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Mephisto's Guard
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Before operation

Chi Xiao finally is unsheathed, and the scales tip in the L.G.D.'s favor once more.
However, a momentary slip in focus causes Chi Xiao to rampage out of control. Just then, Rhodes Island arrives at the critical moment.
<Background 1>
Mephisto It's your turn to move.
If you can kill me here, all of my forces will collapse.
It would be such a pity if you refused to even have a chat with me. Please, come kill me – if you can, that is.
L.G.D. Agent Madam Ch'en!
The enemy's attacks are too overwhelming! We can't afford to drag this out any longer!
Mephisto The situation is quite straightforward – only one of us will survive.
promise to keep my last words short, Madam, as long as you can make me say them.
Ch'en Do you think yourself a martyr?
Nobody will remember you after you die. Being dead and being respected are two completely different matters. What matters is what you've done in life, not how you die.
Mephisto I obviously wish for nothing more than to play with worthwhile foes, and then to die a worthwhile death.
But I don't think you'll be able to help me fulfill my desires after all. You will suffer a terrible defeat, Madam. Now it's my turn to point out the situation that you're in.
Ch'en Your confidence was built upon the fall of Chernobog.
But this isn't Chernobog, nor is this the ruthless land of Ursus.
The mighty Lungmen will not fall into the hands of scum like you.
Mephisto Well said.
Faust I know.
[Faust fires at Ch'en just as Mephisto's elite guard attacks, but she repelled both with an Arts attack.]
Mephisto's Guard GROOAAAAAR!!
Mephisto Was that a slash? N-no, impossible! Could this be... Arts?!
Faust Back off.
Mephisto What... How can this be?
Mephisto's Guard (Groans in anguish)
Mephisto Don't be afraid!
It won't hurt you. There's no need to be afraid.
Mephisto's Guard UNNGGHHH...
Ch'en Phew...
(He's too far. It's only going to get harder for me to close the gap. I'm at a disadvantage if this drags out.)
Mephisto Your skills are formidable.
You used your Arts to detonate Faust's attack in advance, and broke through my formation. Your blade even cut through my guard's neck and almost reached me.
If I had let you come a few steps closer, you would have cut me in half. Not even Faust would've been able to stop you.
Ch'en You won't be so lucky next time.
Mephisto Unfortunately, there won't be a next time. Your secret has been exposed, Madam.
You've heard the saying – never try the same trick twice. You can't fool your audience again after the secret comes out.
The distance between us is greater than your Arts' range, isn't it?
Ch'en The rooftop is only so big. You don't have much room to move back.
Mephisto How much closer can you get?
Faust, show her what real Arts are.
Ch'en I know your position all too well. An exposed sniper poses no...
[Ch'en narrowly intercepts two simultaneous sniper fire with her Arts, one of which is not from Faust's position.]
Ch'en You...
Mephisto You are remarkable, Madam Ch'en. Are you able to cut through any shot fired at you? Just like before, I could barely even see your movements.
Ch'en ...
Sniper, I was attacked by you and someone from 3 o'clock simultaneously. But there's nobody in that direction.
I doubt you're that kind of caster.
[Faust refuses to answer Ch'en's question.]
Mephisto There's no need for you to try to guess, Officer. You won't figure it out.
Ch'en Tsk.
Mephisto Now, how many shots will you be able to deflect? Ten? Forty? A hundred?
But, how about the shrapnel? The blast? What about the Arts inside?
Are you able to stop all of it?
Ch'en Nonsense.
Mephisto Then, let's keep going!
[Ch'en repelled multiple sniper fire...]
Ch'en Unleashing Chi Xiao 2.png
[...with her Arts.]
Mephisto Officer, I know what you are. My Originium Arts only work on the Infected.
Ch'en I don't care.
Mephisto Don't you know that you're only going to become his pawn, to be discarded when you've served your purpose?
Ch'en You can have those words back.
<Background 1>
Mephisto We will give you a chance. Lungmen will not.
L.G.D. Agent Madam Ch'en, I'm afraid we'll have to make our way down! We can't deal with the enemy's fierce attacks!
Ch'en (Tsk... As soon as I want to move, the sniper will attack me from all directions. Just how is he doing that...?)
(I can neutralize his ranged attacks, but if I let him keep wearing me down, I won't last long.)
