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Catch Lightrace is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Ideal City.


Catch Lightrace acts as the design representative of Zeruertza. He served as the assistant to the previous design representative, Finch Canvas. Together with Finch's adopted son, Stitch Canvas, he has presided over many design projects in Zeruertza. In contrast to Stitch's minimalist work, Catch's designs often include bright colour schemes and fanciful ornaments. His magnum opus is the Great Aquapit, a massive water park that stands in the middle of the city's subterranean lake.

Catch has an extroverted and friendly attitude, always chatting with other people and not afraid to say what's on his mind. However, this often irritates Stitch, who thinks Catch is flexing his superiority onto him. In reality, Catch sees Stitch as his equal, respecting his design aesthetic and bears no ill will towards him.

Catch and Stitch were both designers, thus frequently competing against each other for projects. They would hold design competitions and referendums to present their work to the public, who would vote on the winner. However, the one project they were both unable to obtain a majority vote was the renovation of Zeruertza's dome, which was designed by Finch Canvas. The two debated for years until eventually Stitch stopped showing up at the referendums. Since then, Catch had practically never seen Stitch walk around the city again.[1]


Ideal City

Following Elysium, Tomimi, and Inam's arrival at Zeruertza, Catch held a small referendum to decide if the city should welcome then. Unsurprisingly, the Durins had already taken a liking to them and most agreed. As Catch brings them to see the Great Aquapit, he runs into Stitch who was searching for Elysium and co. Catch attempts to strike a conversation with him, but is immediately shut down.

Catch hears from Edge Eartheart that Stitch had brought back Elysium and the others in order to help fix Zeruertza's railroad, which means tearing down the Great Aquapit first, as it blocks the entrance. Catch goes to Stitch's house to talk regarding the matter and invites him to take a walk around the aquapit. Stitch reluctantly agrees. Since Stitch seemingly expresses zero interest in renovating the dome, Catch wants to hear Stitch's thoughts regarding his renovation plan. He wants to make the dome as colourful as stained glass murals and covered with intricate geometric patterns. Stitch is absolutely disgusted by his idea and swears that he will do everything to make sure that it doesn't pass.[2]

Catch and Stitch agree to hold a design competition for what they will build if they decide to tear down the aquapit. Shortly after, Catch joins the other representatives to discuss the fate of the Great Aquapit. During the discussion, Catch accidentally reveals he has a strange fondness for berry tomato wine, which appalls the others, convincing them to destroy the aquapit. Catch considers it a shame, but states that a designer shouldn't be tied down by his past creations, and that he is eager to try something new. Catch joins the others as they enjoy the Great Aquapit for the last time.[3]

Catch is eager to have another design competition with Stitch after so long, but unfortunately it would not come to pass. Croque Diamondface makes an announcement that they had detected an active Originium vein in the collapsed railway tunnel, which is set to explode in under a month. Catch knew how much the dome meant to Stitch. The city's impending destruction means there will be very little time to renovate the dome, so he goes to Stitch's house to look for him. He instead finds a sleeping Deculture Silvermint and tells her about the preparatory evacuation announcement, while also admitting his concerns about Stitch's well-being.[4]

Gavial and the others soon arrive at Stitch's house after being unable to find him since the evacuation announcement. Catch figures that Stitch likely went back to an old hut where he used to lived with his teacher, Finch. Catch wants to see Stitch, but is uncertain on how to approach him. Elysium gives him some advice, saying that his nonchalant attitude is actually making Stitch feel behaviour, and even Deculture agrees. Elysium tells him that Catch should be more firm and force him to realise that he has to finish the project while still being supportive of him. Although Catch is worried about it backfiring, he eventually concedes and follows Gavial to find Stitch.

Catch eventually finds Stitch at his master's hut and tells him about his plans to leave Zeruertza. Catch intends to go find Master Finch, and says that Stitch should take over his position of design representative after he leaves. Stitch is shocked by his decision, not understanding why he would go to such lengths in order to push him to renovate the dome. Catch simply says that he believes in Stitch's potential and that he just needs a chance to let the citizens know him. Finally, Stitch relents and agrees to work on the dome.[5]

During the inspection of Zeruertza's dome, Catch finds a letter from the top of dome from his master, Finch Canvas. He hands the letter to Stitch, who is surprised to discover it. Afterwards, Catch leaves Zeruertza and goes on a solo journey to find Finch, but promises that he'll be back to rebuild the city alongside Stitch.[6]