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Sciurus Browntail is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Break the Ice and makes a cameo appearance in Guide Ahead as well as appearing in Browntail, part of To Be Continued.


Sciurus is the younger sister of Ratatos Browntail, the matriarch of the Browntail clan. A rude but devoted Zalak, she is known to be jealous over Ratatos due to her title, who at the same time (and unbeknownst to her) envies Sciurus for having better freedom and good romantic life with her husband Yucatan. This leads to Sciurus making brash decisions at times to prove herself being capable of doing something for the Browntails.

However, it turns out that Sciurus can be a capable leader when the situation calls for it with Ratatos even suggesting that she could be a better matriarch of the Browntails than her.


Break the Ice

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Prior to the Tri-Clan Council's annual convention, Sciurus tries to voice her opinion on Enciodes' decision to cede parts of his territory to the Browntails alongside Ratatos and Yucatan while waiting for Arctosz and Enciodes to arrive, but Ratatos tells her to keep that for later, much to her annoyance.[1]

After the convention, Ratatos orders Sciurus to investigate the Doctor who is invited by Enciodes. She complies while ordering her servant Monch to get her car and leaves alongside Yucatan in anger. Sciurus later meets up with Gnosis Edelweiss to receive confirmation whether he would serve the Browntails after being fired from Karlan Trade, who advises her to watch her manners.[2]

Guide Ahead

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Upon Yvangelista XI's letter to Kjerag alongside with many other countries, Sciurus and Yucatan are sent to participate in the Summit of Nations in place of Ratatos.

To Be Continued