(I'll have to seize victory in a single decisive moment...!)
I don't care what you have to say. I don't have time to listen to your blathering.
Faust (I can see a red aura congealing around her. She's about to use her Arts.)
(Mephisto, according to the plan, if I shoot her now, she'll have to stop her casting or she'll die in the explosion.)
Mephisto But wouldn't this be the best opportunity to break her spirit? Hold your fire, and just watch her first.
Faust We will miss our opportunity.
Mephisto Broader strategic goals are more important than the specific tactics used to get there, Faust.
Faust ...
<Background black>
??? Come with me! Don't stay here anymore!
Do you not want to leave here? Let's get far, far away from these people, and this place!
Do you really not know? He's the reason why all the adults treat us like this! It's all his fault!
??? ...
??? I hate this accursed city. I hate him. Don't make me hate you too.
Ch'en Chi Xiao—
Ch'en Unleashing Chi Xiao 1.png
[Ch'en releases another Arts attack from her Chi Xiao sword...]
Mephisto Guards, form a line! Stop her!
<Background 1>
[...but suddenly...]
Ch'en Ugh...!
(N-no! I lost control of Chi Xiao? Why now of all times?!)
[...she fails to maintain the Arts attack, much to Faust and Mephisto's surprise.]
Faust Her Arts paused. Her casting failed.
Mephisto Faust, now.
Faust Command, fire.
[Ch'en is caught in an explosion from the snipers' explosive-tipped bolts...]
Ch'en Damn it... Scatter!
[...but she managed to deflect them with her Chi Xiao in time, killing some of Mephisto's elite guards in the process.]
Mephisto What a terrifying weapon.
Just the dispersion of your Arts was powerful enough to block all the bolts, as well disable three of my guards.
But you were still hit by the blast, weren't you?
Ch'en Ugh... Gahh...
(One rib, no, two are broken? I can endure it. But this firepower... There's no way I can take another...)
Mephisto It's just like our leader said.
Madam, it's not that you don't want to kill me. You cannot unsheathe that sword.
Ch'en What did you say? Who told you that?
Mephisto You should know this name, Madam Ch'en. As you said, this sword was not to be meant to be used against someone like me. Your recklessness disrupted its intended mechanism.
If we seized the opportunity to attack you while you were defenseless, you would have already been turned into dust. She already knows all your weaknesses.
Ch'en You waste your breath.
Mephisto We will destroy this world as it currently is.
If we allow the rampant corruption to grow, the entire world will rot away.
Only by cutting it all away can these rusted cities break free from their chains and be born anew.
Mephisto's Herd GRAAAAAAGHHH!!
Ch'en Out of my way.
[Ch'en killed few of Mephisto's herd with her Chi Xiao.]
Mephisto Persuading Ch'en.png
Mephisto Come, Madam Ch'en. Aren't you also very disappointed in Lungmen?
Ch'en ...
Mephisto Our leader is waiting for you. There's no reason why you need to bow your head to Lungmen, is there?
Ch'en I have my duties.
Mephisto That has nothing to do with which side you take. While you keep talking about these mundane "duties," you know just how our fellow peoples are being treated.
Just give me a sign, then I'll call off the attack immediately. Come, join us. Let us work towards the greater good together.
Ch'en *Spits*. This mouthful of blood is the only sign I have for you.
What kind of noble goals could Reunion possibly have if they hire a lowlife like you? Spare me your nonsense!
Mephisto So, that's how it's going to be. If you don't believe me, then that's your loss.
You can spend your last moments squirming all you want. My guardian and his bolts will show you the true power of the Infected.
You are all alone, while we are united and strong. Your death will be fitting.
<Background 1>
Ch'en Save those rotten words until after you're dead.
Mephisto Or, you could forcefully activate the Originium Arts imbued in that sword. Something terrible will happen, right? I'll let you decide your own fate.
Ch'en Do you think you'll get a hero's death?
Listen, brat. When one dies, nothing is left behind.
If I have to sacrifice myself to kill you...
I'll do it, even though it's not worth it.
Mephisto Hmph.
We have nothing more to talk about then. Goodbye, Madam Ch'en. Faust.
Faust Command, f—
Ch'en Tch...
<Background black>
??? You don't need to go that far, Madam Ch'en!
Ch'en ...?
Mephisto What's that?
Ch'en A helicopter? No, that doesn't look like one. It's...
