Standard Bearer Vanguard

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Cannot block enemies during the skill duration.
—Trait description

Standard Bearer Vanguard is a branch of the Vanguard class in Arknights.

Standard Bearer Vanguards are able to generate more DP than other Vanguards in a short time through their skills, but have lower overall stats in addition to being unable to attack and block enemies whenever their skill is active, making them ill-suited for direct combat.



Operator Modules

Module Information
BEA-X module.png
Trait improved:
Cannot block enemies during the skill duration, but grants +1 Block to an Operator in front of this unit


  • While Standard Bearers can generate the most DP amongst all Vanguard subclasses, their less-than-average stats means they're at risk from being killed easily, therefore they should be deployed on the tiles where they can avoid combat and generate DP safely.


  • Standard Bearer is the only subclass where all of its members have equal amount of outfits and all of them have outfits from Marthe Coral Coast series.