Incantation Medics require enemies to heal, and cannot heal without a target to attack
Chain Medic
Restores HP of allies, bouncing between 3 allies. Healing reduced by 25% per bounce.
Single-target healer whose healing jumps between 3 targets with a 25% healing penalty on each; jumps can be used to heal otherwise unreachable targets


Operator Subject Interaction
Medic Squad Protection
  • Applies Status Resistance to all Medics when Breeze activates her skill.
  • When Breeze's RIN-X Operator Module is upgraded, Medic Squad Protection also increases the maximum HP of Medics.
    • Stage 2: 10%
    • Stage 3: 15%
Battlefield Medic Increases the ATK and DEF of all Medics for a period of time after Gavial is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 5% ATK and 50 DEF for 15 seconds
  • Elite 2: 10% ATK and 100 DEF for 15 seconds
  • PHY-Y Stage 2: 10% ATK and 100 DEF for 20 seconds
  • PHY-Y Stage 3: 10% ATK and 100 DEF for 25 seconds
  • Potential 5: +2% ATK, +20 DEF, +2 seconds
Booster Injection Increases the ASPD of all Medics while Silence is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 6
  • Elite 2: 12
  • PHY-Y Stage 2: 15
  • PHY-Y Stage 3: 17
  • Potential 5: +2
Apocalyptic Scene
Increases the ATK of Medics while active.
  • Level 7: 20%
  • Mastery 3: 30%


  • The CN community nicknamed Medics “奶妈” or “奶", which literally means "Wet Nurse" or "Grandma".
  • The EN community jokingly called Medics that are capable of damaging enemies (Folinic, Kal'tsit, and Incantation Medics) "Harmacists".
  • Prior to her reintroduction in the second anniversary of Arknights, Kal'tsit is available in the beta version, but she was cut at the release version (see Kal'tsit's trivia for further details).
  • With the release of Eyjafjalla the Hvít Aska, Medic is the final class to receive its first limited Operator.