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Liang Xun is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the major characters of Invitation to Wine.


Liang is the current magistrate (知府, zhifu) in the Yanese city of Shangshu, ranking fourth place (四品) within the imperial government.[1] He is known to be a quiet person with a poker face all the time, but his earnest desire to serve the people makes him an honorable person. He is also the childhood friend of Mr. Lee and Waai Fu's father Huai Tianpei who studied together in the same school. Right after Huai's sudden disappearance, he uses all his means to help young Waai and search for her lost father. Otherwise, he and Mr. Lee remains close contact with each other and often become drinking companions whenever the latter returns to the Yanese heartland.

Liang himself is not only a native of Shangshu, but also personally experienced the Catastrophe that hit the city around thirty years ago (Terran year 1072). Amidst the disaster, the young boy was the only one who witnessed the sudden disappearance of the Xunri Peak, the missing eighteenth peak of Shangshu. It was here that Liang saw Ling standing at the pavilion on the peak and sharing her toast to the heavens. The event left an unforgettable memory in him, and Liang has since been trying to search for any trace from Ling.[2]

Liang and Ning Ciqiu are close colleagues, and they are implied to have a crush on each other. However, their relationship would have matured had not their different ranks divided them. Nevertheless, the two often hang out together, and Liang often cares a lot about her.


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