Dreadnought Guard

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Blocks 1 enemy.
—Trait description (shared with Fighter Guard)

Dreadnought Guard, colloquially known as Single-target/ST or Duelist Guard, is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Compared to other Guards, Dreadnought Guards have high HP and ATK at the expense of low DEF with a decent DP cost and the ability to block a single enemy.



Operator Modules

Module Information
DRE-X module.png
New trait:
Increases ATK to 115% when attacking blocked enemies
DRE-Y module.png
New trait:
When defeated, does not retreat and recovers HP instead. However, Max HP -60% and ASPD +30 (Can only activate once every deployment)
Additional information
  • Contrary to popular belief, the damage increase of the DRE-X Module applies when the Dreadnought Guard attacks enemies blocked by any unit, not just the Dreadnought themselves.
  • The DRE-Y Module will not be triggered if the Dreadnought Guard is struck by certain attacks that would instantly knock out the target, such as FrostNova's tile freeze attack.


  • Dreadnought Guards boast very high HP and ATK, making them excellent damage dealers that can do high damage to even moderately bulky foes. They particularly excel when dueling individual Elite or Boss enemies due to their pure stats, and can also be directly deployed onto key threats to hold them in place or eliminate them outright.
  • Their high HP makes Dreadnought Guards relatively effective against enemies that deal Arts damage, particularly since those enemies tend to have lower defense.


  • The DRE-X Module makes the Dreadnought Guard more effective in "helidrop" strategies as they will be deployed in a way that the enemy will be blocked by the Dreadnought, or holding a lane.
  • The DRE-Y Module gives the Dreadnought Guard a "second wind" should an enemy bested them where they attacks faster to offset the maximum HP reduction. Keep in mind that the effect can only be triggered once per deployment; once the Dreadnought loses all HP while in this state, they will be knocked out for real.


  • Despite Dreadnought Guards' high HP, their DEF is comparatively low, so they particularly struggle against physical enemies with high attack speed, who can easily overwhelm them.
    • Because of this, Inspiration buff, specifically those that increase DEF, can greatly improve their survivability.
  • Operators with AOE damage are recommended to help clearing other weaker enemies as Dreadnought Guards is dueling the stronger enemies between them.
  • Defenders are recommended to help blocking enemies that passed through Dreadnought Guards so that the Guards can defeat them one by one.