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Faust is an NPC in Arknights. He is one of the antagonists in both the Act initium and Act I of the Main Theme.


Faust is originally known as Sasha, a homeless Ursine Pythia who lives in the sewers throughout his youth. At some point he met with and eventually befriended Eno, a Liberi boy who brought him food and taught him how to read, as well as occasionally singing for him. In return, Sasha protects Eno from his bullies, comforts him from the abuse he went through, and patch up his wounds, as well as encouraging Eno to remain optimistic by facing his hardships with a laugh – something which he kept to the present day.[1]

One day, after Eno visits Sasha with his back severely injured, he declared that what Eno went through had gone too far and vows to destroy those who did such with his own hands. However, Eno stops Sasha, saying that he'll do it himself. When Eno returns, Sasha learns that he had become an Infected and did as Sasha told by bringing his Infected bullies under his control with his powers and killed his abusive family, much to his horror. Sasha tries to dissuade Eno from going any further and instead become what he truly wants, which distresses Eno as what he truly wants is keep singing.[1]

I couldn't do anything. I was useless.
—Sasha lamenting his failure
Eno and Sasha in the harsh wilderness of Ursus

Realizing his powerlessness and that it's already too late, Sasha chose to become an Infected like Eno with the Originium shard he stole from the mines (that he originally meant to sell for some food), vowing to live and die together with him. The two wandered around the Ursus wilderness until they came across the Reunion Movement and its leader, Talulah, while visiting a mine to scavenge any valuables. Despite the two's initial hostility, Talulah calmed them down and welcomed them into Reunion with open arms.[2] After being convinced by Talulah that they should adopt new identities from then on,[3] Sasha took the name "Faust".[1]

I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't want to get anyone hurt. I wish we had just run away, back then. We could have... just run away.
—Faust realizing his error of judgement

Faust was one of the few who noticed the sudden change in Talulah after she visited a village, confronting her over this although she intimidates him from deserting Reunion. Faust tried to warn Mephisto about this afterwards, but he is unconvinced, stating that Faust and Talulah are the only ones he can trust. Despite this, Faust vows to keep the promise between him and Mephisto.[1]

As a Reunion member, Faust is known for being an exceptionally deadly sharpshooter capable of delivering powerful, accurate shots from extreme ranges with his crossbow, likely enhanced by his mastery over Originium Arts, and commanding a squad of elite snipers named Phantom Crossbowmen, with whom he shares a strong camaraderie with. His Arts also allows him to render himself and the others invisible so long as they do not make rapid, sudden movements, as seen during the Reunion attack on Lungmen where he hides his Phantom Crossbowmen from the Lungmen Guard Department personnel's line of sight this way, giving the impression that he is capable of attacking outside his quarry's view from multiple places at the same time. True to his promise with Eno – now known as Mephisto, Faust is often seen together with him.


Children of Ursus

At one point during the Chernobog uprising, Faust allowed Rosalind, an Ursus student who would later be part of Ursus Student Self-Governing Group, to enter her school's dormitory to search for food.[4]


When Mephisto confronted Rhodes Island, Faust fires several shots at them, but Nearl and Ace blocks them, and had the R.I. troops return fire at him. Furious and concerned on Faust's well-being, Mephisto orders him to withdraw.[5]

After the R.I.'s escape, Faust came to Mephisto's side and apologizes for his failure, only for Mephisto to forgive him and claim that it was also his mistake for losing his temper. He then had Faust track down the R.I. forces and told him to prioritize his safety above all else.[6]

Episode 01

Faust (second from the right) alongside Mephisto, Talulah, and other high-ranking members of Reunion watching the devastation of Chernobog

Along with Mephisto, Talulah, and his Reunion comrades, Faust witnessed the Catastrophe that destroys much of Chernobog.[7]

Episode 03

Faust under the L.G.D. custody

At some point during Skullshatterer's search for Misha in Lungmen, Faust was captured by the L.G.D. While under custody, he was questioned by the L.G.D. agents about his role and crossbow, but Faust refuses to answer.[8] Nine later helped Faust to escape L.G.D.'s imprisonment.[9]

Episode 05

During the Reunion attack on Lungmen, Faust supports Mephisto and his troops in the capture of the L.G.D. headquarters. When the L.G.D. led by Ch'en launched a counterattack and confronted Mephisto on the rooftops, Faust and his Phantom Crossbowmen suppresses the L.G.D. by their sniper fire;[9] Faust himself passes an opportunity to deliver a kill shot on Ch'en to allow Mephisto to break their will further.[10]

