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Attacks deal two instances of Physical damage to ground enemies in a small area (The second instance is a shockwave that has half the normal ATK).
—Trait description

Flinger Sniper, colloquially known as Aftershock Sniper, is a branch of the Sniper class in Arknights.

Flinger Snipers is a hybrid of Artilleryman and Deadeye Snipers with the former's splash attack and the latter's range, but their attacks deal two hits with the second being an "aftershock" with half the ATK, and cannot target flying enemies. Flinger Snipers' DP cost is between both the Artilleryman and Deadeye Snipers, and they have higher HP and DEF than other Snipers.


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Operator Modules

Module Information
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Trait improved:
Attacks deal three instances of Physical damage to ground enemies in a small area (The second and third instances are shockwaves that have half the normal ATK)
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  • Flinger Snipers' normal multi-hit attacks and splash damage makes them able to deal with hordes of enemies with low DEF well.
  • Flinger Snipers' wide range allows them to assist multiple lanes on defeating weak enemies.


  • Flinger Snipers' inability to target airborne or Drone-type enemies is one of their biggest downside.
    • Hence, if aerial enemies are present, Marksman Snipers are recommended to help defeating them while Flinger Snipers focuses on ground enemies.
  • Average ATK means that Flinger Snipers will find themselves struggling against enemies with medium to higher DEF (due to the shockwaves inability to deal significant damage against them).
    • To deal with this, DEF debuffs are recommended to increase their damage output against them.


  • Greyy the Lightningbearer is the only non-limited Flinger Sniper, available from non-limited headhunting banners.