Multi-target Medic

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Restores the HP of 3 allies simultaneously.
—Trait description

Multi-target Medic, colloquially known as Area-of-Effect/AoE Medic, is a branch of the Medic class in Arknights.

Multi-target Medics heal up to three targets at a time within a range of adjusted 3×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front initially or 3×4 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front from Elite 1 and has below-average ATK and DP cost, the former of which giving them a low healing output against a single target; when healing multiple targets as intended, Multi-target Medics restore more HP than most other Medics.



Operator Modules

Module Information
RIN-X module.png
New trait:
Attack Range expands
RIN-Y module.png
Trait improved:
Restores the HP of 4 allied units simultaneously
Additional information
The RIN-X Module extends the Multi-target Medic's healing range to the following:


  • Multi-target Medics excel in operations featuring enemies that can inflict area-of-effect damage and/or attack multiple targets, and environmental damage.
  • Due to their lower ATK compared to Medical Medics as well as the nature of their range, Multi-target Medics are not as preferable in operations that require players to spread out their formation whether due to tiles availability or threats that can inflict heavy AoE damage such as most Episode 10 ones due to the presence of Londinium Secondary Defense Artillery.


  • The RIN-X Module extends the Multi-target Medic's reach which can make the difference in most situations.
  • The RIN-Y Module allows the Multi-target Medic's healing to cover more friendly units, improving the total healing output.


  • The Multi-target Medic's colloquial name which is commonly used before class branches are introduced, Area-of-Effect Medics, are technically incorrect since it would mean that they are capable of healing all friendly units within range.
  • The Multi-target Medic is the sole Medic subclass who hasn't received any new operators since Breeze for over 4 years.