Trapmaster Specialist

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Can use traps to assist in combat, but traps cannot be placed on tiles already occupied by an enemy.
—Trait description

Trapmaster Specialist is a branch of the Specialist class in Arknights.

Trapmaster Specialists are ranged Operators with similar stats to Marksman Snipers and allow the deployment of traps when they are deployed. Their skills always have a passive effect that determines the traps' function and an active (automatic) effect which periodically gives additional traps to use, with the exception to Ela whose second and third skill are manually activated and gives additional traps when expiring for the latter case.



Operator Modules

Module Information
TRP-Y module.png
New trait:
Has 20% chance to deploy a trap that deals double damage
TRP-Δ module.png
New trait:
This unit can also be deployed on Melee tiles; Traps can also be deployed on Ranged tiles
Additional information
The double damage traps with the TRP-Y Module are determined after the trap is deployed.


  • Unlike Summoner Supporters, Trapmasters automatically get their own traps back via their skill's passive effect and with the exception of Ela as mentioned above, none of them have manually activated skills.
  • A Trapmaster's traps count as friendly units and can be used to charge or retake devices like the L-44 Gramophones.