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Crownslayer is an NPC in Arknights. She is a minor antagonist in the Prologue and Episode 01 while playing a minor role in Act I and Il Siracusano.


Born Lyudmila, the Reproba codenamed Crownslayer is the daughter of Ilia, an Ursine scientist and an accomplice of Kal'tsit and Sergei, the father of Alex and Misha. At some point, Sergei, having his children taken hostage by the Ursus government, was forced to reveal Ilia's involvement in the study of the Sarcophagus in Chernobog, which led to Ilia's arrest and death alongside many other scientists involved. However, Ilia and the scientists managed to seal the Sarcophagus before their capture and took the secrets of their research into the grave, keeping the Sarcophagus safe from Ursus who decided to use it as a power source for Chernobog's reactor core instead of studying it further.[1]

Following Ilia's death, Kal'tsit had Lyudmila taken into Siracusa for her safety.[1][2] It was during this time that Lyudmila met a woman who would become her mentor and nominated her to succeed the woman as the Fang of an unnamed Signore dei Lupi due to her advanced age.[3]

At some point Lyudmila was approached by Talulah, who (under Kashchey's manipulation) misguided her into believing that Kal'tsit and Sergei were responsible for Ilia's death, leading to her join Reunion to avenge her father, adopting the identity of "Crownslayer". With help from Alex (now "Skullshatterer"), Crownslayer managed to track down and kill Sergei sometime before the events of Act I take place.[1]

Crownslayer went on to become one of Talulah's most trusted lieutenants and acted as an infiltrator/assassin with the ability to easily bypass the enemy's defenses and security no matter how tight it is; when forced into direct combat, Crownslayer can create a thick cloud of mist to obscure the vision of her foes with her Arts (although she never does so in-game). Crownslayer is also noted to be wholeheartedly devoted to Reunion's ideals, though not to the same degree as Skullshatterer.



Crownslayer in action during the Chernobog uprising

Crownslayer is first seen commanding Reunion troops during the Chernobog uprising,[4] launching an attack on the Ursus military policemen defending the nomadic city.[5] She launched an ambush on Rhodes Island who were rescuing the Doctor amidst the chaos,[6] but was relieved by Mephisto shortly after, much to Crownslayer's anger (also showcasing her dislike of him).[7]

Episode 01

Crownslayer alongside Talulah and other high-ranking members of Reunion watching the devastation of Chernobog

Crownslayer is seen alongside Talulah in the destruction of Chernobog. Asking the Reunion leader on what to do next, she orders Crownslayer to finish off the remaining survivors.[8]

Episode 02

Crownslayer is seen with Talulah overlooking Lungmen from the deserts as the former reports that the preparations for the Reunion attack on Lungmen are complete. When Crownslayer asks Talulah why she is bent on taking over Lungmen for Reunion, she replies that it is not only for the betterment of the Infected, but also to make a certain person pay.[9]

Episode 06

Crownslayer leads a Reunion strike force sent into Lungmen to relieve Mephisto and Faust following the thwarted attack on Lungmen. As she travels through Lungmen's slums, Crownslayer learns that her men were attacked by "someone in red" before being informed by Talulah that the "last traitor" is in Lungmen, prompting her to make haste only to run into the assailant, revealed to be Projekt Red.[10]

Crownslayer restrained by Projekt Red with Kal'tsit watching them

Crownslayer and her forces are no match for Red, who easily dispatches them and subdues Crownslayer before noticing the scent of a Signore dei Lupi (from her mentor) in her. Noticing Kal'tsit, who was watching them all along, recognized Crownslayer as Lyudmila. Crownslayer cries out to Kal'tsit for her supposed "crimes". Kal'tist then implores Crownslayer to kill her if it would end her vendetta, telling Red to not interfere.[1]

Crownslayer shrouds the area with mist to catch Kal'tsit by surprise, yet she sees Mon3tr appearing behind her (which Crownslayer mistakenly believes to have come out from Kal'tsit's spine, much to her horror) which seemingly goes to attack her, but instead protects her from falling debris under Kal'tsit's order. Crownslayer begs for Kal'tsit to kill her, but she reveals the truth of Sergei's forced betrayal and tells Crownslayer that she was being used by Talulah to further her darker agenda, her vendetta and struggle is pointless, and she should find her own path; Crownslayer disappears as the mist subsides.[1]

Episode 08

After Reunion's downfall, Crownslayer realized that Kal'tsit was right all along – Talulah had betrayed the cause of the Infected – and decides to return to Siracusa so she could become stronger. Before leaving Ursus, Crownslayer sends off several Infected Ursine and Reunion fighters following her, and talks with Nine about what the future holds for her and the others, before Crownslayer bids her farewell.[11]

Il Siracusano

"Nothing personal, ragazza." Crownslayer witnessing Projekt Red killing her maestro

After travelling to Siracusa, Crownslayer decides to visit her mentor's house, only to be welcomed by a bloody scene. It turns out that Projekt Red, per Grandma's will, hunted down Crownslayer's mentor as part of the Signori dei Lupi's great game. Crownslayer attacks Red, who states how she promised Kal'tsit to only kill wolves, and Crownslayer wasn't one, so Red decides to leave as she senses the death of another wolf. After Red leaves, Crownslayer falls to her knees and mourns the death of her mentor.