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Not to be confused with the Operator.

Significantly reduced Redeployment Time.
—Trait description

Executor Specialist, colloquially known as Fast-Redeploy Specialist, is a branch of the Specialist class in Arknights.

Executor Specialists are melee Operators with average overall stats who notably have a much shorter redeployment time than other Operators, at 18 seconds. This, coupled by their low DP cost, allows Executor Specialists to be easily relocated as needed.

THRM-EX has a redeployment time of 200 seconds as other Robot Operators do, making him the only exception to the above.



Operator Modules

Module Information
EXE-X module.png
New trait:
Refunds a large portion of the current DP Cost when retreated
EXE-Y module.png
New trait:
When there are no allied units in the four adjacent tiles, ATK +10%
Additional information
The DP returned through the EXE-X Module is 80% of the Executor Specialist's current DP cost. Note that this only applies to the Executor themselves, not summons tied to them as well (e.g. Phantom's Phantom in the Mirror).


  • Executors are mainly used to break enemies' tempo especially to hamper the fast moving one, or to assassinate enemies with problematic ability at unreachable areas by other operators, as most of which have either low HP, or DEF and RES, or both (e.g. Spec Ops Caster Leaders). They are complemented by their fast redeployment time and some even have crowd-control capabilities. Against stronger enemies or bosses, however, they can only assist the player's formation at best, or act as a bait for the enemy's special skills, exploiting the last-deployed targeting rule and protecting other operators from becoming enemy targets.


  • The EXE-X Module makes the redeployment of the Executor Specialist less costly as their cost can be regained quickly, courtesy of the returned DP and the automatic DP generation (except in operations where the latter is disabled).
  • The EXE-Y Module helps the Executor Specialist in dispatching distant enemies as they are usually deployed away from other Operators in such cases.