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Deals AOE Arts damage.
—Trait description

Splash Caster, colloquially known as Area-of-Effect/AoE Caster, is a branch of the Caster class in Arknights.

As their name suggests, Splash Casters' attacks deal splash damage affecting enemies in a radius of 1.1 tiles centered on the target, with a range of 2×2 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front initially or 2×3 tiles from Elite 1. Compared to other Caster branches, Splash Casters have higher ATK at the cost of high DP cost – both of which are among the highest of all Casters – and long attack interval.



Operator Modules

Module Information
SPC-X module.png
New trait:
Attack Range expands
SPC-Y module.png
New trait:
Reduces Deployment Cost
Additional information
  • The SPC-X Module extends the Splash Caster's attack range to the following:
  • The SPC-Y Module reduces the Splash Caster's DP cost by 8.


  • Splash Casters excel at mowing down entire groups of enemies, especially ones with DEF that may make it difficult for physical units to damage them. They are especially effective when placed at chokepoints, where they can blow away entire waves with only a blocker to hold enemies in place.
    • However, outside of stages with high enemy density, Splash Casters become considerably less effective due to their low single target DPS and very high DP costs.


  • The SPC-X Module solves the Splash Caster's short range by giving them the same range as Core Casters which can make the difference in most situations.
  • The SPC-Y Module solves the Splash Caster's high DP cost, with the reduction makes them only costing around the same DP between Core and Mystic Casters to deploy.


  • Splash Casters' high DP cost means that Vanguards are essential to be able to deploy them earlier (unless with SPC-Y Operator Module, but Vanguards are recommended nonetheless).
  • Most of Splash Casters' skills have high SP cost, hence SP batteries can assist them to use their skills more frequently.


  • Some players in the Arknights community considers the Splash Caster to be among the weakest class due to their very high DP cost, high attack interval and a rather short attack range makes them not as effective compared to the other branches. The introduction of the SPC Operator Modules is meant to resolve these glaring issues.