Liberator Guard

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Normally does not attack and has 0 Block; When skill is inactive, ATK gradually increases up to +200% over 40 seconds. ATK is reset when the skill ends.
—Trait description

Liberator Guard is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Unlike other Guards, Liberator Guards will only attack and block enemies when their skill is active; they are disarmed and cannot block enemies otherwise. They boast a surprisingly very high HP, decent DEF, the ability to block two enemies (when the skill is active) or three at Elite 2, and an attack range covering their frontal and side tiles, but with a below-average ATK at first glance; Liberator Guards have their ATK periodically increased when their skill is not active, up to 200% (i.e. tripled) after 40 seconds (thus their ATK increases at a rate of 5% every second), which will reset when their skill expires after being activated.




  • Liberator Guards are essentially useless when their skills are inactive, but are capable of massive damage once they go on the attack.
    • Hence, knowledge of the enemy formations and when they will appear, as well as the Guard's skill cycles, is key to using them to their full potential.
  • Liberator Guards have surprisingly high HP, DEF, and RES which makes them fairly useful for baiting and tanking ranged attacks. Their talent supports this by retaliating with some damage when attacked.


  • Liberator Guards' low ATK means that Inspiration buff, specifically those that increase ATK, will greatly increases their damage output.
  • Because Liberator Guards cannot block enemies by themselves without skills, additional ground units, especially Defenders, are recommended to hold off enemies as they charge up.
  • Even if their skill becomes ready before then, note that it takes 40 seconds for a Liberator Guard's trait to fully charge. Although their skill can be activated early if needed, optimal damage will only occur if the Guard is allowed to fully charge their trait before attacking.
  • Despite being counterintuitive, Operators that can provide SP is recommended to help Liberator Guards to charge up them skills faster (though keep in mind the tip above).