Tactician Vanguard

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This unit can designate one Tactical Point within attack range to call Reinforcements; ATK is increased to 150% when attacking enemies blocked by Reinforcements.
—Trait description

Tactician Vanguard is a branch of the Vanguard class in Arknights.

Unlike other Vanguards, Tactician Vanguards are ranged Operators with similar stats to Marksman Snipers, and makes use of a Reinforcement by deploying them on an open melee tile within their attack range, designated as a "Tactical Point", and deals 50% more damage when attacking enemies being blocked by the Reinforcement.



Operator Modules

Module Information
TAC-X module.png
New trait:
Reinforcements take 15% less damage from blocked enemies
TAC-Y module.png
Trait improved:
This unit can designate one Tactical Point within attack range to call Reinforcements; Enemies blocked by Reinforcements are more likely to be attacked by our units; ATK is increased to 165% when attacking enemies blocked by Reinforcements


  • Due to how their trait and their Reinforcement works, Tactician Vanguards won't do much against aerial enemies - with the slight exception of Muelsyse who is also able to place her Reinforcement on a ranged tile that can perform ranged attacks.
  • Take note where to summon the Reinforcement because it cannot be relocated unless the Tactician themselves is redeployed (or the Reinforcement's tile is made unavailable by any other means) and the Reinforcement cannot be healed through direct HP restoration.
  • When a Reinforcement is downed, they will stop attacking and blocking until they are respawned with full HP. A Tactician Vanguard can be much weaker in this phase.
  • A Reinforcement can only be placed within their master's range, and only on tiles that are available to them. If there are no available tiles, then a Tactician Vanguard can possibly lose out on value, but note that with the exception of Vigil's Skill-Vigil2.png Packleader's Gift, their skills can still be cast even if their Reinforcement is not deployed.
  • Due to the Reinforcement being placed after their master, it is common for enemies to target the Reinforcement instead of their master.