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Luo Gen, nicknamed Ah Gen, is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in It's Been A While.


Ah Gen is the older cousin of Luo Xiaobai who spends his life in a remote countryside together with Xiaobai's grandfather Yunfei. While appearing to an ordinary human, Ah Gen is actually Xuanli, a mythological being (Spirit) who has been living for centuries. As a matter of fact, he possesses supernatural power that controls both ice and fire thanks to his unique double Spiritual Realms, and his spiritual essence allows him to attract spirits and ordinary animals. On the other hand, why Xuanli takes a human form as Xiaobai's cousin remains a mystery, and it is stated that Ah Gen could be and could be not Xuanli, though it was hinted that young Yunfei once rescued the injured Xuanli.[1]


It's Been A While


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