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Attacks deal Arts damage and jump between 3/4 enemies. Each jump deals 15% less damage and inflicts a brief Slow.
—Trait description

Chain Caster is a branch of the Caster class in Arknights.

Chain Casters are a hybrid of Core and Splash Casters in which they attack one target at a time like the former, which also extends to the attack range, and have the ability to damage multiple targets like the latter (explained below) which also extends to their DP cost, but with an above-average ATK and attack interval between both.

What makes Chain Casters unique, however, is that their attacks will "chain" or jump towards multiple targets within a radius of 1.7 tiles around the first target and 1.8 tiles around the subsequent targets, in addition to Slowing the targets for 0.5 seconds, but the damage dealt in each jump is reduced by 15%.



Operator Modules

Module Information
CHA-X module.png
Trait improved:
Attacks deal Arts damage and jump between 4 enemies. Each jump deals 10% less damage and inflicts a short Slow
CHA-Y module.png
Trait improved:
Attacks deal Arts damage and jump between 4 enemies. Each jump no longer deals less damage and inflicts a brief Slow
Additional information
The CHA-X Module extends the Slow duration of the Chain Caster's attacks to 0.8 seconds, the same as Decel Binder Supporters.


  • Chain Casters excel in maps with large numbers of enemies, being able to significantly damage and impede entire rushes at a time.
    • However, deploying them outside of these maps is considered inefficient because of their high DP cost and rather low single-target DPS.
  • Their attack range is actually deceptive. Because of their trait, their attacks can reach enemies outside their range if they are provided with several enemies that frequently come at regular intervals.


  • The CHA-X Module improves the Chain Caster's ability to stall multiple enemies while still inflicting a good deal of damage due to the damage loss reduction.
  • The CHA-Y Module significantly improves the Chain Caster's damage output by making their attacks deal the same damage against every target.


  • Chain Casters' high DP cost means that Vanguards are essential to be able to deploy them earlier.
  • The "chaining" attacks of Chain Casters mean that Defenders are recommended to group enemies together (and maximize the damage output).