Hunter Sniper

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Attacks consume Ammo to increase ATK to 120%; While not attacking, Ammo will be slowly reloaded (max capacity 4/6/8[note 1]).
—Trait description

Hunter Sniper is a branch of the Sniper class in Arknights.

Hunter Snipers are unusual in which they requires ammunition to attack (not to be confused with the skill mechanic), which they generate over time if there are no enemies in range in a similar manner to the Mystic Casters charging up their attacks but cannot be influenced by ASPD modifiers, and their attacks do 1.2× damage to offset this drawback. Hunter Snipers' attack range is also unusual compared to other Snipers, at 2×2 tiles with a 2-tile extension up front (akin to Lord Guards from Elite 1) which is extended to 2×2 tiles with a 3-tile extension up front from Elite 1.


Ray icon.png
Coldshot icon.png

Operator Modules

Module Information
HUN-X module.png
New trait:
When this unit's Ammo is empty, 1 additional Ammo will be loaded in the next reload
Coldshot icon.png
Ray icon.png


  • Since they have limited ammo to attack, Hunter Snipers are best used in operations with minimal or infrequent enemies.


  • Hunter is the first Sniper branch released after almost 3 years from the release of Rosmontis as the first Flinger Sniper. They are also the quickest branch to have a 6★ Operator (Ray, who is released about 5 months after Coldshot as the first Hunter Sniper).


  1. Initially 4, increases to 6 at Elite 1 and 8 at Elite 2