Sentinel Protector Defender

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Blocks 3 enemies and attacks from long range.
—Trait description

Sentinel Protector Defender is a branch of the Defender class in Arknights, introduced in An Obscure Wanderer.

Sentinel Protector Defenders are similar to Protector Defenders, but uses a ranged attack with a range of two tiles ahead of them and can attack flying enemies, and have higher ATK in exchange for lower DEF.



Operator Modules

Module Information
SPT-X module.png
New trait:
Removes the Invisibility of enemies within Attack Range


  • Sentinel Protector Defenders are considered the more offensive-oriented Defender branch that can block multiple enemies without having to use skills unlike Duelist Defenders.


  • When class branches was originally announced, Blitz and Liskarm were originally intended to be classified as Sentinel Protector Defenders, but are instead classified as Protector Defenders when Dossoles Holiday is released for unknown reasons.