Summoner Supporter

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Deals Arts damage.
Can use Summons in battles.
—Trait description

Summoner Supporter is a branch of the Supporter class in Arknights.

As their name suggests, Summoner Supporters allow the deployment of summons while they are deployed, which are subject to the following rules:

  1. The summons have a limited deployment count in each of the Summoner's deployment, but some can increase the count with their skills.
  2. When the Summoner leaves the map, all of their respective deployed summons will self-destruct.
  3. The summons are counted towards the Unit Limit.

Summoner Supporters themselves are identical to Core Casters, but with lower stats.



Operator Modules

Module Information
SUM-X module.png
New trait:
The first summoned unit does not consume deployment slots (The last summoned unit on the field does not return a deployment slot when retreated or defeated)
SUM-Y module.png
Trait improved:
Can hold +3 additional summoned units and summoned unit deployment costs are reduced
Additional information
The SUM-Y Module's cost reduction varies with the summon, between 20% to 30% depending on the summon's DP cost.


  • While Summoner Supporters have been shown to be able to clear most operations single-handedly, it should be noted that their summons' micromanagement can be very intense because of the following reasons:
    • Summoner Supporters and most of their summons have low DP cost, but also have low stats.
    • The summons taking up the Unit Limit can be detrimental in Operations with reduced Unit Limit.
    • Most of Summoner Supporters' skills disable or retreat the summons once expiring, and/or do not replenish the summon stock.
  • Therefore, knowledge of enemies' pathing is very valuable especially for Magallan whose summon cannot block enemies at all.


  • The SUM-X Module can help the Summoner Supporter keep one of their summons on the field throughout the operation, provided it is the first one deployed.
  • The SUM-Y Module helps expedite the deployment of the Summoner Supporter's summons as well as minimizing the impact caused by the summons' loss.