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Angst is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in A Light Spark in Darkness.


Angst is a Councilor and a Member of the Victorian Parliament who is an advocate for Infected rights. Thanks to his tedious works and lobby, Angst is able to persuade the City Council of Caladon to implement new laws for the Infected workers that shorten their working hours. Together with his beloved student Mountbelan, the two strive to improve the Infected's living condition through the work of their organization, the King's Wand, not only for Caladon alone but also across Victoria.

As a man who live for more than a century, Councilor Angst has an abundant knowledge. He witnessed many major incidents across Terra such as the independence of Columbia, the Silence of Iberia, and the devastating war against Gaul in the Battle of the Four Emperors. Around twenty years ago, he also read the famous science article by Dr. Janet Longfellow and agreed with her warning on the increasing pollution by Originium industrial wastes that led to the rise of Victoria's Infected population. All these make Angst an ardent reformist who believes that the country will be doomed like Gaul if people do not take action on it.[1]

While Angst appears to be a healthy man, he has been suffering from heart disease for years. As a matter of fact, he has been considering retirement after finishing his term and stay inside a remote castle for the rest of his life.


A Light Spark in Darkness