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Tytus Topola is an NPC in Arknights. He is a minor antagonist in Maria Nearl and makes a minor appearance in Near Light.


Tytus is the MVP of the Bladehelm Knightclub who earned the "Left-hand Knight" title from a particularly impressive battle where he single-handedly broke out a heavy encirclement while his right hand was nearly crippled.[1] He is both a veteran fighter and the most renowned knights in the Kazimierz Major thanks to his incredible strength, agility, and his skills using both his glaive and Originium Arts. With his incredible arrogance and sadism, he will refuse to acknowledge his victory over his opponents and keep on crushing their spirits slowly until they kneel before him in utter surrender. While his talent of cruelly demoralizing his foes and weakening them makes him a difficult opponent to challenge, this can also backfire on him as he has a tendency to get overconfident.

In his first match after joining the Bladehelm Knightclub, Tytus suffered an embarrassing loss to Zofia the Whislash Knight, which he refuses to talk about to this day. Tytus also once battled against Margaret Nearl in a previous Major in a 3-vs-1 battle with two other Bladehelm knights and it ended with Margaret defeating them all handily.[2] After the incident, Tytus was forced to acknowledge Margaret's strength, viewing her with a combination of fear, jealousy, and genuine respect.


Maria Nearl

As Maria Nearl continued climbing the ranks of the current Kazimierz Major, the Knights Association secretly arranged for her next opponent to be Tytus in response to her defiance of the corporate system. The power disparity between the two was indeed obvious. When their encounter began, Tytus wasted no time talking with Maria and launched a complete, merciless assault on her.[3] He also mocked that Maria was nothing compared with her sister's strength and ability.

Despite his verbal bully, Tytus was surprised to see Maria refusing to surrender. He begrudgingly acknowledged her tenacity but continued his merciless assault. When Maria activated her Arts, he was enraged and was prepared to activate his Arts as well to deliver a crippling blow. Just then, Maria took the advantage by landing a decisive strike on Tytus. Tytus asked Maria her reason to become a knight, to which she responds that she became a knight for her own sake. Being defeated, Tytus finally commended her effort as he fell unconscious.[4]

After his loss, Tytus had a talk with Czarny in which he mused that knocking him out was the limit of Maria's ability, as he suffered no significant injury from the battle. Still, he admitted that it was his mistake for losing the battle. Czarny warned him that his unexpected loss may causes him to lose his sponsors. In return, Tytus angrily waved off his concerns by stating that it was all well-planned as he actually bet against himself losing.[2]

When Margaret Nearl appeared to save Maria from the Corrupted Knight and Withered Knight, Tytus was watching in the audience. He was furious of how powerful the Radiant Knight's Arts have become and cursed her for it.[5]

Near Light

Tytus managed to enter the official matches in the Major, with his Bladehelm Knightclub defeating the Cloudhaze Knightclub in the first match. However, his next opponent turned out to be Margaret. He took the opportunity as a revenge against her for his previous defeat, but to his surprise, Margaret had became much stronger than before in terms of battle skill and determination. Margaret pointed out that a warrior like Tytus should not become a mere toy for the corporations, a bondage as well as his true weakness. She then easily defeated the Left-handed Knight.[6]

Since his second defeat by the Radiant Knight, Tytus realized that he was no longer the same person who could easily defeat any opponent. With that said, he decided to retire while he was ahead before he became crippled for life or another victim of Kazimierz's capitalism. At the same time, he offered Malkiewicz help on finding where Czarny stayed after his exile and encouraged the new speaker, justifying it as him having to gain favor with the spokesmen.[7]

Tytus was later seen with Viviana watching the Radiant Knight battle the Blood Knight in the Major's finals.[8]