Zheng Qingyue

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Zheng Qingyue is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Invitation to Wine.


Zheng Qingyue , titled the "Asker to the Frost",[1] is the current director of the Xingyu Escort Association, now transformed into an Inn. Although he's skillful in martial arts and swordmanship, he's a rather paranoic and conformist man who's always prefers to play by the rules.[2]

Ten years ago, on a mission transporting various goods such as a certain black goblet, a group of bandits assaulted the caravan, claiming the lives of many escort employees. Despite the Escort Association prioritizing the safety of the transported goods and people, Zheng had no option but to left his fellow escorts in exchange of the transported good, including the goblet. Amongst the escorts who lost their lives, there were Shang's son and Du Yaoye's father.[3]

It was pouring that night. Helped to wash the blood off our blades.
—Zheng's recall of his past

In the years following such incident, Zheng has been taking care of the young Du. He lives scared of his surroundings, and has not withdrawed his blade ever since.[3] He thinks that the incident was merely his fault, and to make matters worse, the Escort Asscociation is not even the shadow of it's former self, as it has been losing the credit and reputation it once had.[1]


Invitation to Wine