<Background 2>
??? Blaze, jump!
Blaze Mind your landing posture! Don't leave my heat flow!
<Background 1>
L.G.D. Agent What's that? Someone's jumping down?!
??? "As terror rises, her eyes become blind…"
Mephisto Damn, Rhodes Island? From above?!
These black lines... Wait, is that you...
??? "...As the tears dry, she weeps silently."
Mephisto's Guard ...Nghh...
...Nngh, uuughhh...
Ughh.... Aaaargh! Ugh!
Mephisto What's going on here? Why are my guards screaming as if they're grieving?
My Arts should have wiped all their emotions, so why? What's going on?!
Is that you?!! Damn you!!
The Rabbit of Rhodes Island!!
<Background fades out>
??? I temporarily restricted their movement, but it'll only last for about ten seconds!
Blaze That's more than enough time for me to make a safe zone!
??? Let's do it, Blaze!
Blaze Are we ready to go all out?
??? Yes, now!
Blaze We're about to land – your bottom might get a little sore!
??? Don't drop me!
Blaze Of course!
<Background fades in>
Faust Command, fire!
??? Don't underestimate us!
[The unknown R.I. member uses her Arts to deflect the snipers' shots.]
Faust ...My bolts were diverted by the wind? How could this...
??? Cut the roof apart from underneath those Reunion troops!
Blaze Sure thing, but make sure to hold on tight! I can only do this once every few months!
<Background fades out and in>
Mephisto's Herd Uh... Urgh?
[Blaze cuts open the roof with her tactical chainsaw, causing it to collapse and taking some of Mephisto's herd with it.]
Mephisto's Herd Aaaaaaaghh!!
L.G.D. Agent She cut a huge crack through the roof of the building!
Ch'en I know. Watch out for falling debris!
<Background 1>
L.G.D. Agent What's going on here? How'd she do that? What happened?!
Woah, a lot of Reunion's forces fell onto this level!
Forget them, hold on tight!
[The L.G.D. officers below withstand the debris from the collapsing roof as Swire contacts Ch'en.]
Swire Hello, hello?
You don't need to be in such a hurry to get yourself killed.
Ch'en ...
We're in the middle of a crisis. What are you doing on this channel?
Swire Oh, I just wanted to tell you that I'm done with my mission.
Rhodes Island has something really powerful, and they'll be here with it soon.
Ch'en They're already here. What was this mission of yours anyway?
Swire Coordinating with Rhodes Island.
<Background 1>
Blaze Safe landing!
??? Blaze, you can put me down.
Ch'en You... you guys...
??? Madam Ch'en!
Ch'en Amiya...!
Amiya Sorry it took us so long to get here, Madam Ch'en.
In accordance to our agreement, Rhodes Island will now be supporting you.
<Background 2>
A few minutes ago...
4:21 AM \ Overcast
Call Sign: "Bad Guy", 40m above L.G.D. Headquarters, Upper Lungmen
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor All right, it's time for your debut!
Blaze Why are you so enthusiastic about this? She left you to die in that ruined city, so isn't it only right to let her wallow in her helplessness?
Amiya Blaze, don't be like that. Dr. {nickname} is right. We have to resolve Lungmen's problem first.
Otherwise, everything we've done will have been for naught.
Blaze Fine, if that's an order, I'll do it.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor ...Go forth.
Blaze I know.
But to be honest, I don't really want to help that woman.
Amiya Blaze, we can't let all our efforts over the last three months go to waste.
Blaze Hitting me with the cost versus benefit, huh? Whatever, I just have to do it.
Amiya Some things can wait until after Lungmen is safe.
Blaze When that time comes, we're gonna make a fortune!
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor Look at that sorry shape she's in. She needs your help, Amiya.
Blaze I mean, we look like we've been beaten up even worse than her, right?
What a pain. I didn't expect that woman in the ruined city to be so arrogant. Kal'tsit never even gave me a heads up...
Amiya I'll treat you to curry after we get back to Rhodes Island.
We can take some time to rest up afterwards. But right now, we need to put an end to this battle once and for all.
Blaze All right, we have a deal. Let's go!
<Dialogue branch ends here>
<Background 1>
Mephisto Why are you bunch here?
Amiya We have to be here, Mephisto.
Mephisto What the hell is FrostNova doing? What's going on with her anyway? Did she pass out again?!
