Loopshooter Sniper

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Can only attack while holding a boomerang projectile (projectile takes time to return).
—Trait description

Loopshooter Sniper is a branch of the Sniper class in Arknights.

Loopshooter Snipers are unique in that they make use of a boomerang-like projectile that returns to the Loopshooter after hitting the target,[note 1] but they must wait until the projectile returns before they can attack again, thus the Loopshooter cannot attack continuously despite their short attack interval. To make up for this, Loopshooter Snipers have a long attack range of 3×4 tiles with a 1×3 tiles extension behind them from Elite 1, giving them a similar range to Decel Binder Supporters and allowing the Loopshooter to attack enemies on the rear. They also have surprisingly higher HP than other Snipers.


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  1. The projectile travels at a speed of 15 tiles/sec. and returns to the Loopshoter Sniper at a speed of 3.75 tiles/sec.