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Sonny Romano is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Dorothy's Vision, and makes a cameo in Dorothy's Operator Record.


Sonny is a young, Infected Vulpo man working as the leader of a Frontier pioneer team in the outskirts of Trimounts, and a childhood friend of officer Mary Banner. He mistrusts the scientific personel working for Rhine Lab at Test Site 359 due to their treatment towards the pioneers themselves.

Sonny hails from the Columbian town of Steelham, and before becoming a pioneer, he worked as a lawyer following various courses. He promised Mary to help her protect the country and bring bad guys to justice, just like in the games both played in their childhood.[1][2] However, things turned for the worst after contracting Oripathy four years ago, which forced him to finish and quit his internship. Sonny disliked living as an Infected, as that implied a recieving a different, worse treatment from people towards him, and facing expensive health insurrance that would let him theorically live a relatively normal life. Indeed, he stopped paying for his insurrance premiums only six months after being registred as Infected due to finnancial problems, thus risking his citizenship.[2][3]

Out of desperation, Sonny broke into Mary's house at one point and forced her to give money for the insurance. Said incident not just scared her grandmother, but also got her sick.[3] Having passed more than 3 years since his registration as Infected, he would eventually find a job in a pioneer team, unaware of what he would experience later.[2]


Dorothy's Vision