You accursed rabbit... You and your entire rabble were supposed to freeze to death in Chernobog!
Amiya I cannot die yet.
As long as Oripathy continues to plague these lands, our battle will never end.
We will rid the world of psychopaths like you, as well as the persecution that the Infected face!
Mephisto Aha... Ahaha...!
Come, little rabbit, if I am your enemy, then come kill me! Kill me! Kill me right now!
Amiya No... You are not my enemy.
Mephisto Then I will slaughter you!
Amiya If you seek a glorious death, you will not find it here. I only wish to destroy your hatred and malice.
What happens to you is of no concern to me. But look at the Infected around you. Your death will bring nothing to them.
Mephisto You...!
Amiya I have no empathy to spare for the likes of you, at least for the time being.
Mephisto Are you trying to make an enemy out of Reunion, out of all of us? Do you want to taste how deep the wrath of the Infected runs?
Amiya Not all Infected are the same. You and Miss FrostNova have nothing in common. Not everyone in Reunion is a psychopath like you.
Mephisto What did she tell you? That woman...!
Aren't you misunderstanding something?
I am the one who can control these cities and bend all these pawns to my will! Not her!
Amiya That's why... If someone has to bring you to justice, then I will be the one to do it!
Blaze That's right. Plus, weren't we enemies long ago?
Amiya Right!
We became enemies the moment you began to spread terror and tragedy!
Ch'en ...
Amiya Madam Ch'en, please hold on a bit longer. Our support squad will be there shortly.
Ch'en Sorry.
Amiya Huh?
...There's too much noise. I didn't hear your battle plan, Madam Ch'en.
Ch'en Hah. I know.
Amiya Give us your orders, Madam Ch'en.
Ch'en Yan has an old saying, "to catch bandits, you must first catch the ringleader."
In other words, if we want to destroy our enemies, we have to capture their commander first.
Be careful. His mindless minions will rise up again and again.
Free them from their suffering if you can.
Amiya ...I understand.
Doctor Underestood.[sic] I'll issue commands from the rear.
Amiya Okay!
Blaze, I'll break their formation with my Arts. I'm counting on you to push back their attacks!
We have to take some of the pressure off from Madam Ch'en!
Blaze She's certainly strong, but do you think she's that strong? Do you think she can take down those two by herself? I highly doubt it.
Amiya I trust that the Doctor's leadership will help her get the job done.
Ch'en ...
Dr. {nickname} of Rhodes Island.
I'll be engaging the enemy commander next.
Doctor You'll need help to clear the way, right? No problem! / ... / I'll give you an opportunity to get to the enemy commander.
Ch'en Hmph.
Regardless of what I said before, you have my trust this time.
Doctor I'll trust you too.
Mephisto ...
Rhodes Island, are you in cahoots with Lungmen now?
Now that I'm seeing this for myself, I'm starting to realize how shameful this is for us Infected.
Blaze It only took four of us to drive you into the corner. The only shameful thing here is you!
Amiya Mephisto, your atrocities end here!
Mephisto Faust! Wipe them out, every single one! Get them out of my sight!
Faust Yes...
Ch'en It's time to end this battle.
Only then... can we prepare for the next one.
Your orders, Dr. {nickname}.
Doctor Rhodes Island, follow my orders.
Assist Madam Ch'en, and reclaim the L.G.D. Headquarters!

After operation

The grand entrance of Rhodes Island's elite operator, Blaze, quickly turns the battle one-sided. Seeing that nothing else can be done, Faust pulls Mephisto from the battlefield.
And thus, another situation draws to an end.
<Background 1>
[After a tough fight, the Rhodes Island-Lungmen Guard Department forces managed to corner Mephisto and his Reunion troops.]
Ch'en You have nowhere left to run.
Mephisto ...Damn... you!
<Background fades out and in>
Blaze Where do you think you're going?
Faust Ngh...
Blaze Put your hands where I can see them!
I've seen through all your tricks, kid with the scales!
[Faust fires several shots at Blaze, but the Feline blocks them.]
Blaze I told you, that's not going to work!
Amiya Blaze!
Blaze Hmph, don't worry. These attacks hurt about as much as firecrackers!
Faust You blocked my shots in advance.
You know where they're coming from?
Blaze Of course I do, I've already figured you out.
