Ambusher Specialist

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Deals Damage to all targets within range.
50% chance to dodge Physical and Arts attacks and is less likely to be targeted by enemies.
—Trait description

Ambusher Specialist, named Stalker Specialist in the CN server and colloquially known as Controller Specialist, is a branch of the Specialist class in Arknights.

Ambusher Specialists are melee Operators who notably have a block count of 0, which renders them unable to block enemies on their own. To offset this however, Ambusher Specialists have Negative Taunt and are innately capable of dodging Physical and Arts attacks 50% at a time, and their attacks hit all enemies within a range of the surrounding tiles with a 1-tile extension up front and high ATK but long attack interval. They also have an above-average DP cost.



Operator Modules

Module Information
AMB-X module.png
New trait:
Slows the Movement Speed of enemies within this unit's Attack Range by 20%
AMB-Y module.png
Trait improved:
Deals Damage to all targets within range
65% chance to dodge Physical and Arts attacks and is less likely to be targeted by enemies


  • Due to their innate high dodge rate and immunity to melee enemies (due to zero block count), Ambusher Specialists are usually placed in the middle of large amounts of enemies to break their formation and relieve the tension they can cause.


  • The AMB-X Module helps in keeping enemies inside the Ambusher Specialist's range for their attacks and crowd-control effects to reach maximum efficiency.
  • The AMB-Y Module improves the Ambusher Specialist's survivability when facing ranged enemies especially if there are no other units to draw fire for them.