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Can launch Ranged Attacks that deal 80% of normal ATK.
—Trait description

Lord Guard, colloquially known as Ranged Guard, is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Unlike other Guards, Lord Guards have a ranged attack that they will use when not blocking enemies with a range of 2×2 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front which is increased to 2 tiles from Elite 1; although it deals only 80% of the Lord Guard's ATK, the ranged attack can target flying enemies. Lord Guards have average overall stats compared to other Guards and can block two enemies.



Operator Modules

Module Information
LOR-X module.png
New trait:
Attacks deal an additional 10% ATK as Arts damage
LOR-Y module.png
New trait:
ASPD +12 when there are 2 or more enemies within Attack Range


  • Lord Guards are one of the most versatile Guard branches, with solid stats in all areas and the ability to use ranged attacks. They can fill in the roles of many other melee or even ranged units, although they may struggle to fully emulate them.


  • Because of their average ATK and 20% penalty on ranged attacks, Lords can struggle with dealing DPS without their skills, especially if not blocking the enemy.
    • Hence, Operators that provide SP is recommended to help them use their skills more frequently.
  • When using Lords as an anti-air defense, keep in mind that they will not prioritize air units over other enemies, nor will they be able to attack air units while blocking enemies.
    • Thus, Snipers are recommended to help dealing with aerial enemies if the Guards are overwhelmed by ground enemies.
    • Defenders are also recommended to block the enemies for the Guards so that they can annihilate the aerial threats first.


  • With the exception of Midnight, all of the higher rarities of the Lord subclass have an equal amount of members at 3.