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Supporter is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Supporters provide various means of field support, ranging from buffing other operators, debuffing their enemies, or utilizing summons in combat. Most Supporters' attacks deal Arts damage, allowing them to act as makeshift Casters.

Supporters are more micromanagement-intensive than others, as most of them rely on the usage of their abilities to be effective. They are also frail, having a relatively low HP and DEF, though most Supporters have innate RES, so they should be played in combination with Medics.


Branch Trait
Decel Binder Supporter
Decel Binder
Deals Arts damage and Slows the target for a short time
Ranged Arts attacker that Slows the target in each attack
Summoner Supporter
Deals Arts damage
Can use Summons in battles

Ranged Arts support Operator that can make use of summons
Hexer Supporter
Deals Arts damage
Ranged Arts attacker/support Operator that debilitate enemies with their skills/talent(s), usually by inflicting Fragile and Negative Statuses
Bard Supporter
Does not attack but continuously restores the HP of all allies within range (the HP restored per second is equal to 10% of self ATK). Self is unaffected by Inspiration
Non-combat support Operator that passively heals friendly units in range over time and Inspires friendly units with their skills, but do not benefit from Inspiration themselves
Abjurer Supporter
Deals Arts damage; When skill is active, attacks instead restore the HP of allies (heal amount is equal to 75% of ATK)
Ranged Arts attacker/support Operator that heals friendly units with 0.75× strength instead of attacking enemies during skill activations and augment friendlies with their skills/talents, usually by bestowing Sanctuary
Artificer Supporter
Blocks 2 enemies; Can use <Support Devices> in battles
Melee support Operator that can make use of Support Devices
Ritualist Supporter
Attacks deal Arts damage, and can inflict Elemental Damage
Ranged Arts attacker that can inflict Elemental Damages on enemies


Operator Subject Interaction
  • Increases the ATK of Supporters while Podenco is deployed.
    • Elite 1: 5%
    • Elite 2: 9%
    • Potential 5: +2%
  • When Podenco's DEC-X Operator Module is upgraded, Gardener also increases the ASPD of Supporters.
    • Stage 2: 3
    • Stage 3: 5
Skill Aura - Supporter
  • Increases the automatic SP generation rate of Supporters while Suzuran is deployed (mutually exclusive with other SP generation boosts).
    • Elite 1: 0.2 SP/sec.
    • Elite 2: 0.4 SP/sec.
  • When Suzuran's DEC-X Operator Module is upgraded, Skill Aura - Supporter also increases the ATK of Supporters.
    • Stage 2: 6%
    • Stage 3: 9%


  • Prior to Gnosis' release, Supporter is one of the two classes without male Operator(s) from the initial release of Arknights alongside Specialist, and for a total of over two years, the longest with such distinction.