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Specialist is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


True to the name, Specialists are Operators with specialized functionalities that allow them to influence the battle in various ways, ranging from single-handedly dispatching priority targets, acting as a diversion, or using the terrain to their advantage.

Generally, Specialists are not meant to be used as a core operator, but rather as a situational or tactical one as they can only perform at full effectiveness under certain circumstances.


Branch Trait
Push Stroker Specialist
Push Stroker
Can attack all blocked enemies
Can be deployed on Ranged Tiles

Multi-target melee attacker that can be deployed on ranged tiles, hits targets equal to their block count, and pushes away enemies with their skill
Hookmaster Specialist
Can Shift enemies by using skills
Can be deployed on Ranged Tiles

Melee attacker with extended range that can be deployed on ranged tiles and targets aerial enemies, and pulls in enemies with their skill
Executor Specialist
Significantly reduced Redeployment Time
Melee attacker with a much shorter redeployment time than other Operators
Ambusher Specialist
Deals Damage to all targets within range
50% chance to dodge Physical and Arts attacks and is less likely to be targeted by enemies

Multi-target non-blocking (on their own) melee attacker with innate 50% Physical/Arts dodge and Negative Taunt, and attacks all enemies in range
Geek Specialist
Continually loses HP over time
Ranged support Operator which degenerates HP over time and attacks friendly units to augment them
Merchant Specialist
Has reduced Redeployment Time, but DP Cost is not refunded upon retreating; While deployed, 3 DP are consumed every 3 seconds (automatically retreats without sufficient DP)
Strong melee attacker with shorter redeployment time but drains 3 DP every 3 seconds when deployed and will be automatically retreated if there are not enough DP, and does not return DP when retreated
Trapmaster Specialist
Can use traps to assist in combat, but traps cannot be placed on tiles already occupied by an enemy
Ranged support Operator which allows the use of traps that must be deployed on tiles without enemies over them
Dollkeeper Specialist
Does not retreat upon receiving lethal damage, instead swaps to a <Substitute> (Substitute has 0 Block). Swaps back to the original after 20 seconds
Strong melee attacker that temporarily switches to a non-blocking substitute upon losing all HP and fully healed but has no SP upon switching back; if the substitute is knocked out, the Dollkeeper will be KO'd as well


  • Along with Caster, Guard and Vanguard, Specialist is the only class that has at least one 6★ Operator from all of its branches.
  • With the exception of THRM-EX, there are no 3★ or lower Specialists, likely to ensure that there is always one recruitment tag and their combinations which would guarantee 4★ or higher Operators.
  • Prior to Ethan's introduction, Specialist was one of the two classes without male Operator(s) from the initial release of Arknights alongside Supporter.
    • Specialist is also the only class who lack 6★ Operator(s) prior to Aak's introduction.