Werner von Hochberg

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Werner von Hochberg is a background NPC in Arknights. He is first mentioned in Gradus Secreti, and his legacy plays a supporting role in Zwillingstürme im Herbst.


Werner was the Kurfürst of the Sturmland kreis and the patriarch of the distinguishable House of Hochberg, famous for leading the Septemberrevolution against the Witch King in 1077. As the youngest son of the House of Hochberg, described as a "carefree" man, he assumed the role following the death of his brother, Ernst, who was the Kurfürst by the time of the uprising.[1] Although he initially doubted his decision, Werner's actions earned his family's political status, and even held considerable influence in the international community, specially due to his good relationship with the current Grand Knight of Kazimierz herself, Ioleta Russell.[2] Following the Septemberrevolution, Werner was entrusted with a copy of the Güldenesgesatz, the "Golden Movement", and returned to Sturmland.

Werner was also the husband of Lucinda Droste, a poet he met in Vedunien. However, the two never contracted marriage, and their only daughter, Viviana, spent most of her childhood living in the family's spire in Fels, capital of Sturmland. As a matter of fact, Viviana's existence was kept in secret to prevent any further damage to the family's image, while Werber's visits were albeit limited to one night a week, usually bringing hbooks and teaching her how to play musical instruments. Thirteen years ago, after Lucinda passed away, Werner decided to entrust Viviana, who was nine years old at the time, to Ioleta through one of her servants, Reichorchester Cora Löwenstein, in order to protect her from the nobles and other political enemies.[3] At one point, the infamous Lateran wanted fugitive Arturia Giallo sought shelter in the House Hochberg, following Werner's request. Due to the status Werner had, Arturia's stay within Leithanien was already a threat that could cause a diplomatic crisis between Laterano and Leithanien.[4]

In 1100, at the eve of the 23rd Kaiserinenfest, Werner was murdered by the Witch King's Remnants, who infiltrated his spire. A few months prior to his death, Werner feared that Viviana would become a victim of power struggle even in Kazimierz. Therefore, he sought to reunite Cora and Viscount Brandt Reiner, so they could help her return to Zwillingstürme where she would receive protection from Lieselotte and become an Empresses' Voice.[5]