Amiya, back off. I'm going to use "that"!
Amiya Got it! I'll disrupt Mephisto's guards again, so make it quick!
Blaze Take this bit of my blood as a farewell gift, Reunion's "Phantom Crossbowmen!"
Seethe, and blast apart their disguise!
Blaze's Boiling Blood.png
[Blaze cuts her arms as the dripping blood somehow catches fire.]
Faust ...!
You're using your own blood as an incendiary?
Blaze Hah, do I look like some sort of caster to you? Only some egotistical newbie would go around committing arson like that.
Sorry, but this is just one of my fighting techniques. Show yourselves – you have nowhere to hide!
<Background 1>
Phantom Crossbowman ...
Faust, my camouflage is gone.
Faust Command, retreat.
L.G.D. Agent What are those...?! When did Reunion hide snipers over there?
Phantom Crossbowman Now?
Faust Right now.
L.G.D. Agent Multiple Reunion snipers have appeared, primarily in the 2nd floor of the east building and the 3rd floor of the south building!
Amiya Proceed with caution. They might have set up ambushes for us on the lower levels!
L.G.D. Agent Was the strange phenomenon in the building also caused by them?
Blaze Clever, you used refraction to make themselves seem invisible.
However, you can't completely conceal your tracks, or make sudden movements without compromising the effect of your Arts.
Am I correct?
Faust ...You're quite smart.
Blaze It's all because of our great intel. Now that you know the gig's up, you should surrender.
If you want to continue fighting, I'll make you pay for the deaths of Ace and Scout. Hmph, I don't even care if you weren't involved, kid.
Phantom Crossbowman Faust, we still have ammunition.
Faust Retreat. We've already lost our intel advantage. I will keep them occupied. The rest of you, move immediately.
Phantom Crossbowman Understood.
Mephisto Why aren't you shooting her? Faust!
Attack, my guards! Hurry! There are four of them, just four... and only three of them pose any threat!
Fight! Tear apart those sinners now!
Amiya With Dr. {nickname}'s leadership, the three of us are more than enough to defeat all of you!
Not to mention, those Infected who you harmed, who you robbed of their free will to the point of not even being people anymore...
Even that scaled boy next to you might not side with you anymore. His thoughts are filled with sorrow and turmoil...
Mephisto, you are alone on this battlefield!
Mephisto ...
Faust You can read my mind?
Amiya No, I just felt it.
Faust So, you'd have no idea what I'm thinking.
Amiya ...!
[Suddenly Faust fires several shots at Amiya...]
Blaze Amiya!
[...who barely managed to block them.]
Amiya I'm fine, I can barely block his shots...! However, I won't be able to keep suppressing...
<Background fades out and in>
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya My control is slipping!
Faust Mephisto, let's go.
Their reinforcements are wiping out our forces.
We've never even seen some of them before. There's been a change in the plan. Our moves have been read.
Mephisto ...Why haven't our forces come? We have over twenty squads and two major brigades, so why are none of them here still?
Where is Crownslayer? Or FrostNova?
Faust This isn't like Chernobog. We couldn't shut down the enemy's communications, so they were able to call lots of reinforcements and put up a vigorous resistance.
Mephisto Where are they still not here yet?!
Faust We won't know the reason unless we see it for ourselves. Let's get out of here first.
<Background fades out and in>
Amiya Blaze, I'm about to reach my limit. Can you finish this?
Blaze Sure thing. Just me and that Ch'en lady should suffice!
<Background fades out and in>
Faust Quick!
[Ch'en stands in Faust and Mephisto's way.]
Ch'en Did I give you permission to leave?
Mephisto You... Guards! Kill her! Kill her!!
Mephisto's Guard Grrr... Grooooar!!!
Blaze Tsk... Over a dozen of them started moving at once. That's going to be a pain.
Mephisto's Guard GROOAAAAAR!!!
Blaze They're coming at us, Ch'en!
Ch'en Thank you, Rhodes Island operator. Now, nobody can get in my way.
Blaze Huh?
Ch'en (Haah... it's still no good? I don't have a way to completely counteract their cloaking... Forget it, this should be good enough.)
(Chi Xiao, this time...)
"Crimson overflowing—"
[Ch'en used her Chi Xiao to strike down Mephisto's elite guards...]
Mephisto's Guard ...Gah!
Blaze ...Can it be...?