The arrival of R.I. allows them and the L.G.D. to encircle the Reunion forces, at which Blaze uses her Arts to reveal the Phantom Crossbowmen, having figured out how Faust's camouflage Arts work. Amiya tries to convince Faust to turn against Mephisto after all he did, but he refuses, saying that she have no idea what's on his mind. This forces Faust to reveal himself and assists Mephisto in the ensuing firefight on the L.G.D. HQ rooftops which ended in the Reunion's defeat.[10]

To minimize casualties – and ensuring Mephisto's safety above all else, Faust calls for a tactical withdrawal, but Mephisto cries out that he had supposedly called for reinforcements, but they never came. Nonetheless, Faust saved Mephisto from Ch'en by firing an explosive crossbow bolt at point-blank range, injuring him in the process but gives him the opportunity to grab Mephisto and flees the scene.[11]

As they runs through the streets of Lungmen, Faust tries to reason with Mephisto who still believe that Reunion reinforcements are coming that they have lost and must escape from Lungmen. Mephisto initially rebukes Faust, but realizes that he may be right and relents.[11]

Episode 06

As Faust and Mephisto led the Reunion troops on their escape from Lungmen, Faust noticed that someone has been watching them and ordered his Phantom Crossbowmen to stay alert.[12]

The desperate Mephisto uses his Originium Arts to turn his own Reunion comrades into new Possessed ones to force a way out and destroy Lungmen. Faust tries to dissuade him from doing so, only for Mephisto to angrily berate him as Faust tries to calm him down and convince him that FrostNova is coming to relieve them. However, Faust's words fell into deaf ears as Mephisto lets loose his Possessed men who attacked everyone, friend or foe. Unable to stand such sight, Faust leaves Mephisto to rally the remaining Reunion fighters to break their way through the chaos.[13]

While tending to a dying Reunion fighter, Faust was ambushed by GreyThroat, and promptly used his Arts to disappear, only for GreyThroat to notice him as the two marksmen puts each other at gunpoint. They exchanged words and Faust warned GreyThroat to not let her duty turn her to the dark side, and vanished again. GreyThroat tries to convince Faust into helping her, but he turned her down as he laments his failure to prevent meaningless deaths before his eyes.[14]

Faust later returned to Mephisto, who is worried on his safety. After Mephisto attempted to create more Possessed ones, Faust ordered his Phantom Crossbowmen to apprehend Mephisto.[15] As Mephisto asked Faust why he would do this, he claims that he had no more choices and informed his Phantom Crossbowmen that FrostNova is about to arrive, before having them take Mephisto away. Ignoring Mephisto's desperate pleas, Faust says his farewell to his one and only friend, and tells him to keep on living before making his stand against the R.I.-L.G.D. forces and ultimately fell in combat.[16]

"It's too late... for me... I'm too tired."
"Goodbye, Eno."
—The final interaction between Faust and Mephisto


Faust's crossbow, damaged in the aftermath of his last stand

Faust's death left a mark to R.I. especially after they learned of his interaction with GreyThroat, knowing that he solely fights to ensure his comrades' safety. His broken, bloodied crossbow is recovered by GreyThroat as a memento of their brief, fateful encounter.[17]

Faust's Phantom Crossbowmen performs a volley salute with fireworks-tipped crossbow bolts as a sign of their respect towards him[17] while Mephisto suffers from a mental breakdown for losing his one and only friend.[18] FrostNova was informed of Faust's demise by the Phantom Crossbowmen, who praises him for being a brave warrior and welcomed them to fight alongside the Yeti Squadron, carrying on Faust's struggle.[18] As the Yeti Squadron dwindled to only FrostNova, however, the Phantom Crossbowmen withdraws to Chernobog even though Faust told them not to, taking Mephisto along with them.[19]

Upon the Phantom Crossbowmen's return to Chernobog, Talulah noticed that Faust had sacrificed himself, which the Crossbowmen confirms before informing her of Crownslayer's disappearance and FrostNova's death. Upon hearing the news, Talulah dismisses the Crossbowmen, but quietly ordered her Sarkaz mercenaries to "not let them approach other Reunion forces".[20]

The Phantom Crossbowmen are later captured by Talulah's Sarkaz mercenaries, but allows them to walk away freely after being convinced by Mephisto.[21] After learning of Patriot's death and told by the mercenaries to leave, the Crossbowmen choose to follow the guerrillas to oppose Talulah, dedicating themselves to Faust's memory.[22]