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Cannot be healed by allies; Attacks deal AoE damage; Recovers 50 HP for every enemy hit during attacks, up to Block count.
—Trait description

Reaper Guard is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Reaper Guards have an attack range of 1×3 tiles ahead of them and their attacks hit all targets in range simultaneously. Like Juggernaut Defenders and Musha Guards, Reaper Guards cannot be healed through direct HP restorations but recover 50 HP for each enemy hit by their attacks similar to the latter, up to their block count of one or two at Elite 1. Unlike those two, their stats are average at best.


Executor the Ex Foedere icon.png
Highmore icon.png
La Pluma icon.png
Humus icon.png

Operator Modules

Module Information
REA-X module.png
Trait improved:
Cannot be healed by allies; Attacks deal AoE damage; Recovers 60 HP for every enemy hit during attacks, up to Block count
Executor the Ex Foedere icon.png
Highmore icon.png
Humus icon.png
La Pluma icon.png


  • Reaper Guards can hit all targets in their range with no upper limit, making them exceptional at clearing crowds and holding choke points.


  • Because of their unique range, certain positioning can allow Reaper Guards to attack from around corners or behind the cover of another unit.
  • Due to their average stats and inability to be directly healed, Reaper Guards may struggle to harm physically bulky enemies or survive against powerful attackers, especially if there are no other enemies they can gain additional healing from.
    • Hence, indirect HP regeneration such as the auras of Bard Supporters is recommended to keep them healthy especially before facing dangerous waves.
    • With the exception of Highmore, they're highly susceptible to Elemental Damage and cannot be healed by Wandering Medics because Elemental Damage healing counts as Direct Healing.
  • Operators that can increase Reaper Guards' block count and ASPD are recommended to increase the healing limit from their attacks.


  • With the exception of Executor the Ex Foedere, all Reaper Guards use a scythe as their weapon as their branch icon suggests, explaining their "sweeping" attack.
    • However, Executor the Ex Foedere does have a scythe in his artwork.