Mephisto's Guard Uaaagh... Argh...
Thank... you...
[...putting them out of their misery once and for all.]
Mephisto ...
Blaze Did you unsheath your sword just then? Just one slash? And you managed to cut down a dozen of those things?
Amiya That sword...
Blaze Amiya, I think I should start choosing my words a lot more carefully around her.
<Background fades out and in>
Ch'en Hmph.
Mephisto You... What did you do...
[Ch'en used Chi Xiao on Mephisto, but Faust pushes him out of the way...]
Faust Run!
Ch'en You can't escape either.
[...only to be struck in Mephisto's stead.]
Faust Gah...!
Mephisto Faust... Faust! You're injured! You're... no, no... Nooo!
Faust ...
Ch'en It's over.
Faust Not yet.
Ch'en What?!
[An explosion suddenly occurs.]
Ch'en *cough* *cough*... He lured me in to shoot from point blank?
Blaze Didn't you manage to block it though?
Ch'en They used the cover of the explosion to make their escape!
[More explosions are heard.]
Blaze Woah, a chain of explosions?
Argh, the entire top level is collapsing! We're not going to be able to chase after them?
Ch'en Half of that was your doing.
Blaze Can't do a thing about that.
<Background 3>
[Faust, Mephisto, and what's left of the Reunion troops flees through the streets of Lungmen.]
Faust Hurry, we need to go.
Mephisto No, I need to stay here, until they come...
Faust We've failed this step. You must leave.
Mephisto I failed? I failed? Impossible!
Wasn't everything going according to plan...? Did I not call for our reinforcements a long time ago?
Were we betrayed? Was our information leaked? Who was it? Why does the L.G.D. know about our deployment and our strategies?
Faust Just go!
Mephisto If we weren't betrayed, then who could have done it?!
Talulah would never make a mistake... So she must have planned for this...
No, that's impossible... Why would she set us up like this?
...Faust, there's no way I can accept this... I refuse to believe it.
Faust Jump! I'll hold on to you!
Mephisto Fine...
Ruined L.G.D. HQ.png
Blaze Well… shoot, Madam. Looks like this building's going to need some serious renovating.
It's a shame that those two kids got away though.
Those mindless followers are still coming at us like cornered animals. Dealing with all of them is still going to be a serious thorn in the side.
Amiya At least we managed to take back the headquarters.
This is our victory, even if it's a short-lived one.
<Background 1>
Ch'en Amiya...
How did Rhodes Island manage to make it out of Chernobog?
Amiya Miss Blaze came to our aid in the knick of time.
There was also a loud-mouthed L.G.D. officer just outside the ruined city...
Blaze It would've been easier if you had just helped us in the first place instead of watching from the sidelines.
[Ch'en refuses to comment on Blaze.]
Blaze I was expecting you to say something like "I didn't need Rhodes Island's help anyway," or "I'd rather die than work with them."
But at least you don't seem to be that stubborn. Is there anything else you'd like to say? If not, I'd like to head back to Rhodes Island.
Ch'en I never knew Rhodes Island had an aircraft like that.
Blaze Heh, we have a lot of things that might surprise you.
Ch'en Just like you, we don't want to play our entire hand.
Blaze You're not counting us as one of your cards, are you?
Ch'en ...
<Background fades out and in>
L.G.D. Agent Um, Madam Ch'en... there's an incoming transmission on a private line.
It's for you.
Ch'en Hello?
[Wei Yenwu answers Ch'en.]
Wei Yenwu Well done, Madam Ch'en.
Is Madam Swire also on this channel?
[Swire joins in the call.]
Swire I am.
Wei Yenwu Please report your progress.
Swire I bailed Rhodes Island out, and also finished arrangements for the various brigades. Coordinating and managing everything took me three full nights.
How about you, Madam Ch'en?
Ch'en I've already taken back—
—with Rhodes Island's assistance, we've taken back the L.G.D. Headquarters. Their commander will spread word of their defeat through the ranks.
The Reunion forces left in Lungmen have been coralled into our ambush points using the routes we arranged for them.
Next, we just need to wait for their counterattack.
My mission is now complete.
Wei Yenwu I've also received reports from a few of your other colleagues. All missions in the last phase have been completed flawlessly. Well done, all of you.
We will now move onto the next phase.
[Wei ends the call.]