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Jara Booker Wilson is an NPC in Arknights. She first appears in Lone Trail.


In her early years, Jara Wilson was a famous actress under the pseudonym of Marianne Blake. She had roles in many famous action movies, earning her vast amounts of fame and wealth. After getting injured during a movie shooting inside a Catastrophe, she retired to do other work around the 1050s.[note 1]

At some point after her movie star career ended, Jara became an agent for the Maylander Foundation under the codename "Morningstar." Little is known about what she did during this period other than her closely monitoring the Wright family. At the time, the Wrights were famous aerospace engineers who built an aeroplane to explore Terra's skies. She became personally close with their daughter, Kristen. After the flight test failed and Kristen's parents died in 1075, Jara was filled with immense guilt and started looking after the young Kristen, seeing her as her own child. She used her contacts to ensure that none of Kristen's insincere relatives would bother her and sent large pay packages to her residence.[1]

Later, she became known as one of Columbia's most powerful investors. Despite having never read a single business proposal or attended any meetings, any project she endorses miraculously succeeds.[2][3] One of her most significant investments was towards the newly-opened Rhine Lab in the year 1085.[4] Rhine Lab was able to pull in funds from multiple organizations, including the Maylander Foundation thanks to Jara's referral.

Jara herself became the director of Rhine Lab's Human Resources Investigation (HRI) section in 1090. As the HR director, Jara is in charge of reviewing and interviewing all shortlisted applicants to Rhine Lab. She is also in charge of referring psychological counseling to employees and handling employee leave and resignation forms. By this point, she had already left the Maylander Foundation to help Kristen achieve her dreams and amend past regrets.


Lone Trail

Jara intervenes when Silence is caught trespassing while searching for the missing Transmitters at the Triton Factory in Trimounts. She brings Silence to her residence in District 13 and provides her with a new set of clothes and an upgraded drone with Maylander technology. She warns Silence that investigating any further is beyond her capabilities. However, she won't stop her if she wants to continue further.

When Columbia's Vice President Conrad Jackson came to visit Rhine Lab, it was Jara who provided a tour of the labs. As a former associate of the Maylander Foundation and to uphold her responsibility to Rhine Lab, Jara also assisted in preventing the VP from getting assassinated by the military. She provides the VP with a separate convoy with high-tech armored plating and an alternate route before bidding him a pleasant day.[5]

Angered by the failed assassination, the military stormed into Rhine Lab's headquarters. To protect Silence and Saria, she points to a secret route only known to the Maylander Foundation. Unfortunately, Ferdinand Clooney approaches her and reveals that the military knows where they are hiding. Maylander has sold her out and is cooperating with the military to stop Kristen. Jara is coerced to comply with their demands. She expected the group to be caught but is surprised to see Silence return alone.[6]

Jara and Silence are dragged along by the military to uncover the location of H.A.M.H.R.R. Although they managed to discover its location, they were too late and were powerless to stop it from taking off. Silence wants to pursue H.A.M.H.R.R. to the S.H.A.F.T. but Jara warns that if she does so, she may never again escape the gaze of Maylander or ever have a normal life again. Seeing that Silence is determined enough, Jara provides her blessing to her and allows her to proceed.[7]

Although she understands Silence's intentions and reasons, Jara refuses to allow her to interfere with Kristen's lifelong dream. Jara stops Silence as she approaches the Transmitter hub hidden deep within the S.H.A.F.T. She commends Silence for her unique perspective on science, even remarking that her words could even be hung on a picture frame in a university, but that it lacks any real weight. Wishing to see if Silence can put her words into action, she challenges her to a fight.[8]

The two duel in the S.H.A.F.T. but are interrupted when the chamber begins to rapidly heat up. Jara is unable to stop Silence as she proceeds deeper. Although they didn't finish their fight, Jara obtains her answer and believes that Silence can stay true to her promises.

After the "Trimounts Arc" incident, Jara decides to retire from her position as Rhine Lab's HRI section director.[9] Nevertheless, she was one of the few who attended Parvis' funeral, even bringing flowers.[10]


  1. In CW-1 Before, Jara says the last time anybody called her by her stage name was forty years ago. This is unlikely to be the exact timeframe and more of an approximation.