Spreadshooter Sniper

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Attacks all enemies within range, and deals 150% damage to enemies in the row directly in front of this unit.
—Trait description

Spreadshooter Sniper, colloquially known as Close-range or Boomstick Sniper, is a branch of the Sniper class in Arknights.

Spreadshooter Snipers have an above-average ATK and their attacks hit all enemies within their range of 1×3 tiles ahead of them with a 1-tile extension up front or 2×3 tiles from Elite 1, with those on the frontal row taking 50% more damage. They also have higher HP and DEF than other Snipers, but their DP cost is the highest of all Snipers.




  • Spreadshooter Snipers are best used in circumstances where enemies comes in crowds. Thanks to their above-average ATK and damage increasing trait, Spreadshooters can still deal a significant amount of damage against enemies with above-average DEF. They're especially effective against a group of enemies that comes in regular interval.


  • Spreadshooter Snipers' very short attack range makes them highly susceptible to ranged harm's reach in spite of their good HP and DEF for a ranged Operator, especially from enemies who can target more than one target and deal Arts damage.
    • Because of this, Defenders are recommended to both bait the damage and group enemies together.
  • Spreadshooter Snipers' high DP cost means that Vanguards are essential to be able to deploy them earlier.


  • Before Mansfield Break which introduces Pinecone, Spreadshooter Sniper is the only class branch that are exclusively made up of male Operators.
  • Along with Flinger Sniper, Spreadshooter Sniper is the only class branch with an equal amount of male and female Operators.