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Can't be healed by other units. Recovers 30/50/70 self HP every time this operator attacks an enemy.
—Trait description

Musha Guard,[note 1] known as Soloblade Guard in the CN server[note 2] and colloquially known as Enmity Guard, is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Musha Guards are similar to Dreadnought Guards, but cannot be healed through direct HP restoration like Juggernaut Defenders and Reaper Guards, and have higher HP and ATK as well as DP cost, the last of which increases in every promotion. Unlike Juggernaut Defenders but like Reaper Guards however, Musha Guards recover some HP in each attack and (one of) their talent(s) always gives them the Tenacity buff that allows them to become stronger when in the brink of defeat.



Operator Modules

Module Information
MUS-X module.png
New trait:
Gains 25% Sanctuary when HP is below 50%
MUS-Y module.png
New trait:
When defeated, does not retreat and instead recovers 30% HP (can only activate once every deployment)
Additional information
The MUS-Y Module will not be triggered if the Musha Guard is struck by certain attacks that would instantly knock out the target, such as FrostNova's tile freeze attack.


  • Musha Guards boast high staying power due to their very high HP, good ATK, and heal on hit, making them excel at handling threats far from the main sources of healing. Their DEF is somewhat low, but taking damage is encouraged for a Musha Guard because of their Tenacity.
  • Musha Guards are similar to Reaper Guards in that they are designed to be self-sustaining units that can operate without healing support, but opposed to Reaper Guards who excel at clearing out weaker crowds, Musha Guards are better suited to handling single, strong enemies.


  • The MUS-X Module improves the Musha Guard's survivability at critical HP, allowing them to maintain their Tenacity for longer than before.
  • The MUS-Y Module gives the Musha Guard a "second wind" should an enemy bested them, but keep in mind that the effect can only be triggered once per deployment; once the Musha loses all HP while in this state, they will be knocked out for real.


  • Operators with AOE damage are recommended to help dealing weaker enemies while Musha Guards deal with stronger enemies.
  • Due to their low block count, Defenders are also recommended to help block the enemies that pass through Musha Guards so the Musha can defeat them one by one.
  • Despite being counterintuitive, it is recommended to support Musha Guards with passive healing to keep them healthy especially before facing dangerous enemies.
  • Alongside Reaper Guards, Juggernaut Defenders, and summons, Musha Guards are highly susceptible to Elemental Damage since they cannot be healed by Wandering Medics.


  • Musha Guards are the only class branch in which all of their members' first talent share the exact same effect of giving ASPD Tenacity[note 3] and are more of a trait. As a result of this, Mushas are the only branch in which none of their 5★ or lower members have a unique talent of their own without their Operator Modules while 6★ Mushas only have one.
    • Rathalos S Noir Corne is the only Musha Guard whose first talent's Tenacity have a slightly different effect of buffing his ASPD and DEF (rather than only ASPD).
  • All of the Musha Operators, with the exception of Zuo Le, are somehow connected to Higashi;
    • Hellagur's odachi, the Kudarikiri, and a girl named Neon were entrusted by a close friend, who turned out to be a Higashinese commander. Hellagur was forced to kill him during the Bloodpeak Campaign, a war between Ursus and Higashi.
    • Akafuyu and Utage were born and affiliated to Higashi while Rathalos S Noir Corne was born in Higashi but is currently affiliated with Rhodes Island.


  1. Musha means "warrior" in Japanese (むしゃ), which is written with the same kanji as the Chinese name (武者).
  2. The branch's name is changed from "Musha" to "Soloblade" in CN on the Here a People Sows update (which also affects the Operator Module names, now renamed to SBL-X/Y); until this is confirmed to be the case for the Global server as well, the Arknights Terra Wiki will continue using "Musha".
  3. Prior to the release of Episode 12, the talent states "Increases ASPD based on lost HP (Reaches max boosted ASPD +x when below x% HP)"