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The Withered Knight is an NPC in Arknights. Along with the Corrupted Knight, he is one of the antagonists of Maria Nearl and makes a short appearance in Near Light.


A Kazimierzian Sarkaz ex-competitive knight who was expelled alongside his twin brother Corrupted Knight from an unnamed Knightclub for failing to enter two Kazimierz Major seasons in a row, the Withered Knight was left embittered and vengeful, and ended up becoming pawns of the Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce which uses the twin knights as "executioners" to eliminate those seen as a threat by the Chamber when all else fails.

A combination of the Withered Knight's drug addiction (actually the K.G.C.C.'s inhumane experiments on them), physical torture, and over-reliance on Originium Arts harshly warps his body and mind. Those brutal tortures turn him into a crazed, brutal warrior with only a single focus: completing the task at hand, no matter what it takes. This also made the Withered Knight unusually strong, capable of withstanding anything his enemies could throw at him, especially offensive Arts, while returning with sheer force via his marksmanship by accurately shooting multiple targets at once with a greatbow firing Arts-infused greatarrows that could at times stick into the victims before releasing a powerful Arts explosion. Their single-mindedness also made the Corrupted and Withered Knights continue to fight even if the situation grow desperate and hopeless for them, and will use their bare hands to do so should they are disarmed.

The Corrupted and Withered Knights are capable of using a dreadful Arts which manifests in the form of a mist that suppresses the victims' Arts and hinders their wound healing, leaving them helpless to the twin knights' relentless attacks. Being twins, the Corrupted and Withered Knight also share a strong camaraderie with each other: if one of the two falls in combat, the other will fly into a berserk fury, making him an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

The Corrupted and Withered Knight can be differentiated by their broken horns; in his case, the Withered Knight's left horn is missing.


Maria Nearl

Following Maria Nearl's victory over Tytus Topola in the current Kazimierz Major, the K.G.C.C. dispatched the Corrupted and Withered Knights to kill Maria in her next bout, a pairs match pitting her and "Fartooth" Justyna against the Snowyheel Knightclub, by forcing the Snowyheel K.C. to have the twin knights represent them in the bout; conveniently, Fartooth went missing after she was reportedly involved in a violent brawl.[1]

The twin knights' appearance on the Fireblade Arena where the bout took place unsettled the audience and even Tytus, who was watching the bout as well, while the announcer Mob, under Czarny's directives, went on as usual. Just before the match started, the Withered Knight fired his greatbow at Maria, who narrowly guarded it with her shield. Despite being outnumbered two-to-one and knowing that the twin knights were intending to kill her, Maria chose not to forfeit the match and face them regardless. During the match, the greatarrow fired by the Withered Knight earlier suddenly exploded, giving an opening for the Corrupted Knight to land a powerful blow on Maria. The twin then relentlessly attacked Maria as she was weakened by their corruptive Arts, giving her no opportunity to retaliate and severely injuring her.[2]

Luckily, Margaret Nearl appeared out of nowhere and saved Maria before fighting side-by-side with her. The twin knights went on to fight the Nearl sisters regardless with the Withered Knight providing fire support. However, Margaret stopped his greatarrows from exploding with her own Arts and she single-handedly outmatched the twin knights, even when the Withered Knight ran out of his arrows and was forced to fight with his bare hands. Of course, the match ended with the Nearl sisters victory and the twins were eventually forced into submission.[3]

Near Light

After the Sarkaz twins were injected with new drugs by the members of the K.G.C.C., they were ready to be dispatched in order to kill Tola. But the two were easily outmatched by the the Nightzmoran warrior. Just before Tola was about to kill them, Toland interfered and wanted him to hand the twin to him, stating that he did not want to see his kinsmen being killed. Although Tola was persuaded by his words, he mercilessly broke each of their arms as a sign of warning for them.[4]

During his brother's talk with Toland, the Withered Knight remained unconscious. But it is highly implied that the Withered Knight would follow his brother's path after Toland persuaded him to join his bounty hunter group in order to be freed from their slavery and survive.[5]