Swordmaster Guard

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Normal attacks deal damage twice.
—Trait description

Swordmaster Guard, colloquially known as Dualstrike Guard, is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Swordmaster Guards notably deal two hits with their attacks but have below-average ATK to offset that, and with average overall stats and the ability to block two enemies.

Most of Swordmaster Guards' skills notably have offensive SP recovery and allows them to deliver heavy damage in a short time; while their attacks hit twice, it is still considered as one attack, so Swordmaster Guards only gain 1 SP in each attack as usual. The first and only exception so far is Degenbrecher's third skill, which has automatic SP recovery instead.



Operator Modules

Module Information
SWO-X module.png
New trait:
Deals 10% more damage with skills
SWO-Y module.png
New trait:
Attacks ignore 70 DEF


  • Swordmaster Guards hit twice per attack, which means that their basic attacks deal very high DPS to low-DEF targets.
  • Swordmaster Guards' skills are universally designed to deal extremely high burst damage, but are often gated by their need to attack to generate SP.


  • The SWO-X Module makes the already high-damaging skills of Swordmaster Guards even more effective.
  • The SWO-Y Module allows the Swordmaster Guard to somewhat counter their ineffectiveness against high-DEF enemies, including by their skills.


  • Swordmaster Guards' attacks subtract DEF from their damage twice (due to how damage calculation works in Arknights), which combined with their below-average ATK makes them have a tendency to lose damage quickly against increasing DEF.
    • Because of this, as well as burst skills that scale with ATK, Swordmaster Guards synergize extremely well with ATK buffs.
    • DEF reductions to enemies are also recommended to further improve their damage output (especially for normal attacks).
  • Operators that can provide SP is highly recommended to help Swordmaster Guards to charge their skills faster.