Yulia Schüler

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Yulia Schüler is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


Yulia came from a common family who lived in Zwillingstürme. During the Septemberrevolution, Yulia's parents were sick and consequently died of terror when the Witch King's Spire collapsed. Yulia was forced to look after her younger brother Jan as they grew up together. They moved to a cafe in Karl Schmidt Street, also known as Marigold Alley, where Yulia worked for ten years. As a result, she is extremely familiar with every part of Marigold Alley, down to its underground resonance pipes.[1]

At some point, Yulia met Vizegraf Loris Bordin and the two fell in love. Loris later proposed to her, though Yulia did not immediately accept and wanted time to consider.[2] In the Terran year 1085, when the cafe was about to close down, Yulia used all her savings to buy the place. She had planned a grand reopening and even made a special blend of coffee to serve. However, while waiting for Jan and Loris to return to the cafe, she witnessed the Echoes of Herkunftshorn, who had attacked a nobleman. Worried that she could be a witness, the remnants killed her, but somehow her soul was transported into Kargereich, a reality that defies the laws of physics and constantly changing.

Since then, Yulia has been peacefully living inside Kargereich, seemingly unaware that she had died, living on as a 'consciousness'. In her mind, she perceives the empty vastness of Kargereich as her home in Karl Schmidt Street.


Zwillingstürme im Herbst

When Federico and Arturia entered Kargereich, Yulia approaches both of them. She communicates with them, seemingly at the same time but in two different places at once.[3] She is baffled that the two of them don't seem to see Karl Schmidt Street and almost think that Arturia is blind. The two follow her around as she places Arts resonance devices to fix the underground resonance pipelines of 'Karl Schmidt Street.' Through her, Federico and Arturia are able to obtain a greater understanding of Kargereich.

Yulia is informed by Federico regarding her apparent 'death.'[4] Through her explanation, Federico iss able to understand the reason why Yulia died, determining it to be "entirely coincidental." Despite this, Yulia's only concern is whether the 'Zwillingstürme' within Kargereich will remain safe. Yulia also learns about Loris' death from Federico. She is deeply saddened by what happened to Loris after her death because she was going to accept his proposal.

While explaining this to Federico, a powerful shockwave ripples through Kargereich and annihilates her soul. Federico analyzes that the shockwave was caused by a violent impact on the Genesis Horn. This resulted in her 'second death.'