Instructor Guard

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Can attack enemies from range; When attacking enemies not blocked by self, increase ATK to 120%.
—Trait description

Instructor Guard, colloquially known as Support Guard, is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Instructor Guards notably have an attack range of two tiles ahead of them and their ATK is increased by 20% when attacking enemies that are not being blocked by the Instructor Guard themselves. However, their attack is still considered as melee, thus despite the extended range, the Instructor Guard cannot attack flying enemies.

Instructor Guards' true value lies in their ability to provide offensive and/or defensive support for other Operators, particularly melee ones.



Operator Modules

Module Information
INS-X module.png
Trait improved:
Can attack enemies from range; When attacking enemies not blocked by self, increase ATK to 130%
INS-Y module.png
New trait:
Can also be deployed on Ranged tiles


  • Instructor Guards have extended range that allows them to strike from afar as well as a damage bonus against unblocked enemies, encouraging them to hit from behind a blocking unit.
    • However, their relatively low stats mean that they still struggle in direct combat for the most part.
  • Because their main value lies in the various buffs they can provide to their allies, it is very important to use Instructor Guards alongside Operators that can benefit the most from their support.


  • The INS-X Module improves the Instructor Guard's DPS further especially when they are deployed behind another unit.
  • The INS-Y Module opens up some new strategies for the Instructor Guard, where they can be deployed on high ground to keep them safe from melee attackers and capitalizing their trait.


  • Due to the trait is scaling based on the Instructor Guards' ATK, any form of ATK increase will greatly increase their damage output.
  • Defenders, especially those with PRO-Y Operator Module, are recommended to help blocking the enemies to utilize the trait of Instructor Guards (even more so with INS-X Operator Module).