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The world of Arknights is populated by various races which resembles the Homo sapiens of Earth, but with physical traits from various animals, legendary creatures, and mythological beings, and could be humanoid or bestial.

  • Humanoid Terrans appear similarly to Earthlings, albeit with bestial ears and a non-prehensile tail (although some Terrans do not have either of them), as well as additional features based on their race (e.g. horns, feathers). They are better known on Earth as kemonomimi.
    • Some humanoid Terrans have rounded ears in place of bestial ones.
    • Some humanoid Terrans actually have two pairs of ears; the bestial ones and rounded ones. Interestingly, all four ears are functional,[1] but how this affects hearing is unexplained.
  • Bestial Terrans are bipedal, sapient versions of the animal/creature they are based on. They are better known on Earth as furries.

Whether or not a Terran is humanoid or bestial does not correspond to their lineage, as attested to by the bestial Rat King having a humanoid daughter (Lin Yühsia). It is unknown if Terrans are related in some way to Earthlings due to their superficially similar appearance.

In regards of reproduction, Terran races have no differences with the Earthlings. All female Terrans reproduces via giving birth (i.e. viviparity). While many Terrans are divided with many races with distinct traits, interracial relationship is common in Terra, and race-mixing is in some way similar to the Fauneses in RWBY with the exception of the Sankta. If a couple is of similar race (i.e., both being Forte), their offspring will inherit similar traits. But if the couple is of different races (i.e., a Savra with a Forte), their offspring will always inherit the traits of either parent. Nevertheless, since the Aslanian Conquest, race-mixing has been evolved to a political concept where they seek to keep their bloodline's purity, especially among the ruling class.[2]

The term human and its derivatives are typically used to refer to the Terran races as a whole, with specific titles reserved for use in technical circumstances.[3][4]


The following Terrans are not (yet) classified into any known race, whether due to a lack of information, their traits making their exact race difficult to identify, or because they are an organization of various races.