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The Primitive Rhodes Island Terminal Service (PRTS) is an NPC in Arknights.


PRTS is an artificial intelligence (A.I.) that assists the amnesiac Doctor with reacquainting themselves to Rhodes Island's facilities after their rescue from Chernobog. It rarely appears in cutscenes, instead speaking to the Doctor to explain the functions of certain facilities or battle functions, and aids Dobermann with the training of Operators and is seen in several tutorial operations.

The PRTS is implied to be the player's device, or perhaps the game itself; the Doctor is asked to speak to PRTS, and upon selecting the "speak" button that appears, PRTS states that it is "not sure why [the Doctor] did not speak, but the action of touching the interface [was] sufficient".[1]

PRTS has a rather peculiar origin: she is an artificial intelligence invented by Trevor Friston during the age of the "First Civilization." She shares a common origin with Mark Max, the machine who serves as the President of Columbia, who is able to analyze human strategies and accurately predict future events.[2] Nevertheless, unlike Max who possesses an aggressive attitude, PRTS's temper is mild who has the ability to understand human emotion.


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