Luciana Giallo

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Luciana Giallo is an NPC in Arknights. She is a major supporting character in Prelude Suite: Cadenza Virtuosa.


Luciana was Arturia's mother, as well as a Legata working for the Lateran Curia. Alongside her husband Marcello, she has been taking care of her nephew Federico after he moved to her household following the death of his parents during a mission for the Notarial Hall.[1] However, despite living a seemingly happy life with her family, the reality is that Luciana was deeply stressed with her job as a diplomat, worrying about the situation those living outside the Holy City were facing, and how she couldn't do anything to help them.

It is, however, claimed by Arturia that despite her relationship with Marcello, Luciana didn't want to bond with him to begin with, as her emotions were "blinded" by his strong affection. However, her attempts to make her father release then were fruitless.[2]


Prelude Suite: Cadenza Virtuosa

Luciana refused to go play with Arturia and Federico, as the stress caused from her job as a diplomat in the Lateran Curia couldn't leave her mind at ease. Marcello then tries to cheer her mood by shooting her with one of the water guns they brought. Arturia and Federico then decide to join the fun.

One night, Arturia would find her awake in the storeroom, so she asked her about the fairytale she read to her and Federico earlier that night, Alex and the Giant. Arturia asked Luciana about why the giant didn't use his strength to free himself, on which she answered that he had to rely on other's courage to free himself. Inspired and satisfied by her answer, Arturia would play a tune with her cello, which caused her to gain enough determination to leave Laterano and help those in need.

However, following her decision to leave Laterano, Luciana departed from her family without any notice or message. Eventually, months after her departure, the news about her death in a foreign conflict zone would completely devastate her family, including Marcello. In her will, she not just mentioned her dream of becoming a war journalist, but also gave thanks to Arturia for giving her the inspiration to step forward. Discouraged, Marcello would start scolding Arturia for her actions, but in return she started to play her cello again, which caused him to panic and run away from the house, much to Federico's confusion.[3]

Although Arturia doesn't regret encouraging her mother to step outside the Holy city, she feels remorse for not doing anything to prevent her death.[4]